38 Year Old, 1 Kid, Much Needed Boobs, and Lipo. Highland Park, IL

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Hi i have been staking RS for over a year and I...

Hi i have been staking RS for over a year and I have decided that I am doing it. I am so tired of looking at these pity titties. I am getting a breast augmentation and Lipo to the flanks, abdomen and back. I had my son at an early age and I thought he was gonna give me boobs but that didn't happen and I have been wanting them ever since. I have been a 32 B since I grew them just got measured at VS 2 weeks ago and measured at 32 D (Lies and Garbage) these pity titties are little size. So at 38 it's happening!!! So nervous but not really, really just ready to start the new boob journey.

Nickname: Pitty tiities

Never really noticed how much I dislike my Pitty titties until I see them in pictures... 10/13/16 can't come fast enough.. Lol!

Day 3 Post Op Ba and Liposuction

Still very swollen but I am happy with the results. I go back to my f/u on Friday the 21st I will post more pictures from the office visit.

Day 3 Post Op Ba and Liposuction

Still very swollen but I am happy with the results. I go back to my f/u on Friday the 21st I will post more pictures from the office visit.

Before surgery

Having a BA was something I had thought about for years and finding JW was the reason I decided to do it.

Before having any cosmetic surgeries there are a few that's that you must do to help you prepare.

1) Support. Make sure you have friends and family support you throughout the entire process. From the consultation to the pre op phone call. Supportive people can help you get thru the toughest parts of the process.

2) Spa-Day. Day 2 or 3 before surgery go get your mani-pedi's, get everything waxed (Brazilian, under arm legs, arms) whatever you usually do do it times 100. It's just makes you feel great, being well groomed before and after surgery is an awesome feeling so when taking pictures or showing off o your friends and family you won't be embarrassed by unwanted hair.

3) Date Night. Night before have date night with your significant other or girl friends. You are going to be in for a while and with the pain that is associated with any type of surgery you don't want to feel like you missed out on anything. So go out and enjoy your last meal for before surgery.

4) Grocery Shop. Get all of your clear liquid diets foods and full liquid diet foods and have them already to go, this just makes post op eating decisions easier.

5) Stool Softeners. Make sure to start taking you a stool softener 2/3 prior to surgery and make sure your surgeon knows that you are taking them because the hard core pain meds and antibiotics will have you constipated after surgery and believe me constipation is no fun.

6) Pillow shop. Make sure you have enough pillow to support you in an upright position for a few weeks I suggest 4 behind you 1 for your head and 1 for under each arm total of 8 pillows and if you are able to get a recliner or rent one from a rental place do it. Best thing ever. Also granny panties are the best for any post-op Lipo procedures

7) Mediate. Mediate. Mediate. And mediate it will help you when you start saying this is the duke nest thing you have ever done... lol!

I wish I would have reads post like this prior to surgery because it would have saved my life but because I have a touch of OCD I was well prepared.

Day 4 Post-Op

Well last night was the worst, thought I was getting much better but the pressure took over. All yesterday was great with the exception of not being able to pass a bowel movement, the worst feeling in the world.
The pressure is terrible but the bags of frozen peas help a lot along side the pain meds I tried to cut back on, but now I know better.

Day 5

Feeling much better than yesterday. Got a full look at the new twins last night. They look great to me, left boob sits a little higher than the right but I'm pretty sure that we'll settle in soon. I am only taking the pain meds in the late evening and early morning hours.
Sleep is getting better. But I have more pressure at night than any other time of day.
I have lots of back pain now. I got my guy to massage my back before bed and I got a much better nights sleep. Decided to make an appt with a massage therapist for a 20mins massage everyday day til Friday. Hope it relieves the swelling and pain...

Day 5

Finally got our side for a little bit today. Still can't stand straight up yet and I still have a lot of swelling in the flank area and it's still very numb. Went for a mani-pedi and got a 15 min back massage. Gonna do research on someone who does lymphatic massage in my area.
Left boob is still slight higher than the right and I experienced more itching in the boobs and lower back. Also I have been reading a lot about Bromeline and Arnica, Ginger Tea and dry skin brushing. Has anyone tried this?

