28yrs Old, No Kids, Petite Frame, Athletic, 390cc Silicone Round Nagor Implants (Dual Plane) with Aurora, BMI Shelburne

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I have wanted a breast augmentation for as long as...

I have wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. I'm sporty and athletic and this has been my way of life since a child. As a result, I've always had significantly less breast tissue than many of my friends. Growing up this bothered me, a lot. Then at 17 I entered into a relationship with someone who only saw my personality when they looked at me. This boosted my confidence, but that new found confidence died when that relationship crumbled. Since then I have been in relationships with people who've been quite controlling, telling me not to have a breast enlargement for their own selfish reasons. Of course my family and friends love me just the way I am so haven't felt the need to encourage me to have a BA, but after years of feeling so self conscious (and now being with a partner who fully supports anything that makes me feel more positive about myself and happy in who I am) I finally decided have to take the leap.
I did my research. I did A LOT of research. When you're seeking something that's as perfect as you could possibly hope to achieve you're prepared to pay what it takes and definitely put the leg work into researching the best person for the job. I came across Mr Adrian Richards at Aurora Clinics as a result of all my hunting on the Internet and was very impressed. With the allure of a free consultation (which actually involves meeting with Mr Richards himself-most surgeries will offer free consultations but only with a rep) I booked in an appointment at their Princes Risborough clinic at the start of June. I met with Aggie and Adrian who were both very reassuring and gave me the confidence (answering all my questions with the right answers) to go ahead and book my surgery. The procedure is scheduled for 10th August and will cost me just over £5000, the top end of normal I'd say-but I'm confident it will be worth it. The surgery will take place at BMI Shelburne in High Wycombe.
In preparation for this I had my sizing today with Sinead who, like Aggie and Adrian, was flawless and incredibly helpful/knowledgable and supportive. I spent an hour with Sinead, trying various implant sizes. Although when I met with Adrian a sub muscular/dual plane implant was discussed I am apparently borderline for subglandular also, so I have between now and my surgery to make that decision. Though slightly more painful I may still go dual plane, so as to lower the risk of capsular contracture, but we will see.
I am currently at 34A and am hoping for a 34D. We started with a small 250cc (which looked awful) and ended up with a round, moderate profile 330cc Nagor implant. Wearing this sizer in my sports clothes made me feel very comfortable and I already feel that my confidence will sky rocket! I feel so more feminine! I have attached some before photos, taken today (excuse horrific tan lines) and images of the sizers in my tops to give you an idea. I had hoped for a larger implant size, but I am very narrow and trusted Sineads judgement. Fingers crossed it turns out as I've always dreamt of :-/
I have my pre op consultation on 30th and will post then about that experience. Until then, my 4 week countdown has just passed and after today I'm even more excited that I thought (if not slightly nervous!). Hope my story helps inform some of you who have always dreamt of having an increased confidence in how comfortable you feel in your own skin...watch this space :)

Another day, another sizing, another mind change!

Although I was happy with all the support Sinead gave me when I had my sizing back in mid-July, I had a bit of a meltdown surrounding the fact I'd not actually tried a high profile implant in for size, so had no reference as to whether I should really be aiming for medium or high. Stupid I know, but I just got caught up in the moment I think! I called up a couple of weeks ago and Aurora were very accommodating (you are never made to feel like you can't go and see them any time you want, which is reassuring) in scheduling another sizing for me. Sinead wasn't available so an appointment was made with Aggie, who I met at my initial consultation and who will be in my surgery with Mr Richards, so it made sense to see her. Low and behold, I've changed my mind! After my sizing (see attached photos-in same top to give a reference point for how the moderate profile looked) I have decided on 390cc high profile. It's hard, I want to be a very full D cup, but going under the muscle and having such a narrow rib cage is limiting (and annoying!) me! Aggie ordered a 360cc and a 390cc, with a note that I should have the larger implant inserted if it is safe to do so, I refuse to end up with a monoboob just for the sake of an extra 30cc! So the decision is made and I'm now just 10 days or so away, eek! I've been showering with a tea tree shower gel to lower my antibacteria on my skin surrounding where the incisions will be and as of today have started massaging bio oil onto each breast to reduce the risk of stretch marks. Just over a week to go and I can't wait!

24 hours to go!

