2 Days to D Day - High Wycombe, GB

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It's officially 2 days before the big day....

It's officially 2 days before the big day. Starting to get really nervous about the surgery, so thought I would start my journey on realself.

This website and the stories left by these amazing ladies is the reason why I am here today. Growing up with big boobs was the reality for me. By age 10 I was a cup size C. I still remember that sports day in year 2 wondering why my tatas were so much bigger than every other girl in the class.

Fast forward a few years, and before I knew it I was a size 34GG. Just on here trying to encourage and support anyone else thinking about the procedure. My surgeon is Adrian Richards from Aurora Clinics and I am really excited to see what Tuesday brings.

Some before pics for you :)

Surgery day

Evening guys, surgery went well!

The Shelburne hospital nurses have been great. Walked me through everything with ease from start to finish...

Was the first one of the day. Admission time was 7.15am, was dressed by 7.30am and then taken down to see the anesthesiologist by 8.30am. Surgery began shortly after that and I was in and out within 2.5 hours.

The whole process so far has been quick and easy... Nurse stated that the surgeon removed 700g from each breast! I was originally a size 34GG and told him I wanted to go down to a small respectable size D. Still swollen (obviously) but believe I've got what I wanted. He used absorbable stitches, so will not need to get them removed. My surgeon doesn't use drains. Bonus!

Staying over night and cannot shower for 4 days :(

Swollen and a little discomfort so far but overall so surprised I'm not in pain. It helps to go in with a positive attitude about the procedure and not read too many horror stories :-P not taken any other pain meds since the operation. But may take something before I sleep just to relieve the discomfort.

Have been taking Vitamin D, B and arnica pillules for a few days prior to surgery - which I should help with bruising. Have also had looooooads of Pineapple, this contains Bromelain which will also help me heal quicker, and hopefully protect against infections.

Post op appointment is scheduled for a week from now.. Where I believe tape will come off and they'll be able to see how I've healed. Any questions guys do let me know x

Adrian Richards So far so good. Consultation was great, looking forward to Tuesday. Hopefully I can get all of my questions answered, feel at ease and have a successful surgery.

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