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Ever since I was 14 years old I have been so self...

Ever since I was 14 years old I have been so self conscious of my nose, no matter how many times someone would say to me "your nose is fine" I wouldn't believe them. Whenever I went out, had a nice outfit on, done my makeup nice I would still feel horrible and self conscious. I finally got to the point when I had had enough at the age of 22 and decided to go forward with rhinoplasty. I chose the Harley Medical Group as I had heard numerous good things about them when i done my research and new they were for me, I booked a free consultation in the Northampton clinic.

The nurse I was booked in with was Sophie Afan-Jones, she was so friendly and made me feel at ease straight away, we talked through what i wanted done and i stood in front o a mirror and was shown how my nose could look if i went through with it, it was a very surreal experience. She then recommended my surgeon who would be best suited for me, Mr Mark Solomos, a very experienced plastic surgeon who is based in London. I went home and looked him up, had a nosey through his CV and decided to book in for a consultation with him.

My Consultation was 2 months later as he was already fully booked! I made my way down to Watford to see him, for some reason I felt really nervous! Initially I thought he was very serious and quite blunt, but towards the end I felt like I was in good hands and he new what he was talking about, I went for open rhinoplasty where he would make an incision in between both nostrils, we both decided that he would shorten the length of my nose and create a slight curve. My nose was very long and pointy and just didn't suit my petite face at all! I came out feeling very excited as my op was due a month after! I started to count down the days as that was all I could think about!

The day finally came, me and my mum drove down to Highgate Hospital in London, I was shown to my room and was given an attractive hospital gown and socks to wear. The room itself was lovely, It had a tv, a mini fridge and my own bathroom with a shower. They also had room service which was nice for my mum as I unfortunately couldn't eat anything until after the procedure. My admission time was 11am and I waited all day, I think I was the last to be seen as I finally went in at 7pm. I met the anaesthetist who briefly popped by about an hour before, she was lovely and went through everything I needed to know, also Mr Solomos came in for 5 minutes where he drew out some lovely lines all over my nose and took photos. Again he was very serious, didn't say much at all, but atleast I saw him.

The time had came and I was wheeled down to the operating theatre, I had been absolutely fine all day until now, I suddenly felt really sick and nervous. The whole thing went so quickly, I answered some questions that the anaesthetist needed to know, she put in the cannular on the side of my wrist, I counted to 10 and was gone by 2! The next thing I know I was being woken up by the nurse calling my name, for some strange reason I could not stop moving, my legs just kept on twitching, and i wanted to stroke the nurses face and tell her I loved her (apparently this is a normal side effect when waking up from general anesthetic!)

I had no pain at all, just felt very uncomfortable with the packing shoved all the way up my nose, I was taken back to my room where my mum was waiting for me. I ordered some dinner as I was starving! I chose the grilled halibet with potatoes and vegetables,i did find it to be quite dry and I found it hard to chew at this point so left it and opted for the ice cream!

That night was the worst night ever! it was so unfortable as I could only breathe through my mouth, my mouth was SO dry and had to keep on sipping water through a straw every 5 minutes. One of the nurses checked on me through the night and topped up my water for me every couple of hours. At about 6 in the morning she took out my packing, it was not a very nice feeling at all, it goes all the way up your nose so when she pulled it out it wasn't a very pleasant sensation, however the feeling of being able to breathe through my nostrils again was amazing!

to be continued...

Rhinoplasty- Mr Mark Solomos, London

Before and after photos

Before and after photos- Mr Solomos

Rhinoplasty pictures

Rhinoplasty pictures

Rhinoplasty pics

Rhinoplasty pictures

Front view- nearly 2 months on

Thought i would add a better photo of my nose from the front, you can see it a lot better. It is more upturned but not too much, i absolutely love it!

3 months on- quick update

Hello! So thought I would share a couple of pics as it is now 3 months on since my op! I will keep updating every now and then over the year so you can see the final result, as they do say it takes a full year to fully heal. Don't know if there would be much change but you never know until you look back on photos! So anyway I'm still super duper happy with how everything went and how it has turned out, I'm confident in how I look now and it feels like I was always supposed to have this nose :-) I have my post op appointment with Mr Solomos in a couple of weeks so will update you all then!


Post op re arranged :-(

So I can't get the time off work to see Mr Solomos next week for my post op :-( looks like I'll have to wait another few months until I can see him now which is annoying! It's really weird, I keep thinking my nose is going to go back to how it was before even though I know it won't, I'm still taking pictures from the side to make sure it looks just as good! And I keep finding myself pushing my nose up, (really weird I know) because I think in my head "what if it goes back to looking straight and pointy again" this is silly I know but I can't help it hahaha!

Last update

So this will probably be my last photo I will upload for a while, Every three months or so I will upload a photo so you can see the progress is over a year! All I want to say now is mr solomos is brilliant and I can't recommend him enough!

Last one from the front!

Maybe not the last one...

8 months on and I'm still loving it!

10 months post op

I can't believe it is now 10 months post op! It has flown by so quickly! I am still in loveeeee with my nose, couldn't have asked for a better surgeon and I'm so much more confident In myself! I have also finished paying off my loan so that is also a very nice feeling, now I can pretend that I was born with this nose and that my op never happened.. Haha! ???????? I'll do my last post in a couple of months time so this review is over a full year and you can compare to see if it looks any different throughout the year!

A year on

So a whole year has flown by! I can't believe it!! This is my final post on here, I just wanted to show everyone what my nose is like during the whole year and to see if it changes throughout. I personally don't think it has changed too much past the 6 month mark! But overall I'm extremely happy, and I highly recommend Mr solomos at the Harley medical group, what a talented man he is! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my review and I hope I have helped some of you out with your rhinoplasty decision!
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