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I figured I would document my surgery since this...

I figured I would document my surgery since this site helped me so much in my own research. Yesterday I had a tip plasty, buccal fat removal, and fat transfer to my tear trough. The area underneath my eyes had been bothering me for quite a long time. I had a blepharaplasty a few years back which corrected a genetic baggy under eye look but left me looking more hollowed out and tired. My original consultation was solely for fat transfer but I decided on buccal fat removal and tip plasty at the last minute when I was going over my pre op photos with the physician. There wasn't any pressure from him whatsoever to add on any additional surgeries. It was actually a totally zero pressure consultation in general and the doctor spent a long time explaining things, listening to my concerns, and answering questions. He made a passing suggestion that conservative buccal fat removal would complement the fat transfer and make my face more angular. I'm the one who suggested the tip plasty because I had already thought somewhat about doing it, I'm approaching a milestone age, and I figured I would just go for the best possible end result and get everything done at one time. Chin implant had also been suggested to me by him as well as a few other doctors I have seen, but I'm a little freaked out by the idea of a chin implant and they look masculine to me so I said I would pass on that one. He was totally understanding/fine with that. Maybe I'll do chin fillers later instead of an implant. Still mulling it over.

Anyway so I had my pre op appointment where they went over the procedures/rules and gave me my scripts for antibiotics, pain meds, and sleep meds. Again the nurse and staff were friendly, attentive, and didn't rush me through anything. The doctor spoke to me again one on one at the end.

Yesterday (day of the procedure), I took a Halcion one hour before the surgery as instructed and ended up feeling stoned to the point that I didn't even need to take the second pill when I got there. I could actually barely pee in the cup they gave me without making a mess so that wasn't my most glorious moment. Needless to say I was pretty relaxed, which is a good thing when you're about to go under the knife. I wore a zip up jacket and sweatpants with a tank top and bottom underwear. The nurse had me change into a robe, cap, and slippers. I was allowed to keep my tank top and underwear on underneath the robe. Then the doctor marked up the surgical sites and I went and sat on the table where they started my IV and put me under a blanket. After that, I know that I was intermittently awake during the surgery but I didn't feel much of anything and I could actually hear snippets of the conversations around me. It felt like being in a dream state. I might have jabbered a little bit at them. I don't remember much.

So after surgery, the doctor applied a dressing to my nose, they helped me get my clothes back on, and I was brought to another room. I felt fine if only congested. They made me a drip pad for under my nose and went over post op instructions. Fairly straightforward stuff.

My nose didn't begin to drain until about an hour later when I got home. Because my skin is sensitive to tape, I had found the idea somewhere on realself to roll gauze and place it within a folded surgical mask hooked to each ear to hold it in place so that tape wouldn't be needed. This has been working well for me. I had to change the drip pad about 8-9 times last night. Initially when I got home I was out for the count but woke up around 1am and didn't sleep too well after that due to the nasal congestion and dry mouth. I took a Xanax and Biotene and set up a bedside humidifier which helped. Today the drainage slowed down and has gotten less bright red blood, more a mixture of clear fluids with some blood. I do keep sneezing every so often for some reason which is annoying, but I make sure to do it with my mouth open so there isn't any extra pressure in my nose.

I don't want to jinx it because who knows what might change over the next few days, but I don't have any bruising or major swelling to speak of at this point. Maybe it's because I only had a tip plasty and there wasn't any bone breaking involved, but even with the fat transfer the area under my eyes only looks *maybe* *slightly* darker than usual. It's hardly noticeable. I have been applying an arnica solution that was given to my by the nurse to the area underneath my eyes twice daily so hopefully that will keep bruising and swelling at bay. I was expecting much worse bruising considering I just had three procedures all within the same approximate area. I have heard day three is the worst for swelling so guess we'll see tomorrow.

I've just been continuing to change my drip pad, applying antibiotic ointment to my nostrils, taking Tylenol for pain, and gargling with salt water. I'm hungry as ever and able to eat fine as long as I do it slowly so no real change to my appetite. I've been eating tons of oatmeal hence the username. Will update later.

Probably at peak swelling now

So I did not escape the swelling as I had totally unrealistically hoped I might. Woke up with my left under eye area swollen and yellowish. I knew going into this that today would probably be the worst day post operatively. I think my swelling is more from the fat transfer than rhinoplasty. The nose is still drippy but it's clear drainage now. I'm mildly uncomfortable but not in pain as much as congested and tired. Slept poorly last night despite the Xanax. I think it gave me nightmares actually so I'm not going to take it anymore. Going to see if I can get my hands on some pineapple juice. Continuing to take Tylenol and applying arnica topically my under my eyes. I'm still feeling optimistic in spite of looking a little like a balloon.

Rough night

Yesterday evening was so uncomfortable. Felt achey, congested, headache, lots of pressure in my face. I woke up last night at least a dozen times. My nose is still draining slightly which is more annoying than anything because wiping it away is irritating my upper lip. Finally starting to feel better this afternoon. Hopefully the worst is over now.

Dressing removed

So, day 2 into day 3 was the peak of discomfort for me. The next day, I already felt way better. I had my sutures removed yesterday, which was mostly painless. I didn't feel anything on the right side and the left side felt kind of like a mean nose hair got plucked which made my eyes water a little. Overall not too bad. I had an open rhinoplasty and was worried about the incision scar but it's already barely visible. It's nothing but a teeny tiny scab and slight redness.

I have virtually no bruising at this point. The fat transfer under my eyes looks great and I'm actually hoping it doesn't reabsorb too much because it's perfect right now. My lower cheeks are swollen but look about the same as they did before surgery.

My nose looks super swollen. Almost right after the dressing was removed, it seemed to blow up. I read here that rebound swelling is expected since compression is no longer being applied. Some people said they could tell the approximate shape of their nose as soon as the dressing came off but I couldn't see it exactly. It does look somehow more contoured overall but both the bridge and the tip are so huge right now. That's how I know it's swelling since I didn't even have bridge work done and have a naturally narrow bridge. I will say I already do love the profile. Changing the tip significantly changed the profile for the better and made my nose look less droopy.

At this stage I feel like a blob fish from the front and don't see much definition. If somebody didn't know me they might not notice it but my coworkers and family would be able to tell something was done at this point. I know not to expect much definition before the 3 month mark but I am hoping I look at least similar to how I did before surgery when I return to society. Still way optimistic and trusting the process.

Day 9!

I can't tell if my nose is getting a little less swollen or if I'm getting more used to it, but it looks less blobby from the front. I think I could be seen by someone I know and not have them notice anything is different. Don't get me wrong though, it still looks swollen especially in pictures. I'm just praying the fat transfer under my eyes stays because I love it how it is right now.
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