45 Year Old, Breastfed 4 Kids, Want to Go from AA (Or Less) to C

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I had a full B before pregnancy and kids. F when...

I had a full B before pregnancy and kids. F when breastfeeding, total years of breastfeeding was 9. My breasts now are 2 little sad saks hanging there empty.

I looked into breast aug since February, read many reviews, Q/A and videos on this website. I met 3 surgeons and decided on the last one who seems to be the most advanced. He only uses Sientra gummy bear, which I read far better than the other 2 brands.

I am doing high profile, between 350 cc and 400 cc, not decided yet. I can make that decision when I get there. I don't want the torpedo look, but I need to trust my dr. But again, I really, really want to be happy with the result.

Also, the BA is dual plane- half under half over muscle, I think that's what it means. It supposed to correct ptosis, which I have a mild case.

My stat is 5'2", 107-109 lbs, I think my base width is 13. I want to have a modest, natural look that is appropriate for my age. I am also very active, I run and work out a lot, so I also don't want the large breasts interfere with my life style.

I got my med, am cleaning the house today and ready. Just like many ladies who went before me, I am super excited and overly nervous the same time. I know the result will be pleasing, but still, that anxiety- what if it does not work out as I wish for - the size, the healing, the real odd of capsular contracture, infection, complication...

The next 2 days are hard... But, it shall come to pass :-)

Tomorrow is the date!

I am so nervous...

It's over. Rocky recovery

I thought I would be one of those wine who had it easy. Boy. Was I ever wrong. The boobs are great. The surgery went well. Dr Weinweig wa excellent. Just my body did not like ANY med. not antibiotic. Not sny pain med. not even the nausea pills. I was in hell feeling sick and nauseous for the first 18 hours. So sick from any med that I rather chose pain over nausea and took no pain med.

It's slowly improved. My breasts are so swollen hard rock tight But I can tell they will be beautiful.

I can't aprreciate my plastic surgeon enough. I am lucky to find him. He knows what would look good for me. And spend A LOT of time to educate and guide me through the decision process. I went in with the mind that I knew what was best for me and not going to let anyone turn me into a freak with giant boobs. I wanted the conservative look and insisted on 300 to 325. He explained to me why it was not enough to achieve my goal since I lost too much breast substance. I eventually convinced and let him decide for me when he operate. I so glad I did that.

Now I am just laying around being in pain and waiting to be healed.

Boobs are super tight and swollen. (I think I said it already...)
Husband helps with everything. I can't even reach for the water myself.

Patience is a much needed virtue...

Good luck to all of you lovely ladies who just had and about to have your BA.

Somehow it brings strength to know I am not alone. There are many of you who share the same experience, walked of about to walk the same path. :-)

Here are two pictures

I think they already look good.

375 cc. Smooth round gummy bear.

I am so glad my surgeon went with 375. I had some ptosis. So the high profile implant and dual plane approach help lift the nipple without performing a breast lift separately.

Great doctor again.

Big time swollen

Is it normal that the breasts are so swollen? I thought I read somewhere on this site that the third day is the most swollen? I am not in so much pain like the first day It was sharp pain then. But today I feel the pain is from swelling. Please share with me if you experienced the same.

Implants way high up

I am in 4 days post op. I read from many reviews that the implants will drop, but still am concerned because my implants are VERY HIGH. So high that the upper chest is full and nothing at the nipples areas where the volume should be at it's most.

The boobs right now look deformed. I am a bit worried.

Did anyone have this look and eventually changed into something beautiful?

Thank you!

ugliest boobs I ever seen

Sorry but I am so depressed today, implants are still as high as the first day, I am severely constipated, I only eat fruit and veggies, drink prune juice, coconut water, taking 2 different lkinds of laxatives, only to be bloated, cramped and miserable.

I read a lot that boobs will drop, but a few cases they don't. What if mine will not drop? I am so sad...

Not a good boob day

I tried to get back to minimal activities but boy, it hurts. The left incision is hurting so bad. It started a few days ago, and only get worse each day. I can't see it because it is covered up, but hurts even when I type this review.

Driving sucks, sitting sucks, walking sucks, cooking sucks. At this point, I don't feel like this is worth it at all. Boos are high and ugly, belly is protruding out like 5 months pregnant, can't move my arms freely, I walk hunching down, rounded shoulders.

Just feel so low...

Things are getting better

After several days of misery, I started to see light at the end of the tunnel. The boobs are softer, but they don't seem to drop a whole lot though.
The inactivity is taking a toll on my body fast with weight gain. I used to work out at least an hour a day, always on my feet doing something, going somewhere, now just some slow house work and laying around watch TV.
So I went for a slow walk around the neighborhood today, feeling great, but come home an hour later my head started to hurt so bad. I took pain med with no help. I even resort to Ibuprofen 800 mg (my strongest pain med) but no relief.
Wonder if the surgery altered how my body reacted to pain med?


