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After 5 years of wishing I had nicer breasts I am...

After 5 years of wishing I had nicer breasts I am finally doing something about it. I used to have bigger breasts, but lost around 5 stone, and with that I lost most of my bust! I went from a DD to a small B. I hated wearing anything revealing, and stuck to high necks and heavily padded bras. Swimsuits/bikinis were out of the question, and I avoided exercising in public, only working out at home, as I look flat chested in my sports bras. Initially I opted to have a consultation with MyBreast (6 week wait time), however something didn't feel right. I felt I was being pushed into having something I didn't require - an uplift alongside implants. I was told it was only a slight increase in price, yet when I asked hoe much the surgeon refused to say, instead telling me I'd get a call the following day with costs. Well, i don't know about you but I don't class £1,700 extra as a slight increase! Considering I didn't need the uplift I felt really downs about the whole experience and being treated like a cash machine so I looked elsewhere. I found real self and Dr. Richards (whose reputation is so fantastic I knew I had to see what he thought). I managed to get a late availability appointment to see Dr. Richards that very same week - I felt a ray of hope again. The consultation with Dr. Richards was a million times better, I felt at ease, I wasn't pushed into anything, or sold anything I didn't need, I was treated like a person not a purse and what stuck with me the most was Dr. Richards warm and caring manner. He didn't need to ask me about me and what things. I enjoy, but he genuinely took an interest in me as a person, not just another patient to make money from (which is how I felt with MyBreast). I knew immediately that he was the surgeon for me so had no hesitation in booking my surgery that day. Incredibly, Lady Luck shone on me again and I managed to get a surgery date within less than a month and much closer to home (the london surgery day had only just been agreed which is why I was so lucky to get in so soon). Dr Richards normally operates in High Wycombe, but had one date planned for London, hence my luck! It's just over a week until my surgery and now I am that much closer I know for certain I made the right choice to get a 2nd consult and by choosing dr Richards.

4 week Post Op update

Im almost 4 weeks post op now. I wanted to give my body time to adjust before writing anything, however I remember each day clearly so have broken down my last 26 days to hopefully help anyone who is unsure decide if this is the right path for them.
Day 1 - day of surgery: I was second in the list for surgery. Due around 10am. I was admitted at 7am and not allowed to eat or drink anything ahead of the surgery. I was fairly relaxed until 9:45 when I started to become very nervous. just before 10 u was taken down to theatre, the anaesthetic going into my hand was quite painful, but within seconds I was out. I woke after surgery and had been put into my post surgical bra and sat upright in bed. I was allowed water, and was told everything went really well and that my breasts looked great. I then began to feel very sick which was an unfortunate side effect of the anaesthetic. Not everyone suffers, sadly I did. The sickness remained with me for around 5 hours, I tried to eat, but didn't manage much. Eventually the sickness eased and I was allowed to go home. I felt very swollen and my breasts looked huge! A lot bigger than I thought they'd be, but I knew that they would reduce once the swelling stopped. I. Bought myself a v-pillow and slept on my back that night. I slept well, mostly due to the painkillers meaning I couldn't feel a thing!
Day 2 - I felt so much better today, no longer was I nervous as I'd had the op, I had no sickness and I was generally feeling good. The only pain I experienced was struggling a bit to get up out of bed, however my partner helped me as much as he could.
Day 3 - I can shower today if I like, as long as I dry my tapes off. I chose not to as lifting my arms was hard. Not much pain today and sleeping on my back is hard as I am a front sleeper, but it's manageable (for now).
Day 4 - I decided that I had to wash my hair as I just felt disgusting; my partner washed my hair for me (my head bent over the bath). Having clean hair really improved how I felt.
Day 5 - the pain isn't that bad, just a bit achy here and there, however since the op I have been constipated. 5 days now without any bowel movement. This pain far surpasses any breast op related pain. I decided to go for a walk in the hope it will ease my blocked body! Sadly it didn't last long as I felt very fragile and scared being outside people don't pay attention (mostly glued to phones) and I was dodging them left, right and centre. I did not want to get elbowed in the chest!
Day 6 - I am suffering from constipation So bad,y by this point my belly is bulbous and quite painful. My chest on the other hand is fine. I decide to have a shower and give hair washing a go. I felt sick looking at my chest, I think it came as a bit of a shock, as I went under the muscle they looked really high and hard. I wondered if I'd made a mistake. Hair washing was hard, my boobs felt really heavy and like they were pulling every time I lifted my arms up.
Day 7 - I bought some fybogel to help move things along and ate all bran. Something has to help - I can't take the constipation much longer. Still sleeping ok. Right nipple has regained its feeling, but left is still numb. My right breast has dropped, but left is still high.
Day 8 - 1week check up! Tapes changed, scars are very neat and should heal well. I'm now to change my tapes at home and can drive! I tried driving, it was a little sore, mainly turning the wheel for a sharp corner or changing gear - my breast muscles tensed and felt like they were trying to squeeze and swallow the implants.
Day 9 - I've finished all my antibiotics and painkillers. Sleeping is becoming a lot harder. I am a front & side sleeper, sleeping on my back is a struggle. I wake in the night from pain caused by my body trying to turn onto its side. On the plus side the fybogel has worked and finally I am regular! The pain from this has gone and I no longer resemble a ball!
Day 10 - breasts are still firm and left one is still high, right one is great, but left won't play ball. Sleep is broken and like gold dust now. I miss sleeping through the night!
Day 11 - scars are achy and causing me some discomfort. It is mild, dull pain, but quite uncomfortable at times. Hardly any sleep again. I've successfully managed to shower though and it doesn't hurt lifting my arms, which is nice!
Day 12 - today was a good day. No pain, no constipation, and I slept finally. I No longer feel sick looking at my breasts. The right one looks great, just waiting on the left to join it!
Day 13 - no pain, but also not a lot of sleep again. I'm looking forward to this ending!
Day 14 - my last day off work - I try jumpers on in the hope they won't highlight the surgery. I managed to find one that will do for tomorrow, but going forward I will struggle unless my ,eat boob drops!
Day 15 - back to work. Driving again. Only a mild discomfort from changing gear. Otherwise pretty good. Every now and then my breasts would tense which felt weird. My left nipple is slowly waking up, but it's quite painful. Any movement makes it hurt.
Day 16 - my left boob has dropped a bit! Yay! Not fully in line with right, but it's getting there. I can now wear clothes without looking like an American football player! Still can't sleep through the night.
Days 17 - 21: no pain, left nipple still half asleep, scars looking good a still not getting a proper nights sleep.
Days 22-26 (present): left nipple is still half asleep. It's a bit painful, but not constant and is bearable. My boobs look great and I don't regret my decision one bit. Showering is fine, driving is fine, the on,y downside is not exercising. I'm feeling a bit chubby, but that's partly down to eating ice cream during Wimbledon. Off for a walk today, first day of slowly introducing light lower body exercise.
Further updates to follow!

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