Well tomorrow is the day...I can't believe it's finally here! Irritatingly my admission time has been changed from 10am to 11:45, another 2 hours of anxiously waiting to add to my already over-heightened nerves. I've been massaging bio oil in twice daily ever since I last met with Aggie, to try and make the skin as supple as possible so that I can successfully fit my desired implant with minimal/no stretch marks, and have been washing with a tea tree body wash/applying tea tree ointment to the area in order to minimize bacteria on the skin. Will update again tomorrow and then hopefully post surgery, if I'm feeling human enough! X

Day of surgery...less than an hour

Arrived at BMI Shelburne at 11:45 and was greeted by the nurse who took all my obs/asked all necessary questions etc...Mr Richards and Aggie came down at about 12:30 to draw all over me and confirm size and placement of implants, then the consultant anesthetist popped in and did his bit. Not going down until 3pm so it's just a waiting game now! Really wish I'd been earlier, though luckily anxiety has made me pretty sleepy already! My sister came with me and she'll tag team with my partner when he's done with work, so hopefully won't be on my own for too long if at all. Have attached a few more before shots which I hope to later compare with my new look! Thanks for all the good luck wishes ladies and update later/tomorrow if I feel human enough! X

Done and dusted!

Was collected at 3:15 and was in surgery and out for the count by 3:30. Remember waking up in recovery at 4:50, lay there until about 5:30 after I'd woken up a bit and had a drink and then was back to the ward. The pain was more like a pressure in my chest, but manageable. I've never had a GA before so I was knew to this too. Didn't like the numb feeling in my arms and legs but feeling soon came back, as did more stiffness in my chest. As I was late to go down it was dinner time and eating was an interesting (and uncomfortable) experience. Thank god for my sister passing me things and sorting my tray out! There's no way around it, going under the muscle is uncomfortable and the tightness/ache across the chest makes doing things hard, getting up and picking things up etc...but pain relief helps. My partner arrived and instantly cheered me up and have had quite a pleasent eve watching a movie. Last pain relief at 10:30 when the bf left, and I cried :(. Lovely room but I'm a baby who hates being left alone! Am comfortable now and hope I can sleep. Took some pretty rubbish photos but don't have energy for much else! Will update more tomorrow/in the next couple of days x

Day 1

Slept pretty well, all things considered. I didn't get to sleep for a while, not because of the pain but because I had too much energy! Only woke up once in the night to use the bathroom, nothing to do with pain. I did wake up in a bit of discomfort, more so in my right side, which I'm assuming took more of a battering as its my stronger side (Aggie told me my muscles were very strong and hard to get an implant into!). I've been taking regular pain relief all day and have been absolutely fine, slightly stiff and uncomfortable but nothing to complain about. Haven't felt the need to sleep, if anything I've been up for most of the day! The only annoying part of today was my late discharge time. Due to delays in pharmacy I wasn't discharged until gone 12. Took some photos when I got home and, apart from upper pole swelling which makes them look slightly rectangular, I think they look pretty good. I'm sure that tomorrow/day 3 are the last two days the pain could get worse but I'm hoping that my health and fitness levels are what are helping me recover almost pain free :) Will post day 2 update tomorrow x

Day 2

Hardly slept, but not because of pain, why do I have so much energy?! Taking pain killers regularly just incase but have almost no pain. Still slightly uneasy and hard to move my arms to do certain things, but so far so good! Right is still tighter, sitting higher and slightly more swollen, but left already looks as if it's starting to drop and soften (even if only minimally!) Everything looks good, incisions look clean and neat through the tape. Following my instructions and waiting until my follow up until I can remove the bra and see them properly for the first time!

Days 3 & 4

Reviews are getting shorter as my symptoms continue to vanish! Yesterday was slightly tougher, I was tighter in my chest and struggled a little more with tasks. Went out for coffee with a friend and was pretty tired when I got home, but all in all still pretty good. Today (Day 4) is soooo much better. No pain, slight stiffness and lack of movement but absolutely nothing like I expected. They are still both high and tight but they are even and I'm extremely happy, just impatient for them to start to drop and soften! Have attached photos from today, am going to keep taking the paracetemol and naproxin until my doseage runs out but I haven't needed any of the prescribed codeine which in pleased about. Now if only this bloating would go away! X