I have been complaining about my painful left boob. Never went away. I just decided to suck it up and let it pass. But tonight, to my horrow, I found this deep dark red spot under this boob and there is a lump size of twice a large bean. I am freaking out. It is most likely hematoma.

Will call the PS first thing tomorrow morning.

Take care everyone!

All is well!

First of all I wanted to say thank you so much for all your support. So much warmth and caring in this boobie community :-)

I spoke to my PS over the phone and he said it was small enough for the body to take care of. Any procedure now only aggrievate it and is not worth it.

It did not get any larger so I am OK with it. I think this was caused by my own stupidity the day before taking Ibuprfen IBuprofen can thin blood and induce bleeding. I thought after 12 days it would be OK. Throughout the entire experience, I took 1 hydrocodone (the first day) and 1.5 pill oxycodone because of nausea. But that night, the boob pain, the back ache and a pounding headache, I gave in and had to take something.

Any way, all is well now, cross my figures...

Thank you again for your comments and concerns. I hope we all doing well :-)

Getting my life back :-)

It's been a few days since my last update. I finally feel positive about the whole ordeal. I think it's a bit harder on me since I never had a surgery, broken bone, major illness, stitches or anything in my life and plunging into full blown surgery is a bit shocking. But finally I feel like I am me again :-)

I have started 40 minutes, medium-paced walking by 2 weeks post op. Last Friday (2 weeks post op) the kids are all out of school so we went camping. My husband and 2 boys did all the lifting and work, so I did not have to do anything to disturb my arms or pecs. The 5 hour ride was a bit hard. When I laid down on the air mattress that night, my whole chest / pecs / boobs were so sore.

The strangest thing is that the next morning when I got up, all the pain, aches, sore were GONE, gone like... gone gone gone! I literally felt like my old self was back.

And that's it, the pain never came back since. I could move my arms freely, I could reach over my head, I could do everything with these arms and not feeling pain on my boobs! It was so awesome!

Today I am back to the gym, did 40 minute intensive inclined walk and s bit of running and I feel fine now.

At 2 weeks my doctor told me I could do anything I want, started any activity I wanted. No restriction. I was really, really surprised with that since I read over and over again, almost all surgeons suggested some sort of guideline on back to activity, but my surgeon gave me a green light on everything.

I am not going to do any weight training that engages upper body muscles yet until at 6 weeks (as general rule from many other surgeons), but it feels great being able to get back to some serious cardio work out.

I tried some ab work today but found out that our ab muscles have a strong connection with our pecs so I stopped.

I also have been watching my food intake. Don't want to gain weight. What's the point to get big boobs and big belly also...

I hope everyone is doing great :-)

Here is a picture for comparing

I took this picture today. I "feel" like the implants have dropped a bit, but the pictures seem to look pretty much the same.
Could you ladies see any difference at all?
Thank you!

Saw my Dr. today

I saw dr Weinzwerg today because I was worry about the look of my breasts. They did not come down like most people I read reviews here.

He was upbeat and positive about my progress, telling me that everything looks nice and as expected and reassured me that the implants will come down. If not, he will come in and pull them down, no worry. I felt so good about it. Again, he took time to discuss (not just answers) all my concerns.

I already came to my own conclusion that I started out with very droopy boobs, there is a great chance that my result will not be as hot as a 25 year old who never breastfeeds.

I asked my dr. about the possibility of a nipple lifts (they are very low and pointing downward). The other 2 surgeons I met before dr. Weinzwerg told me I needed one. But dr Weinzwerg told me to wait and he was confident that the implants and the dual-plane technique that he used will correct the issue, I should not rush for a procedure that I probably end up not needing at all. It's very comforting to know my PS is watching out for my interest. (It could have been a separate procedure that brings him cash!)

I asked about a tummy tuck, he examined me and gave me a quick consultation on that, I loved everything I heard. Later the patient coordinator gave me a quote that I am absolutely thrilled about. Big discount, big grin on my face :-) Another 3 months and I will go for that!

STart (again, just START :-)) to look like boobs

Yeah, finally my girls start to make some good changes with their lives that make me very happy :-)
It's one week after my last update, but I "feel" like there is a lot of change. Was it coincidence that things change at around 4 to 6 weeks or is it because I have been more religious with wearing the band.
At some time last week I researched about the dual plan technique that my PS used on me. I knew about it before the BA but not quite fully understand.

