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My name is Sammie, I am 36 years old. I live in...

My name is Sammie, I am 36 years old. I live in Suffolk in the UK with my fiance and our 4 children. I have 3 boys who are 10, 4 and 3 years old and a little girl who has just turned 2, I had them all by C-Section. My first pregnancy i gained 5 stone (70lbs!!!) I went upto 18 stone (252lbs), I ended up having a C-Section as Joe was breech, secretly tho I prayed for a C-Section as I was so scared of having to give birth naturally....I got my wish!

I was 25 when I had Joe, I remember thinking after I had him why hadnt my stomach shrunk, why did I still look pregnant, I thought that when you was pregnant you could eat as much as you like, how wrong was I tho, I was basically obese! It took me a while but i managed to lose the weight and more, I got down to 9.5stone (133lbs) and i was so happy, but I was left with an awful stretch marked stomach with an unsightly overhang. Joes dad and I then split and we went through a messy divorce. I never thought i'd have any more children but then i met Justin my fiance and we had 3 children together in quite a short time frame! I had C-Sections with them all and my last baby was a girl, my family is now complete, but now my stomach is worse than ever.

I now weigh 155lbs and im 5'8 so I'm not really overweight but my stomach makes me feel obese, I hate it!
I had breast augmentation in 2006 as once i lost all my weight from my first pregnancy I was left with empty sacks for boobs, so I had them boosted to a E cup, i was thrilled with the results until I found out in Dec 2011 that I had the PIP implants, the ones that have been all over the news because instead of being filled with silicone they were filled with matress filler!!! Nice eh!!

Anyways i had them replaced and also had an uplift on the 6th Feb this year with the Surgeon that will be performing my TT - Adrian Richards.
I am happy with my results, but I do feel that I want a bit more clevage and also a higher profile implant so Mr Richards is going to do revision surgery at no extra cost at the same time as my TT, so double the pain!! Its 2 weeks today until I have this done and the nerves are starting to kick in, I really really want this but I really worry about the recovery with having 4 young children, I will have help for the first week at home but then I will have to deal with it by myself. My fiance works long hours and we have just had 2 weeks in Florida so theres no way he can take anymore time off, so ive just got to get on with it, I just hope everything goes to plan, ive been told its similar to a c-section and ive had 4 of them so I just hope its true!!!

If anyone has any tips to make my recovery quicker please share, would love to hear from you XX

13 Days til TT Woke up today starving, dunno...

13 Days til TT

Woke up today starving, dunno whats up with me but i'm trying to watch what i eat before the TT but I just wanna stuff my face with junk :o(
Nerves are defo kicking in tho, cant believe its only 13 days away arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Are there any suppliments anyone can suggest in having in for after my surgery, what about diet, obviously im not gonna pig out but is there anything i should avoid? xx

Well last night was a really shit night for me,...

Well last night was a really shit night for me, had major anxiety feelings. Thought i'd true to de-stress by having a lovely hot bath but of course there i just gathered my thoughts and started stressing even more.....Took me ages to fall asleep and when I did i woke up at 3am stomach still doing knots!
Dont get me wrong, i really want this but am so scared of being knocked out and not waking up, or getting an infection which would be a major setback, and then theres the kids, how am i gonna cope?? Just pray that i have a text book recovery and im back to my normal self in no time, heres wishing eh!!!

7 more sleeps......gulp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

Hi everyone, Well today was my last day at...

Hi everyone,

Well today was my last day at work, I work 3 x 5 hr shifts a week at a Doctors Surgery, which is enough for me with 4 young kids!
And its 4 more sleeps until D Day!!!
Came home to a letter from the Hospital to say i now have to be there for 11am Monday, it was 7am, so am a bit gutted about that as its more waiting around in the morning, not much I can do about it tho so looks like i'll be hitting the shops opposite the hotel my mum and I are staying at the night before.
Still really nervous about the whole thing but took some more pics this morning and know i am doing the right thing! Gonna go and get my waxing done tomorrow and my hair cut Saturday and pick up the last bits and pieces that i need for hospital then me and my mum are leaving on Sunday for the hotel and do a bit of shopping in the shopping centre opposite the hotel and then go to eat and maybe the cinema, will be nice to spend some time one on one with my mum, dont get to see her that often due to both of our work commitments and never get any one on one time as my kids are always with me, so will be really nice. Just hope she dont get majorly emotional on the day or the surgery as she will then set me off and we will both be a blubbering wreck! Need her to keep me in high spirits!!