Before and Day 4

Quick 2 week update

Just posting a small update on my progress. All in all, everything's been a breeze! I still feel that each breast is high and tight, but that's to be expected. I'm excited for them to drop and fluff and see how soft they become. They are definitively beginning the process as initially there was a very stiff gap between the two but now I'm able to almost achieve a cleavage if I push them together. My 1 week PO with Sinead went well and she was very pleased with them (apparently she expected me to still be in agony due to their size and placement, so was amazed is driven myself there and was pain free!) I've bought a sports bra from M&S to wear alongside the surgical bra. It's a 32DD! Not the D I was expecting but I know this will change...however Sinead warned me that due to me having such a narrow chest wall I may end up an E! :-/ We will see. I changed the tapes myself for the first time on Saturday and had a bit of a shock when the left incision scab came off with it. Made me feel a bit queasy as there was still a partially open wound under the tape, albeit a nice, small, clean incision. Retaped it and will see how it is when I change them again tomorrow. Anyone else have this problem at 12 days PO though? Posting a couple of progress pics, may post more later if I find the time as back to work today :( x


Just wanted to upload some photos of my scars 2 weeks PO. The one on the right is amazing in my opinion, the scab came off this one upon changing but only to reveal a neat and closed wound. If anything I'm slightly bothered that they don't follow the crease, indeed they aren't parallel with my breasts, but that's being picky. Hopefully they'll fade completely when I'm able to slather them in bio oil! The right one looks good considering it was still an open wound on Saturday and bled when the scab came off. A small scab came off this time too but it's looking pretty good all things considered.

32/34A to a 30F??!

Sorry for not updating in a while girls. There hasn't been an awful lot to report! Everything has healed really well, no unusual pain and things have started to stop (albeit slowly as they are dual plane). They are now softer and not sitting under my chin, I'll be 5 weeks PO tomorrow. I am not 100% happy, but that's just because I'm fussy and becoming impatient! They are currently sitting wider than I would like, I would say there is a decent 2 inches between them and I feel this makes them look fake with my bra off, but that only really affects myself and my boyfriend (not that he really cares!). I called Sinead to discuss and she said it was still wayyyy too early to worry, they wouldn't settle there and would continue to move inward as they drop. I also mentioned that I have a mondors cord under each breast :( This really sucks. They aren't painful or particularly noticeable (I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who can see them, with my arms up...looking really really closely) but off the back of this she moved my follow up apt from the 30th (7.5 weeks PO) to this Wednesday (5.5 weeks PO) which is good. I'm looking forward to seeing Mr Richards and having some reassurance about how they're doing. All in all. I'm so happy and can't remember my old boobs at all, not that I had any! They are symmetrical and a tiny issue I had with my left nipple being mildly inverted has been completely cured by the augmentation! Killing 2 birds with 1 stone :). Attached are a couple of up to date piccys. Still with the tape on (the last stitch pulled out yesterday!)
However....I went for a sizing yesterday, at a Debenhams, just out of interest. The outcome? A 30F??!!! Wtf?! I mean, from an A to an F?! I'm really a 28 back, but they're pretty much impossible to find, so annoying. My main concern is the cup size though, not overly convinced I believe the woman honestly. Plan on going into my town nearer home and going to about 4 places to try and get an average! Either way, I don't think I'm smaller than an E...a shock! I hope they don't grow more as they continue to fluff :-/. Hey ho, will keep the updates coming after Wednesday x

Before and after

Before surgery and 5 weeks PO

Revision surgery :(

So I've been absent from this post for the past few months as I've been battling to get the end results I so hoped for. I've massaged like mad but am left with no choice, I have a revision booked for 4th January. My implants were dual plane and as a result have sat wide and given me an unnatural amount of side boob; I'm not a fan of the fake look. Issue number 2 is that my right pectoral muscle turned out to be strong. Really strong. Stronger than my right. As a result this breast is now assymetrical to the left, it's held wider and sits flatter having not dropped and fluffed as much. Such a shame, I started with nearly symmetrical breasts and ended up looking like this, but to a certain extent this couldn't have been predicted. I visited Adrian and Aggie again on Wednesday and it was decided that the implants would be moved to a sub glandular placement to address these issues. Roll on 4th January and the overs club x

All staff have been exceptional so far!

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