Early 30s 325cc Breast Lift with Implants Top Half Under Muscle Bottom Half over - Highgate, GB

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I don't know what to expect. I just want them to...

I don't know what to expect. I just want them to be better. My mum has had this problem as well. She's also had a beast lift with implants to correct this. I've had all my consultations and preop with the nurse. I'm expected for surgery on the 13th of January 2016 with Dr Solomos. I haven't found much on his work so I don't know what exactly to expect but the few things I've seen looks good and there are a few things that isn't to m liking but maybe that's what they wanted. Anyhow. I'm worried, excited? And nervous.

Wish pics

So I have a few pictures of what i would want my breast to look like after. Some are only BA while the rest are BA with BL. I don't like the BA with BL that still have that sagged/creased look at the base of the boob. I want to all look full high and perky.
Before I forget I had a call from Harley medical group today and they've just told me my surgery time at Highgate hospital on the 13th of January omg. That's next week. Scary times ????. I pray God works a miracle through the surgeon cause my boobs need it. Thanks to everyone for your bravery in sharing your experiences on this site. It gave me the courage to share mine. Speak soon.

3 days left????

So my surgery is in 3 days. I've got all the info in the post from the surgeons office. Some of the final info was wrong. I'm looking forward to it but there's still a lot to do. So it's a lollipop lift with 325cc implant. I'm still kinda thinking of going up to 350cc. My life is quite active so I'm cautious as well. I will show my surgeon the pictures and maybe we'll make some final decisions.
I haven't got any scarring tape or bio oil. Has anyone got any advice on what to get. Where to buy. I live in the London so I need to be able to buy it fairly easily. Thanks in advance for all your advice and help.

Surgery Day. I'm so nervous.

I just saw the surgeon and his intern. I literally got so nervous I could feel sweat running down my arm. That had never happened to me before. I don't sweat much.
So he measured me up and said 325cc dual plain is good for me because I'm sporty and have skin that has a tendency to sag. It's best to give the most perkiness for longer. I agree too. I just didn't want to get breast envy and wish I'd gone bigger.
So when I arrived at Highgate Private Hospital the staff (only one person) at the front desk (not the nurse) were mediocre in the admission ands friendliness. The other nurses we lovely and friendly.
I must say though dr Solomos was so friendly and calming and ... Wait for it... Chatty. Maybe when he's in his element he's alive. He's trying out a new technique on me and maybe showing off his surgical skills a little with the intern. He says my surgery is quite tricky because I'm not that saggy that I need the breast lift but because I have no upper tissues they have to go under the muscle and so on. Fun stuff. ????????????????. Don't know ill keep you guys posted.

Post surgery same day/next day update

So I woke up feeling woozy, not too bad though just always wanting to go back to bed. I'm so tired. So far no pain at all. I just had a quick look. I doesn't look bad. I don't know what it look like under the white protect sheets.
I spent the night at Highgate private hospital and was treated very well. I often felt like I kept getting forgotten by the nurses but :) it was because I kept falling asleep. ????. They were very attentive and made sure I had all I needed.
During the night while I slept and it got a bit warm I developed a itch all over my body and the nurse says it's probably a side effect to one of the medications she gave me. I didn't have a rash or anything just itchy. She checked that I was getting better every now and again and also put a massage thing around my leg to aid circulation in my legs.
Yeah so far so good.
Since I'm writing this on the14/01 The only thing I feel now the day after surgery is tightness where the implant is and muscle spasm not big ones though. Manageable. Okay so that's it for now. I'm waiting for my mum to bring my bra (it didn't arrive in time) and pick me up. The we are off home. I'll keep yous posted. ????????

Post Op Appointment with nurse.

Hi everyone,

I went to my post op appointment. I was nervous because I haven't really looked at my boobs since the operation. It was hilarious because it seemed my mum was more excited she kept asking me to show them to her ????. I guess I was just more concerned about the end result and what they will look like without any tape or dressing.
Anyhow, the nurse took of the dressing from the surgery. They look good so far. It's not bleeding or anything. I don't know what's happening inside but by gods grace when they are fully recovered they will be more than what I expect. Beautiful????????????. I like the shape the right breast is a little higher and feels bigger than the left. I noticed it when I woke up from surgery 5-7 hours later.
The nurse put another dressing on the vertical scare because of the friction from my bra. So ill have to go see her next Wednesday. St that time I will also book an appointment to see the surgeon in 2 months.
Anyone has any questions I should ask? I always forget and then when I get home I remember them.
What should be my list to aid with healing?
Silicone Scar tape ... Anyone knows where I could buy online, please? Especially for my skin type. I don't know if that makes a difference.
Vitamin E oil/ capsules
Some kind of silicone base scar cream?? Any ideas people. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance. ????

Additional Post Op Photo. 20 Jan 2016 - 1 week 1 day

Also today I did a lot of house work. Don't know why. I think I've used a lot pectoral muscle. Does anyone know if that will mess up the way my new boobs look or how they heal? ????
Oh ... and I'm back to work tomorrow. Nightmare maybe. It's gonna be hectic... I hope I can stay focus and not think about buying new ????????????

