Mcadoo Lab Work and Pre Op - Hialeah, FL

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So everybody at encore is really nice. I came in...

So everybody at encore is really nice. I came in for the first time today and did my labs and tomorrow I will get the results. Hopefully Everything is ok. I'm 5 2 and I weigh 124. I just want a flat flat stomach and rounder fuller butt. I purchased a garment from encore and I really like it. I want to know if I absolutely need the foams and board tho??? I didn't get to talk to the doctor today to ask him stuff but they said I can just come in the day of my procedure (April 9th) and talk to him about all my concerns then.

Post op day 1 mcadoo bbl

My butt and stomach is so sore!!! But I look great. I just took some percocets so it's not that bad but it still hurt like a mf. I'm peeing in a cup and just dumping it in the toilet because I didn't get one of those pee like boy tube thing. The doctor was really nice and asked me what kind of fruit I wanted my butt and hips to look like. He said apple, pear, or orange. I picked orange.
How long am I going to be sore for?? And what do I do to heal fast? I didn't get the recovery room. I'm staying at a hotel with my person and they are taking really good care of me. Whoever you take with you has to have a lot of patience. But yea I didn't get the package with recovery room and massages and garment. Although the I did purchase a garment from encore. I need to get another because this is dirty and bloody now. And my mom is a masseuse so I'm good. I don't think I'm suppose to do the massage til tomorrow so I'm just gonna sleep and watch tv and eat and pee all day. I want to see myself naked. I'm not going to take this garment off til I get alcohol to clean the wounds.

3 day post op

Ok so I feel alooooot better. I stopped taking the percocets because it was making me sick. Like I kept throwing up everything that I consumed. So I'm only taking the antibiotics. I plan on going to a doctor to remove my drains but I hope they numb it because I just don't want to be in pain no more. At all. And I was going to get ibuprofen or something like that but then I smoked and felt a lot better so I don't think I need ibuprofen. So I been blowing down but with all natural hemp paper so it's not tobacco or anything that will have a bad effect on you. It's called raw hemp paper. Anyway I have a lot of aloe in my garden so I will use that on my wounds and skin to heal it fast. I think that aloe is better than anything in the store because it's natural. I'm all about naturalness lol except for the fact that I just got a bbl.

It's just that ever since I had my son a couple years ago I went thru postpartum depression and I got really insecure and depressed and i hated my stomach and I just wanted a flat stomach and I did research and found out I can get a flat stomach annnd a bigger butt too so I was like ok let's do this .. U know? So I did it. But now I just feel like well idk how I feel because this is what I wanted to do for myself .. but my dad has been talking so much shit. Maybe because he's taking care of me and I'm basically kinda handicap right now. Idk but what do I say to people now? Because my butt is obviously bigger. Lol idk I'll just go with the flow.

And my butt is gonna get smaller right? Because it is huge girl like let me tell you!! Lol seriously tho it is big. I didn't really want it this big.. He did a good job and everything but it's just huge. But I think I'm just swollen? Idk talk to me booty-heads!! I'll answer questions send u pics or whatever. I just don't even know if I would recommend this to anybody because it fuckin hurt so bad. I just can't wait to recover and lay and sit however I want.

How am I suppose to sleep after bbl?

Like my neck really hurts. I keep having bad dreams and it's not that bad but it's borderline nightmare. I'm all about positive vibes idk why I keep having bad dreams? But anyway my neck hurts .. What do I do? How do y'all sleep?
I want to turn over and sleep on my back or side so bad. Lol waah I'm being a baby lol but someone please help! My neck is killing me.

Questions ? More pics? Ask me!

And question:
If I lose weight or gain weight my butt would just get bigger or smaller right? Does that make sense?


I know I chose to do this procedure and I'm happy with the results and all but I don't want everyone to get it twisted. I didn't want to want to get this done. I wish I didn't want to change myself. I wish I just loved myself the way I was. Everybody always said "you look great! You don't need surgery. Like what are you thinking?" And I had my mind set on doing what I can to make myself happy. I didn't see myself from their perspective. I see what's in the mirror and I did not like what i saw. So I understand. We suffer from insecurities because we too often compare ourselves with each other and celebrities and shit. The media put shit out there for us to see so that we think we need to look like that or have what they have on tv but it's not right. I just don't want you guys to think I support this. Every women and everybody is beautiful. You have to love yourself. Im not going to tell girls like "oh if you want to get this or this done to your body or face then go ahead. Do what makes you happy." Like of course do what makes you happy. But you should already be happy. Love yourself. Love God. Jah. The most high.

Plus now I feel like everybody is going to look at my ass and not my heart. You know?? My butt is big but my heart is huge.

Anyway I'm here to help. I know you may read this and be like " well I still want it done I want to see pics" lol so go ahead and ask me questions or whatever.



My butt need to go down because I'm sick of looking at this huge ass ass lol I was not expecting this. I just wanted more fullness and round. This may be a little too big for my liking but they say it's going to go down so I guess I just need to be patient.
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The staff was very nice

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