BBL by Dr McAdoo Coming 7/12/16 - Hialeah, FL

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So I had to create a new account my old one wasn't...

So I had to create a new account my old one wasn't updating...I'm excited to get my new body I've been stalking RS for about 6 mns... I will be having my surgery by Dr. McAdoo July 12th I go in on July 11th for my consultation I've already done my blood work with my own doctor and had it faxed in to vanity they called me today to tell me all my blood work is good and I'm ready to go I've ssen reviews saying bad things about Vanity but my whole experience has been smooth and Angie is my PC and she's been great ! Going to post before and wish pics but withd tattoos marked off

Before pics

Love handles have got to go !!! I downloaded a plastic surgery simulator app and took my waist it which made my hips appear rounder but In real life it won't be that easy I'll definitely need a fat transfer to the hips to round them out..and I had to block out my tattoos in general I'm a very private person and not at all ashamed of getting surgery I'm definitely all for it and feel you have to do whatever to make yourself feel beautiful and happy if that's what floats ur boat !

Items purchased so Far

So far I've purchased these items not sure if there necessary but from what I've gathered stalking on here these look important lol

OMG my fear is getting real

I'm super excited and scared its 18 days away from consult and 19 away from surgery but I can't sleep and when I think about my heart beats sooooo fast omg I'm super scared of death or pain ... But I know it will all end up ok if I didn't have confidence in Dr. McAdoo I would of found someone else or not done it at all..Nerves are totally kicking in though

7-11-16 sx $20 lipo foam for back

I accidentally purchased an extra lipo foam board for my back if anyone is having surgery the same day as me JULY 12th 2016 and is interested in buying this you can have it for $20 I paid $30 but rather than sending it back If any of you girls are interested just let me know and I'll keep it and bring it along for you!


So I cancelled with Dr James MCADOO . I was paid in full and currently waiting on my refund. My coordinator Angie has still been good about it I had to submit my refund request to I guess an outside company who does not have a contact phone number for you to physically speak to them but I submitted my request through email and was told I'll receive it in approximately 4 weeks so I should have it back by August 8th being I submitted request on July 1st. So fingers crossed all goes smoothly . I've read many bad things about refunds and people needing to get lawyers involved but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and praying they keep there word

Refund from Vanity

So has anyone actually received a refund from vanity? I've been waiting now over 4 weeks as they told me I would receive it in 4 weeks. I'm getting really upset thinking that there playing with my money.. Any suggestions?
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