1 week down

Well today was a better day than yesterday. I got outside for a little while longer and was ok. What I have been experiencing the most is major back pain.
I had Lipo to the flanks back and stomach and my doctor only gave me a binder for the areas, I know a few other girls who have been sentenced to faja after surgery with great result. So I purchased a compression garment and have been wearing it for the last few days. No real problems to report but it does seem to pull me forward, I can't stand up straight in it. But I can stand up straight in my binder. What I don't want to do is regret having Lipo done in Chicago. I have heard that the PS here don't specialize in Lipo sculpture. Let's pray on this.

I have my first post op doctors visit tomorrow and hopefully all is well. I haven't seen what's under the bandages. Very excited about seeing the scars and see how bad they look. No pictures for today, no new updates.

1week follow up ????

Doctors appt went well. He said everything looks great! He gave me or should I say I paid for $20 some Vitamin E cream to start using next Thursday and I will comeback and see him in 6 weeks. (why wasn't that included with the price, like it wasn't expensive enough)
He removed my wound bandages and said the look great and said that I can take a full shower now. Yessss! Can't wait for that. He left the survival tape over the actually incision because I was nervous they were gonna hurt so he said they would fall off in the shower when they get wet. (Whew!)
Still didn't give me any Lipo garment and says my boobs are still high and suggested I continue use of the compression band around the boobs, thank goodness I purchased one from Amazon. The one JW gives is connected with the bra, which is cool but a separate band is definitely need for those wash days. (I'll be ordering another one)
Also the faja I purchased last week is being returned because it sits under my boobs so I think it's pushing them up. Gotta do some more research on the perfect one. One thing o will say is that the Doctors in the DR and Miami make sure that you have a garment for that snatched look. It's ok I'll get my own... didn't pay all this money to look regular.
I told him about my severe back pain and he said that was normal due to the aggressive Lipo suctioning of the back and said it should subside soon.
Still not very comfortable or long sleeping in my bed, I start there and finish in the recliner. But I have discontinued use on the Percocet and now just using Tylenol 2 tabs when pain kicks in.

So far so good

Pictures from Doctors Office

First Day back at work

Well, it was rough but I made it through. Not having a lot of pain anymore but I am still very swollen. The compression garment that I have been wearing have been working out well but it's still tight, but I guess that's what it's suppose to do.
Because I didn't need a TT I don't need a full leg and but garment so I ordered and Ann Cherry Latex Waist Trainer I hope this works

Ready to sleep flat

Can I sleep flat on my back now? I have definitely gotten tired of sleeping in my recliner and in a 45 degree angle. I will be calling my PS tomorrow to see if it's time to sleep flat. My neck and back can't take anymore.

Finally off ALL pain meds including Tylenol. Yay! I do have much discomfort at work from sitting at my desk all day so today I worked standing up which helped with the back pain just a little.

My right Breast had dropped a little more than the left. I wear my implant stabilizer all night and today all day. I won't rush it but I'm pretty anxious for them to drop now. And the right is still very tender and sensitive. Things I'll be asking my PS tomorrow.

Lipo areas are ok. My flanks still have not regained full feeling and I notice hardness (feels like a tunnel) on both side and a area by my right breast. That goes on the questions list also. But hopefully my masseuse can work them out on Saturday. Will post picture tomorrow

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op and 1 full week of work. I made it!!!
Left breast still slightly higher than the right, and my right breast is very very tender. Can't even shower with it tingling. But I'm feeling great. Can't wait till the drop in place.
Also got my Ann Cherry Latex Waist Trainer today in the mail today and I can wait to do a update on it.
Also the Hanes Flex Fit Bras are the best bras, EVER!!! If your having a BA get these ASAP they are comfortable and have no underwire..

Almost 3 weeks since surgery

RS almost 3 weeks since surgery and I must say I am completely satisfied with my BA, even though one breast is still riding higher than the other. But I am confident it will drop soon. As for the Lipo not completely satisfied as of yet. My body is still swollen in the abdomen and flanks. I feel like even with the swelling I should be flatter. Maybe it will happen soon. Will keep you posted. Updated pictures

Mondor Cord???

3 weeks post op and everything is going great and while I was putting my hair up I noticed a small cord like rise under my breast where the incision starts. I felt it and it is warm so I started to panic thinking that something is about to go wrong. But it has no pain or discomfort, only discomfort occurs when I raise my arm above my head. And the cord is under the left breast which hasn't dropped as much as the right. So like any sane person I started doing research on the internet before calling my PS with an emergency call. So what I found out is that I have developed a Mondor Cord. What???

