32 Yrs, 3 Kids, Breast Reduction in 1, Uplift in Both, Liposuction, Flanks, Inner and Outer Thigh - London, GB

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I'm finally going in for surgery today. As you...

I'm finally going in for surgery today. As you can see I have a difference in my boob size. 2 cup sizes to be precise!! I'm not going to blame the sagginess on the kids, they have got worse but I've always had saggy boobs so over the moon that I can finally get them sorted. I am very nervous about the final result as I want to be able to wear cute tops but they will be what they will be I guess!!

Moving onto the lipo, I'm getting my flanks, inner and outer thighs done, even when I was small (size 6) I still had these stubborn fat areas that I couldn't shift so very happy to get this done. I can't believe I'm going to put photos up, I wouldn't even go in a bikini on the beach, but hopefully the results will make me more confident!!

4 hours post op

So I'm out and in that amazing sleepy stage. By the very little glimpse I've seen so far, I think I love my new boobs, they aren't as small as I was expecting but that's the swelling and I'm very happy with the size. I can't take any pictures of the lipo but here are the first boob ones. I'm not in any pain right now, and the nurses here are so far exceptional.

Day 1 post op

I'm just getting ready to leave the hospital and so far I couldn't be happier, I think they ended up taking 100ml (or whatever measure is) from my right boob, and 800ml from the 3 areas of lipo. They used the smallest cannula due to my size and they classed it more as body sculpting rather than lipo as they were just making me a nicer shape not reducing my size. Flank pics only as no one wants to see a full frontal, can't get pants on yet! ????

2 days post op

I've taken it easy again today, unfortunately can't take anymore photos of my boobs as they are all bandaged up, but will change the dressings myself tomorrow as the dried blood has made them very hard and I don't want the scab to heal onto it and take the whole lot off when the bandages come off. I would ask to take home some spare bandages from the hospital if anyone is going in soon as they are not really off the shelf items. I've ordered some. The lipo bruising is coming out now and I can see a little difference. The pain isn't bad at all, just tender, and I'm just nervous around the kids as they are too young to understand to not climb all over me! Husband is being amazing though and handling everything! Here are a few pics...

4 days post op

I'm not taking any painkillers now, as they I don't think they were really necessary as it really wasn't painful at all. However I am numb in all the places where I had surgery. I didn't know this would happen and I've ready it could take months to return. Hopefully it does as its a really horrible feeling, like when your arm goes numb and the feeling just starts to come back, the skin is very sensitive. I don't get the bandages off till Monday but keep taking my bra off for a sneaky peek!

1 week post op

I've just my post op assessment and got all my questions answered. As you can see the left is still bigger but I'm ok with that, i have a lot of bruising and swelling, but the scarring seems to be coming on well.

6 weeks post op

I'm now 6 weeks post off and I'm so happy with the results. I started doing all the things I was doing after 2 weeks, lifting my kids, driving, washing clothes, walking (long walks). I know they are a little different in size still but I'm really not bothered as my confidence has increased so much since having them done I'm just over the moon.

7 months later....

It's now been 7 months since my operation and I am over the moon with the results. I can now wear any top I like with or without a bra, and just knowing that they look nice in general just makes me feel so much more confident.
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