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After 3 consultations I am having my tummy tuck...

After 3 consultations I am having my tummy tuck with flank lipo tomorrow with Dr. Weinzweig. I have been thinking of doing this for years. I gave birth 20 years ago. I'm 5'6, 185lbs, lost 55lbs. Clothes do not fit my due to my protruding abdomen making my confidence low. I'm nervous and excited!
I bought Adult Washcloths. They are like baby wipes for adults. Not being able to shower for 2weeks I will need these! I have measuring cups for my drains by taking 3oz Dixie cups and marking them so I can record
what I am leaking. I have a notebook and pen, pillows, puppy training pads, button up shirt and draw string pants. I'm going to bed now.
I'll post more tomorrow.


I did it! Actually, Dr. Weinzweig and his team did it. I know I made the right choice. I felt I was in good hands every step of the way.
I was having a great conversation with the anesthesiologist and then I opened my eyes and the nurse and Sandy were there. TA DA!
I was (still am) waiting for the immense pain to kick in after the good procedure drugs wear off. What I am feeling is more pressure and soreness than pain. On a 1-10 for pain I'm at a 5. The ride home in Chicago stop and go traffic and potholes shot me up to a 6.5. On a pressure scale in at an 8.
I'm rambling on and dozing off.
Good night

The reality of abdominoplasty recovery

My compression garment is not tight, I AM! You know that burn you get from ab exercises? It's like I did 1,000 sit ups in a minute. There is more pressure than pain. I'm sore to the touch on my sides (flank lipo). I had difficulty moving on and out of bed so I moved to a recliner. This eliminated the need to move my legs over, turn, find the floor.... Now, I sit up and stand. So much easier. Stiff neck, but so much easier on my midsection.
The first night I drank over 100oz of water and eliminated twice. Now I am still very thirsty but I'm going once every two hours.
My drains are working. The red liquid scared me at first because it looked like blood only and filled up quite a bit. I was told not to measure the first day. Left today so far is 56cc and right 47, which is down from yesterday. The color is still red, but lighter and with a tint of yellow, which is normal.
I'm not hungry but need to eat because either the antibiotics or the pain meds upset my stomach. I've been eating toast. Today I became nauseous and needed to take an anti-nausea pill. OUCH! I can't even imagine vomiting right now.
I can't imagine trying to do this recovery alone. I need help getting up and to the washroom. I feel stronger every day but was told and read that day 3 is the worst and that will be tomorrow. I keep having a positive attitude.
My breathing is short and shallow. I have a spirometer to use. USE IT. I feel as though the deep breaths are helping everything heal and it actually feels good to get that chest/lung/diaphragm stretch. I also hear my pulse in my ear which is odd.
My husband said, "I hope this is all worth it to you." He didn't feel I needed the surgery but totally supports my decision.
Even though I'm swollen, bandaged, and compressed, I'M FLAT!! I cannot believe how flat I am. I have never had a flat stomach. I'm very anxious for my follow up next week!

The 4th day was my worst

Everyone is different which is why I am grateful for all of your posts. My guidelines said 3rd day is the worst. My 3rd day was wrapping up and turning into the 4th. I settled in for sleep. Over night I had contraction-like cramping. If this happens to you, call your physician immediately. After we spoke, the assessment was that this was my digestive track becoming regular again. I breathed through the pain lamas style on and off for a few hours. Doc was correct. All was right with the world once I pooped.

Yesterday was my follow up

It was great to have the bandages removed and to see the new me. Doc says i am healing fabulously. I do have a lot of flank swelling. They are sore to the touch but numb at the same time. I still can't believe I did this! I'm thrilled so far and the results are only going to improve.
Drains stay in for one more week. I was so worried/freaked out at the thought of having drain tubes hang out of me but after seeing all that has oozed and trickled out of me I will ask for drains if I ever have surgery in the future.
The compression garment is to be worn 24 hours a day . hmmm....I need to ask about compression garment for my flanks

Until going to my follow up, the only moving around I did was to the bathroom every 2 hours.
It was great to get out in the sun and fresh air and move around and see people! We went for coffee after.

I couldn't believe that the day before I was in tears with cramps hobbling to the bathroom. The healing process of this procedure is wild.

After pic

Looking forward to getting the drains out
By husband cannot take a photo.

Taking Drains Out!

While I was standing, Dr. W. sat on a stool, clipped the sutures, and pulled out my drains one at a time. There was a strange sensation as the most inner part dislodged from the tissue which became its home over the last 12 days. It was interesting to see the inner drains. They were flat, white silicone covered in holes.
My holes are covered in gauze and should heal on their own, no sutures necessary.
I'm so glad they are gone.
The other great news today? I get to shower! No more adult baby wipes and sponge baths or sink shampoos!

Back Pain After Tummy Tuck?

I was doing OK and getting around more. When I woke up yesterday, I kind of felt cemented together. I was a bit more hunched over than usual.
I went to have drains removed and yes, it's part of the healing process.
After my appointment we went out for lunch and then a small shopping trip that I had to cut short because my back hurt.
Went home, rested, every time i got up I was ok for a minute then back pain!
Anyone else have this?

Please share sleeping stories/advice 4 weeks post

I'm having difficulty sleeping flat in bed. My lower abs are still tender and very tight (not complaining) I wake up with back spasms. It is so uncomfortable to lay on my side. I can't sleep in the recliner any more. I cannot fall asleep reclined though I'm exhausted. I need sleep. Please share your best advice or your sleeping story. I. Need. Sleep.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Weinzweig explained the procedure thoroughly and made sure I had realistic expectations of my outcome. He was patient and took time to answer all of my questions. I suppose any doctor can do those things but Dr. Weinzweig was the only doctor who made me feel that he genuinely cared about me and that he was going to treat me the same way he would his sister. I was comfortable with Dr. Weinzweig immediately. He is kind and has a great sense of humor. Also, Dr. W. gives back to those in need by performing surgeries on children with craniofacial anomalies.

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