Cannot wait til I am writing this blog and im all done and dusted and recovered and with any luck a flat perfect stomach! xx

Well today is the day am so blooming nervous!!...

Well today is the day am so blooming nervous!! Currently say in the hotel room with me mum, gotta be at the hospital for 11am, it's now 7.30am so gonna have a shower and have a quick look around the shops before we head off! Never been so nervous in my life! Please keep me in your prayers xx

Day 3 post op Well I'm alive and doing well!...

Day 3 post op

Well I'm alive and doing well! Sorry haven't been on to update my blog but have been majorly washed out with no energy to do anything!

the surgery day went like this......

Monday 6th August
Woke up at the hotel and had a shower whilst my mum went to breakfast, I was told not to eat anything from 5am that morning and nothing to drink after 9am.
Once my mum had finished breakfast we hit the shops when they opened at 9am as I didn't have to be at the hospital until 11am, so thought what better way to kill the nerves, shopping!!!
Bought a few bits and peices, got some new knickers and a top and a. We pair of pyjamas, couldn't forget the kids and bought them a little gift each to give them when I got home as by the time I do get home I'd have not seen them for 3 nights.
10.45am came and we left for the hospital, a lady came and showed me to my room and said a nurse would be with me shortly, and to unpack my stuff. The nurse came in and introduced herself, she was really nice and it was the same nurse that looked after me back in February when I had my pips removed and replaced, so that was nice a familiar face.
Anyways I asked what kinda time I would go down as was told on the phone it wld be about 12 noon, she said she doubt it would be then as there was 3 people in front of me and also his lunch break so would be around 4pm!! Great, so not only have I got to sit here crapping myself twiddling my thumbs, I've gotta sit here starving as hadn't eaten anything since 5pm the night before!
My dad was meant to come up at 4pm as that was the time roughly I was due to be out of surgery, so I had to call him and tell him what was going on, he said he couldn't come up the day after surgery as had meetings so he would still come now but see me before surgery rather than after which I thought was really nice.
4pm came and was still waiting around, the anaesthetist came and spoke to me about pain med options etc and he said he wanted to give me a spinal block so as when I woke up I'd be much more comfortable and the pain wouldn't be instant, it was either the spinal or have a morphine drip where I'd have instant pain but could manage with the pain with the drip.
I told him about my issues with the spinal where as my last 2 c-sections I had a bad reaction to it, where my whole body would it h like mad and would stay like that for a couple of days, which was bloody uncomfortable as your in pain and itching yourself red raw like your body is crawling with Insects, he said he would give me an anti histamine for the itching which would take it away, but it would be my choice, lots of pain and morphine or no pain and itching...... I chose the no pain and itching!!! Wish I didn't now tho as it was awful!
The anethatist gave me a Pre med of temazepam as with the wait and the talk of spinal blocks I was getting really worked up, I remember the spirals being quite uncomfortable with the c-sections and was really not looking forward to having to have one again, there were a few tears but my mum and dad tried to keep me smiling making jokes that maybe me nd mum should switch and she get on the table lol.
Got called down at 5pm, so nervous I was wheeled to the operating room, I lay on my side and the anethatist put the spinal in me, it was quite uncomfortable and there were a few little tears, I couldn't believe it was finally happening, I just wanted it all to be over now, I wanted to know I was safe, the last words I said to my anethatist was please make sure I don't die, a bit drastic but all I could think of was my poor babies.

Next thing I remember is waking up in my room with an oxygen mask on my face next to my mum, it was 9.50pm and I could hear the nurse saying to my mum that she had to go now as they lo led the doors at 10pm, I think my mum got quite upset as she said that I'd only just got back and she didn't want to leave me just yet, they was adamant she had to go as the doors would be locked! So that was that my mum kissed me goodbye and I drifted back off to sleep.
I woke at 12.30am and the nurse came in to check on me, she asked if I would like a drink and the dinner that I had ordered, she bought me a cup of tea a bowl of soup and a salad, I managed about 3 spoonfuls of soup and a bite of the chicken salad and a sip of tea then I fell back to sleep. I think I woke arou d 4am and my throat was so sore, I was boiling hot and my skin felt like it was crawling in insects, the itching had started!!! Great!!! I called the nurse and she bought me some anti histamines, some codeine and some paracetamol and turned the fan on full blast, I was then out for the count again.

