From Dr.O and was asked to chang to Dr Mcadoo

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My goals are to have the perfect hourglass shape....

My goals are to have the perfect hourglass shape. I'm not huge, but I am not skinny. However my gut could use some work. A little more ass couldn't hurt. I have ass but to plump it up would be nice. I was originally scheduled with Dr. Omulepu but was forced to change to Mcadoo literally 3 days before my procedure. ENCORE's STAFF SUCK. They desperately need new management after they get your money they could care less about anything else.

I feel better after talking with Karina at Encore

So Karina reassured me that no matter what I will be fine and that Mcadoo is a great surgeon. So let's pray. I want this but not if isn't gonna be what I want.


okay so I've been reading tons of people sit here and cry/complain about how their body didn't come out the way they wanted to and etc yadda yadda after surgery but then ill see them post all this unhealthy food. you can't expect rising results while doing the same thing you were doing prior to getting surgery. Because that's how you got there in the first place. You can't get rid of all the fat and then all 3 months post op eat terrible and expect it to get better. NO it doesn't work that way. Have you no common sense ?

USE HIBICLENS AND BETADINE to clean incision sites

I was told not to use dial soap to clean incision areas where the stitches will be because you can give yourself infections and possibly even staph because it's a deodorant soap. So using BETADINE (or the generic brand) to it help but I hear HIBICLENS is the best. Hope this helps you ladies. I also bought cotton rounds as well as Gatorade and pineapple juice. The Gatorade will help with dehydration and pineapple juice helps with inflammation. Good luck ladies.

This pain is no joke

Prepare yourself. Not only does it feel like you got hit by a truck, without the pain medicine you can't function. I won't lie I cried like a baby :(. But I will say with my garment on my shape is looking fabulous. My original weight was 162lbs, I already see everything forming. Can't wait for the swallowing to go down. MacDoo may have just snatched my waist, on the contrary to all the other negative reviews. Tomorrow is post op I get to see my body with out the garment. I will try to keep you guys posted in between naps, toodles.

Few photos of my 1 day post op

I'm excited to see the final result. Ask whatever questions you need. They forgot to put in the foams and board that I paid for, so I'll ask about that tomorrow. Other than the unexplainable bruise on my chest, neck and arm pain I'm experiencing I'm okay. This isn't a walk in the park. I'm sore, my drain fills up every other hour and the constant urinating. But I know it'll be worth it. Just me sure to eat vegan the first 3 months. Or eat soup. Nothing heavy. Take the antibiotics as prescribed and just take care of you're self. .


Sleep hasn't been great. I sleep every few hours and then I'm up again. and I'm dying to obtain a good 6 hours of sleep.

Today is day 3 post op. Got it done Monday afternoon/evening

I finally slept last night. It's been rough but the pain died get better by the day. you just have to tell yourself it was worth it.
So let's discuss how RUDE the anesthesiologist is. She was pure arrogant and acted like I owed her something. I've always had difficult beings to find but people that KNOW what they are doing don't have to poke you 2 and 3 times and then rudely tell you "this is an elective surgery" upset with tears running down my face I turned into my mean alter ego and I had to let her know that OBVIOUSLY this is elective but if she knew how to do her job I would be getting poked so much and that I wouldn't be Feeling so much discomfort. as for the post op check up, it was speedy and straight to the point. I didn't wait hours like how I did for surgery. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Trouble doing number 2 and a few other things

So I've have trouble doing number 2 and it took me 4 days and a whole bottle of magnesium citrate to get the job done. It was ridiculous. I was running a fever and all but I finally did it. I do know that it's the anesthesia, antibiotics and pain medications that prevent this essential need. But I had to get it done or I would've have to go to the emergency room being that it could've been toxic since I just had surgery. Anyway. I love how my body is slowing starting to show more and more shape. The swelling is going down and my butt is softening day by day. But that tight swelling pain is no joke. I didn't get anything put into my hips, thighs being that I already had enough. McAdoo only recommended filling in my butt since the rest of my waist and etc would be nice and flat. So far so good. He knows what he's doing. Don't let people steer you wrong. They probably didn't follow directions about cleaning wounds or what you should be eating and how you should sleep like he advised and ended up with this those unwanted results. I've listened to everything he told me to do except for the laying on my back with 2 air mattresses because that shit was not gonna work and I was literally sinking in and screaming out in pain. I sleep on my stomach with a ginormous pillow that's from my couch propped up until about my mid thigh area and I sleep comfortable like that with a fan on me and the AC on 74 so if in any case I'm sweating it won't irritate my stitches. Just be gentle. Take your meds on time. Including pain meds so you're not uncomfortable and can actually sleep. I hope this helps babies. Happy healing! Xoxo sameolgee

First massage today

Had my first massage today. I took medication to help me out but it definitely was worth it. I feel like myself again. She loosened me up and my skin looks better and with the drainage my tummy looks flatter. I go back for my second one tomorrow after I get my drain removed

Best part about recovery

The best part about recovery time was REMOVING MY DRAIN. I got it removed today and although it hurt and burned like hell coming out, I can't begin to describe how much better I felt once it was out. It's hard to describe but my body feels so much better and at ease. They said it takes 2-3 days until it heals. My favorite girl Yani that took the drain out was so gentle and made sure I was comfortable.

I'm healing beautifully

Here's an updated photo. Today was the first day I got up for a few hours and didn't feel like I was gonna pass out. I've been so tired and drained since I barely sleep at night.

Mcadoo is supposed to be my surgeon. I've written emails and tried to get in contact with him but with no luck on responses. He doesn't have many before and after's. So I've scrounged up on whatever reviews and photos I've found here. (Which aren't very detailed at all) People seem to say he's really sweet and isn't rude and that they love their body after the swelling. Which is a plus. However some say that their body goes back to the before. Hope he can give me the body I want.

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