What is Mondor’s Cord?

The condition of Mondor’s Cord appears as one or more raised ridge or “cord like” veins noticeable under the skin, near the site of the surgical procedure. The cord like veins begins at the breast and extends down onto the abdominal area. The veins appear swollen, and there can be some pain associated with this complication, however, typically they are just more a nuisance. Mondor’s Cord can either show up in single formation or sometimes appear in a multiple pattern. These cord-like structures are temporary and they do go away with time. The inflamed vein poses no danger of systemic embolization.
Mondor's Cord appear with firm “cord-like” bands (I have only one cord) that forms just under the skin near the breast. Mondor’s Cord appears when the veins near the site of surgery (the breast) have been traumatized during the procedure. It is the result of an inflamed or hardened blood vessel or vein.

Mondor’s Cord is not really a complication, however it is something that some patients do experience anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks after the surgery. It is considered a benign occurrence of a superficial vein inflammation (thrombophlebitis) of the chest wall.

Usually over the counter medications such as ibuprofen or a prescription anti-inflammatory will take away the pain, and also applying a warm washcloth over the area will help reduce the inflammation. The most common cause is basically having any incision near or around the breast, and can occur with breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift (mastopexy) and biopsies. These cords can appear in the upper outer area of either breast, below the crease line or in the underarm. The raised veins will feel firm and tight and can even feel slightly warm to the touch.

Treatment of Mondor’s Cord

Typically Mondor’s Cord will almost always resolve itself without any special care. Mondor’s Cord can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, indomethacin, and aspirin if there is pain associated with this condition. Hot wet compresses help tremendously and can help with the swelling. Most of the time, Mondor’s Cord resolves itself within 2 weeks to 2 months. Mondor's cord is not dangerous, requires no surgical intervention, and will not adversely affect the results of breast augmentation, a breast lift, breast reduction or breast reconstruction.

This condition is a rare occurrence, with only 1 to 2 percent of breast surgery patients.

I will still be calling my PS on Monday morning after reading this from several different sites it put my mind at ease for the moment. Will keep you updated...

Loving the boobs

Well I am in love with the boobs but no so much the Lipo.
I had heard the US doctors do not Lipo you like the doctors do overseas and I am starting to see it now. I wanted to be snatched and with all the money I paid I should have no fat nowhere. I still feel like my stomach, flanks and abdomen still have a too much fat around them Maybe it could be that I am still swollen but it's been a month now and I don't see a difference. Maybe I am just feeling some type of way but I expected better result by now.
I love my boobs!!!
It may not look like a lot of fat from the pictures but it's a nice amount that should have been sucked out

6 weeks Post Op

Hey RS, just wanted to give you an update on my progress (if you care) LOL ????

Just had my 6 weeks follow up on Tuesday and Dr. W said everything is looking good and that whatever I'm doing keep it up because I am ahead of the curve. Yay!

So I still have swelling in my flanks lower and upper abs, but he said that's normal. My flanks are still very tender to touch. I still wear my compression garments for 8-12 hours a day and I still take Vitamin E & C, Bromelain. And I still apply the Vitamin E to my scars 2x daily and Arnica cream to the Lipo areas.

My breast are gradually dropping at a great pace. The scars a healing so nice. When I first got home from surgery I hated everything but the breast but now, I am very pleased with the outcome even if I am still a bit swollen.

4 month post op

Today was my 4 month follow up. I went in a few weeks early because my right breast is firmer than the left and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a thing wrong..

???? luckily it wasn't. Dr. W said that it's just a little inflammation and that should take motion for a few days to see if there is a change and if not call him back.

Beside the firm right breast, everything is great he says that everything looks great the swelling is still lingering in my abdomen but has reduced a good amount and suggested I continue to wear my compression undies until my next visit in 6/8 weeks and I can go back to the gym full time now. Yoga here I come...

More to come


Happy with the BA, not very happy with the lipo. I still have moderate swelling on the left side flank with soreness and mild on the right side my stomach always looks bloated even with the change in diet, I am going back for a f/u next week.

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