I will go through a lengthy explanation in case it is helpful for some of my fellow future BA sisters who has ptosis like me. Then I will share with you my thought why the implants in dual plane will always drop.

Basically the difference between the traditional submuscular and the dual plane is that the implants sit completely under the muscles while in the dual plane, they sit half under and the bottoms sit on the breast tissue.
Since there is no muscle to hold it in place at the bottom, the implants impact the breast tissues and cause the nipples to rise up (like the bottoming out effect), while in the traditional submuscular, the implant position is control by the pec muscles and the breast tissue/nipples have to role in it, this causes misalignment between the implant position and the nipples position.

What I did not realize until the last week is that, it's not that the PS slices the breast tissue and pec muscles and insert the implant diagonally so top half of the implants are under and bottom half over, but he just cut OFF the bottom of the pec muscles so that the implants can be exposed to the breast tissues. It's like, in the traditional submuscular, the implants wear the pec muscles on the top like a "dress" (all the way to the ankles), vs in the dual plane, they wear the pec muscles like a "blouse", (only to past your hips).
Without the bottom, I think they have to drop once the muscles are softened and release them, wouldn't they? That's just MY thinking. It could be way wrong...

Well, since the BA, I have been obsessed with boobs and dropping. I read, reread thing I found online, like if I reread it, I can find new meaning LOL.

The day I came to my own conclusion that with the bottomless dual plane, I went from worrying about implants not dropping to "oh no, I have not been wearing enough supportive bra for my breast bottom. When I touch the bottom of my breasts, I can feel the implants. So it is there, just need the muscles to calm down and relax so the gel can migrate downward.

That night I had a dream where my implants feel too far, the pocket was open to the body and the implants traveling around allover every where, my stomach, my sides... then finally in my stomach and broke and I spit out some pieces of it (OK, I have to admit that I watched too much of that House MD TV series, LOL!)

Any how, I apologize for this long rambling update today, most of you are probably bored and left by now to even read this apology, hehehe...

What do you think about the pics? Do they look any difference or just my wishful thinking?

Typo... So sorry!

"implant position is control by the pec muscles and the breast tissue/nipples have "TO" role in it, this causes misalignment between the implant position and the nipples position."

Sorry about the typo in my previous post that makes no sense the word TO should be NO.

Not much happening the last 10 days

So my magic 6 week post-op came and left with somewhat disappointment. Some how in my mind this date will mark a big difference, but.. it did not... Same old high riding boobies.

This whole process , as many of you have pointed out, has truly been an emotional roller coaster ride. Days of optimism mixed in with periods of despair and "boobie hopelessness".

I am still happy that I have boob volume again, but... will I ever see the day when they look like they belong to me?

My scars heal incredibly well, at this point they no longer raised and they hide so well under the creases.

Bonus from my BA: my Dr has his own scar cream, vitamin E with SPF 30 and a number of awesome natural ingredients such as goat milk and olive oil. I was always in search for a good sunscreen since I got hyper pigmentation easily. When I got this scar cream that is supposed to go to my boobs, I tried it on my face. It came on smoothly and nicely, leaving my face dewy and soft. And I looked at my scars, they are not that bad and I did not like touching them. So, my boob scar cream has become my new favorite daily cream. And it's only $18 for 2 ounces, way less than half the price of my regular daily sunscreen :-)

That is the only positive boob-related news for today's update...

Momof2wo, the implants hardly dropped at all. The swelling has gone down substantially and that helps change the shape of the breast, but the implants seem to stay high at where they were before. That nagging thought in my mind- what if I needed a revision in a few months if my right boob does not drop.. I lost tons of hair after the BA, I don't want to go through another surgery any time soon....

Thank you for listening to me during my low, and cheer for me on my high... You ladies are the best, yes you are!

Seven week, small comment

Nothing much happening with the boobies, just want to thank you wonderful sweet ladies here with your support. Your kind words are of lots of encouragement and understanding. I wish I could be "tougher", more patient and not such a whiner :-)

My PS called and he is, again, supper personal and caring and again he soothed away my worry with his reassuring words of knowledge and professionalism, and he stands behind his work.

Not quite in love with my boobs yet but love my PS and his staff. I happened to drive near the neighborhood of the office (it's not some place I drive by often) and just had a good feeling towards it. The experience just become more and more positive everyday, even without the perfect result yet. Is it normal? LOL!

I want the tummy tuck at some point in the future for sure :-)

Just thought of something

Yes, I whined a lot and worried a lot and still not pleased with the way my boobs are. BUT- I would do it again and again and again...