Before and after 1 week 1 day post op app

Having pain

I couldn't sleep a wink 2 nights ago because I was so uncomfortable with pain. Not pain to make you cry but annoying pain. Around the nipples and vertical scares. I don't know if others have had that.?
Today I flew to Milan 2 hour flight. It was okay very hot on the plane and I only felt a little discomfort. I worn my horrid stocking as well for extra protection.
Now I'm back home had a tidy and look how my boobs are doing and the bandage on the right one had what looks like yellow discharge on it. I don't know if it's the flight or the heat which was causing me to sweat. I don't know. I may have even been there since this morning which was also very hot in bed. I had to sleep in just my bra and I still kept wiping sweat from my upper body.
Anyone had this experience? Your input would help. Thanks a bunch.
P.S: I have my 2weeks post op app with the nurse. Fingers crossed everything's fine.

2nd post op appointment

So it went well with the nurse she said it all look fine and advice that I don't put anything on my boobs. She said let them breath and heal naturally for 2 weeks at least then think about putting scar scream and or bio oil on them. I don't know. My skin doesn't heal very well on its own. But I will try what she has says. How long did you lovely ladies waited before you started applying bio oil, scar scream and scar tapes.

3 weeks 2 days

So I'm without any bandages. I'm starting to get itchy around the scarring area. The right boob hasn't settled like the left one. A few of the scab on the right one has come off.
Another thing I noticed is that at the base of the vertical scar on my left boob I can feel the implants round edge.
I think i may need to start putting healing tape on the vertical scars especially at the base. They look a bit Bunchy.

I've bought scar away tape and kelo-cote cream. They are on their way. Thanks to everyone who gave advice and help. So so helpful. Thanks again.

I have a pre-op with the surgeon on the 17th of March. I hope everything is fine when I see him.
I've posted below about pictures of the hole caused by undissolved sutures. I hope it heals over. I cut away the ones around the nipples and I couldn't reach the other ones at the start of the vertical scar. Any ideas ladies and gents?? Thanks in advanced. ??

2weeks 2 days

So the pictures didn't get posted.

2 weeks 2 days

2 weeks 2 days

3 weeks 2 days

Pictures to go with the post 3 weeks 2 days.

2wks 2day

3wks 2days

So finally I can post these pictures. Please read the 3 weeks 2 days post.

Taken yesterday.

Any help you all can give with combating the raised skin. I've ordered scar away tape and Kelocote cream. So helpfully that'll do the trick. Thanks everyone for reading and for giving feedback.

They are uneven

I don't know what's happened but my boob seems like it's lopsided. What do you guys think? I'm so worried about it. I don't know what to do or if they will settle. Oh dear. Help!!! Advice.

7weeks post op

Hi everyone.

I just want to post a few pics on her since my last break down :). Thanks guys for your support and kind words. It was so helpful

So ... I have pics as usual and I've stopped doing any hard work or lifting (even though it was minuit) I just wanted to see if I was over reacting and you guessed it I was for the most part. My boobs are fine and just settling in my body. They still look a bit off to me but I'll wait and see after 6 months.
I changed by bra and routine by being a bit gentle on myself. Taking it easy. It does help even though I'm 7weeks. I still get twitches, a little pain here and there and I can feel everything I lift. I still don't feel up to doing any exercise. I don't know when that will be. Hopefully soon. I'm gagging to do some yoga, climbing or a bit of running.
The healing is going better than expected. I bought both the scaraway tape and gel and I have to say the gel for me works better. I just don't feel like the tape does much. The downside of the gel is it takes to to dry and it goes fast. I think I need a new tube..
Anyhow on to the pics. Let me know what you think. Cheers for reading and see you in my next post.

10 weeks

Hi guys. I hope you're all healing well.
I have updates. So. I'm healing very well. Thanks god. The Kelocote has worked wonders. It dries faster than the scaraway.

Kinda bad news is my left boob dropped faster than my right by centimetres. Not more thank 5 though. I'm guessing. I saw my surgeon and he said that why my right boob seem smaller. He said it may have happened because I use my right hand more than my left. He also said I have to start massaging the right boob and pushing the implant down while I lift my breast tissue and that it may take months. Sigh. Oh dear. One thing after the other. I saw the nurses 2 or 3 times and they could have told me this before now. He said because the right one hasn't dropped yet it's made my left nipple look like its a different size than the left.
Anyone has any suggestions? It's really odd because other than pushing my boob down, which freaks me out, what else is there to do.
I don't know I hope it drops otherwise I'm gonna have to go back under the knife. I really don't want to do that.
I hope you guys have some advice. It'll come in handy even if it's a better massage routine.

Anyway thanks again.

16 weeks and 5 days post op

Hi all,

How's everyone doing? I'm doing well coping with everyday life and trying to get my right boob to drop.

So to be honest it has been really busy at work so I haven't been able to massage everyday. And the funny thing is some days they will look equal and as soon as I lift anything (without realising) when I would get home they'll be uneven. It's hard because I cannot avoid not doing daily things. I have no one else to do it for me.
Also the last time I saw the nurse she's like you don't have to do the massages everyday which is contrary to what the surgeon said. She also said maybe I was making a mole hill into a mountain. She could be right but I think I will do what the surgeon says.

So my boobs haven't quite even out yet but I will keep trying and remembering to massage and use the Kelocote gel.

I hope everyone is healing well. Continue to share your inspiring stories.

Have a good night.
London Plastic Surgeon

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