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Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I am 6 years out of a weight loss surgery and have been waiting for my "turn" to have plastic surgery. I have done years of research and unfortunately my insurance would not cover anywhere near what I needed to reconstruct my body after losing 130lbs. As a self-pay patient I researched many options and although price did factor into my decision it was not THE reason I chose Dr Sauceda. Dr Sauceda is so skilled and compassionate that I was certain he was my choice well before I even sent him my pictures for a quote or met him in Las Vegas for an "in person quote". He is so well respected in the weight loss community for being able to take a damaged body and reshape it into a work of art. He takes his time in his recommendations and ensures that you understand what IS possible and what is NOT possible. He is careful to ensure your personal needs are addressed. I chose to have a small thigh lift, tummy tuck, breast lift with small implant and we discussed an Upper-body lift. I was really wavering about the Upper-body lift as I didn't have a lot of draping on my back and didn't really want a large scar if it was not going to greatly improve my body. During our mark up and conversations he understood that what really bothered me was about 3 inches of skin on either side of my breast that remained from a Breast Reduction I had in 1999. This "side boob" was not going anywhere and it was really making clothing and bra shopping etc very difficult. He came up with a solution that I was thrilled with that would reduce the skin on the side of my breast vertically along the armpit rather than having to go around by back and I am thrilled! The care and support I received from Dr Sauceda was unparalleled and I would chose him over any surgeon local to me. One addition thing that made me choose Dr Sauceda was Paty, his AMAZING nurse. I came into town on a Thursday, had surgery Friday and came back to the hotel Monday for 12 days. The Doctor and/or Paty visited me in the hotel to continue post op care for the remainder of my trip. I am single and would never have had this type of support in the United States. I highly recommend Dr Sauceda, his staff, his partners and will be visiting him again if the need arises!

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