As RedGlory mentioned somewhere, all the complaints, the nausea, the constipation, the pain,... they all faded away. Maybe at the time I cried about those things, they felt very real and intense, but looking back, it's all in the past and it has no bearing to the quality of my life right now.

I must be such a baby that cries about every discomfort, but I have to say, BA was a great experience. As I shared with my hubby tonight, when I drove near that surgery center this morning, I had such a good feeling remembering that BA date, and want to, actually, relive it!!! I told him somehow I felt like I wish I had 3 sets of boobies so I could do it again a couple more times. He busted out laughing so hard, saying I was the biggest whiner throughout the whole process. I started to complain as soon as they stuck the IV needle into my vain, and the first thing I did after waking up was moaning and complaining. (I did not remember any of that). Maybe the pain, the nausea, the bloating... all of that and everything else made such an amazing experience.

I am crazy! I can't believe I feel that way. I had 4 kids and never felt like I wanted to relive the childbirth moment even though child birth was pain free compare to BA. It must be my self-center love for myself, that I did something that makes me beautiful... whatsoever it is, I am surprised at this part of myself that I never knew before.

I think this explains my desire for the tummy tuck. Want the result, but also love the painful, scary process????... Totally crazy!

And back to reality, my boobs are still riding high :-)

Hair Loss?

Hello, I just wonder if any of you lovely ladies experience any hair loss after BA? I noticed a lot more hair on my floor since the BA and my head actually looks thinner....

Today is 8 weeks exact

Not much happening. There is no visible change from 1 month to 2 months...

9 weeks photos

I think most of the dropping has been done. I read that tissues heal and relax during the first 6 weeks and implants do the most dropping between 4 and 6 weeks, after that it will be a slow process and not as much.
It's probably is the case with me. I am pleased with how the left side progresses but not too impressed with the right side.

They are both much softer now but still not ever near like real breasts. But I wonder if they ever will, specially the parts that are under the muscles, because after all, it's the muscles that is touched and felt...

Just a little bit more to go, my dear implants, keep going girls, you are half way home, the pockets down there are so much roomier and nicer for you Haha :-)

Thank you all you lovely ladies who have been reading my posts and encouraging me with caring and kind words.

I hope you all have, are and will enjoy your new beauty :-)

A couple Frontal Image :-)

10 weeks

No change for the right side. Left is doing well. I am thinking of seeing the PS next week asking him to go in pull the right implant down. There is something at the bottom that prevents it from ging down. I push, I massage, but it seems unable to go down on its own, specially the outer edge.

Thank you for reading my update, my sisters in boobs :-)

At 3 months

Hello ladies, sorry for my MIA the last few weeks. Kids, vacation, summer, school... and on top of that, I did not have anything new to update.
----------- Boobs got a bit rounder, left dropped well, looks good, right still struggles and I am not sure how it will end. I saw my PS yesterday. he was confident that by 6 months they will even out. If not, he would do anything to make me happy, he would go in to get the right down if it's still stubborn by then. ----- I actually like my new boobs now. They are not the best dream boobs but they are not deformed like they used to be. In bras they look pretty nice.---------- I went back to upper body work out. I felt that there was a lot of dropping done right after I did a bunch of push-up and chest flies.-------- This is pretty much my report. I will check back either when the right boob makes some miraculous change :-)----------- Take care everyone and I love you all!

At 13 weeks

Grrr... The right boob is still stubborn!!!

Revision starts to become a real thing...

I saw another plastic surgeon yesterday for second opinion. He examined me and said it would be very unlikely that the implants would drop any further. A revision is almost certain... I will go back to my PS and see what we will do going forward... I might explore the option of subglandular with anatomical textured implants. All over again, this is frustrating...

Thank you for listening, ladies !

Perfect result finally came

Hello all lovely ladies,
It's been 6 months since my BA. Finally the result came in- they both dropped and perfect. What I learned from this experience? TRUST YOUR SURGEON.

I can now have a lot of fun with those dreamed boobs :-)

Nine months update

Continue to love my boobs. I don't keep track of time any more but I think it's been 9 months. They are part of me now. This is the most amazing thing that happened.

I'm grateful for my plastic surgeon. He's so patient and supportive. And above all, he has the skill!

Love my Doctor! His experience and artistic eyes have been valuable for my difficult case. With lots of sagging, it's not easy to bring my totally deflated breasts back to it's youthful years, but he did it without the lift. It's a long process but I believe that's what it takes if I wanted to avoid the cuts on the nipples. Also, I got the Sientra Gummy Bear (highly cohesive) implants that other practices would charge about $1,500 or so more, but I did not have to pay extra for them at all. The price is awesome. I would recommend Dr Weinzweig to anyone who wants highest quality implants and best results!

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