Got woken up for breakfast around 7.30am I was bed bound as had a catheter in and also one drain, I managed a couple of mouthfuls of cereal and half a slice of toast, I was it itching like mad and had asked a nurse to pass my hair brush, with this I itched my skin red raw, it was awful and this went on for two days!
Mum came up to see me about 10am and stayed for a couple of hours but i was so tired that I told her to go have a look round the shops as was a really in e shopping centre and I just needed to sleep.
So mum did this and I just drifted in and out of sleep, the pain had started to come back after feeling totally numb, but I felt the most pain Nader my boobs, I was actually shocked how little my stomach did hurt, I thought I would be in agony! But it's my boobs that hurt the most.
Later the first full day they took my drain out and my catheter and said I would need to get up and try to go to the toilet, which I did Without any issues, the nurse actually commented how straight I was standing up and that I'm doing a lot better than most, the only bit I found uncomfortable was my boobs and felt the need to hold underneath them as I walked to the bathroom, it's still the same now, stomach is causing me no issues it's my boobs where the pain is, just hope it stays like that as I'm coping ok!

fast forward to yesterday where I was discharged and my mum drive me two hours home, that was an uncomfortable journey, felt every bump on the road which wasn't good, but was finally pleased to be home in my own bed with 100's of pillows and tea on tap!
Had a decent nights kip last night, propped up with lots of pillows and also pillows under my knees and have had my first BM today which didn't hurt at all, that god!

stomach still feels numb and when I touch it it doesn't seem like Im touching my stomach, weird, it's still very swollen especially around my hip area, but it's flat and my horrid tattoo has gone which is great, still have a few stretch marks but who cares at least I no longer have a hangover that I have to tuck into my jeans, and at least I don't have to bath in anymore! Ive been breathing in for years and it's gonna be weird not doing that!
Can't wait til the swelling has gone and I can hit the shops!!!!

Just added 3 pics post op, these were taken on day 3!

Just added 3 pics post op, these were taken on day 3!

Well today is day 8 Post Op, where has the time...

Well today is day 8 Post Op, where has the time gone??
Feeling soooo much better, boobs are causing me no pain at all, and stomach feels a bit tight now and again especially when im sat in the same position for too long.
Had my scar redressed yesterday, which was a fiasco in itself! Was supposed to go back to the hospital where i had the op, but its a 4 hour round trip so i asked if i could have the dressings done at a local BMI hospital, which they argreed to.
Anyways took the dressings with me for them to use but they took it upon themselves to use one of their plaster type dressings rather than the tape style, they actually wanted to leave it undressed but i was like wtf, i only had it done 7 days ago its still healing plus i have 4 little ones who bump into me from time to time so id like some protection, so she agreed and said to go back PO day 9 and she will take them off if the dressings are still clean!!! I called the PS nurse and she said NO that thats wrong and the reason she should have used the tape is because it doesnt stretch the scar, great eh! And she was shocked that she was going to take the dressings off! I ended up replacing the dressings myself last night as they were really pulling my skin, i was right to do so as they had already started irritating the sking around my incision!
So now i have to go back to the PS office tomorrow and she will clean, remove the stitches from my belly button which the other nurse should have done! and re dress.

Overall tho am really happy with my resuts so far, still lots of swelling, every day is getting easier tho with less pain.

Am wondering if anyone has any recomendations on a corset/body to wear rather than the one i have as its starting to rub on my hip bones and really annoying me and would like something a bit more lightweight

Thanks xx

I chose Mr Richards as I had my PIP replacement surgery with him and was very pleased with the experience. I found out about him as I saw him on a documentary on TV when the PIP scandal broke and he was talking about his findings etc and how he has never used the PIP implants and would never have used them as could tell they were a cheap product, he also said that he would cut his fees and help any women that had PIPs to remove/replace, whereas alot of other surgeons were upping their prices!

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