23 Year Old Vaser Lipo on Flanks, Upper, and Lower Abs - Henderson, NV

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Hi everyone, as you can see I am new to this site....

Hi everyone, as you can see I am new to this site. I have been looking into lipo for about 4 years now on my midsection. Though i do need to work on all parts of my body more, these areas are the parts that seem to never go away. I was offered a great deal on Vaser lipo if I was wiling to be the surgeon's model for a demo. I couldn't pass up the offer as it almost made it seem as it was a sign for me! I have been told that my stomach will probable have a bit loose skin but since I am young it should spring back. I figure anything is better than where I am at now!

Less than 4 days away

Its less than four days away.. and i think that i have gotten sick. I went into the office yesterday to pay my balance and asked the MA's what to do. They insisted that it was probably allergies due to the wind we have been having lately and told me to take some allergy medicine and call back tomorrow letting them know how i feel. I took the medicine yesterday and today but unfortunately I'm feeling worse today. It is mainly in my cough and chest but they told me we can't have any kind of cold. I am hoping a miracle will happen by tomorrow but most likely i will have to call and break the news. I wonder what is going to happen :( Also, since everything has been happening so fast i have been really afraid of surgery complications. I know that is a bit silly of me to be so scared and should be more excited than anything. Has anyone else been super super scared going into surgery? I trust in my doctors and do not worry about their part I'm just afraid that something bad could happen on my part like a blood clot. Im not sure if it is because this is my first surgery but I'm kinda freaking out, especially with this cold! :( I have decided to post my before pictures today! First time I'm showing anyone my body outside the office.

tomorrow is the day!

It is crazy to think that in 24 hours i will already be at the office starting my procedure. The surgeon assistant called me yesterday and said i was good to go as long as i do not have a fever! Im finally starting to be a little less nervous and a little emote excited! :) i went on a four day weekend getaway to calirfornia to relax a little before the trip. Ill be heading home in a few hours and before i know it will be tomorrow! Unfortunately i got sunburned out here so I'm interested in seeing how that will feel with a garment over it hahah. I still feel so underprepared, I just do not know what to get! I started my arnica pils yesterday and the antibiotics the day before in case i was sick! well ill keep you guys updated!

Post op day one!

Hey everyone! I was trying to post yesterday but was pretty out of it. I was surprised how I was less nervous in the morning than I was all week prior.The surgery went really well! I was asleep for half of and listening to music for the other half. The numbing part was probably the most painful but it was tolerable. The actual liposuction only had certain parts where I had sharp pain but I told the doctor and he would stop working on that area. He removed 4.5 liters of fat! Did even did my bra bulge for free! Which I was so happy because I wanted to do it originally but couldn't afford it all. He said everything went great and that I did amazing! :) I decided I would stay at my parents house all week so they could take care of me. Once I got home I was pretty grumpy and out of it. I slept most of the day but tried to get up and walk around as much as I could, probably should've walked a bit more. I was in a lot of pain all day and night. It's not really pain pain but as if you are incredibly incredibly sore, a sore that is beyond after a workout sore. Getting up and sitting up is extremely difficult. I think because I has the front and back done it is extra hard for me because I can't use any of my muscles to lift. Getting on the toilet is still really hard. You guys were not kidding that there is a lot a lot of leaking! It's gone down a bit today but it was so bad yesterday. I later a towel over my seat in my car and still completely leaked through it. I got a but nauseous, light headed and shaken last night. My vision got a bit blurry and I started to get scared because I was leaking blood red instead of pink. I decided to call Bambi the medical assistant around 3 am to make sure that it was normal. She said everything besides the blurred vision was so to keep an eye on if. I felt so so bad calling her that late but as I told you guys earlier, I am a worry wart. She is so sweet and helpful. The entire staff is incredible they all genuinely care for you and make me feel so comfortable. anyways I have been having a difficult time switching out my pads because I have a compression garment and binder on! Let me tell you, it is no fun!! I am going to take my first shower soon, I have been procrastinating it because I am quite scared of taking everything off. Well I will post a little later today or tomorrow to keep you updated!

day 1 post op

i am so sore today, it is incredibly difficult for me to sit up, get up, lay down and get on the toilet. i have needing assistance all day. netflix and a reclining chair have been my best friends. i am posting some pics of what i look like today. Also, my shower was amazing! had to have my mom help me though.

Day 2 post op

I don't know how people say they go back to work 2-3 days post op because today has been the worst for me. I'm so so sore and tingling. My back feels really numb and tingly that switching sides to lay on is a thirty minute task. I hope the numbness goes away soon! I have been sleeping and laying a lot so far today. I took a little walk to get things moving around 10. Sleeping isn't hard it's the waking up part that's difficult. The pain killers are worn off by that point and your body is so used to being one position that it is tingling all over when you try to move. I have classes tomorrow but I'm going to have to email my professors letting them know I won't be coming. My follow up is on Friday and then Saturday is suppose to be my first day back to work hope I feel better by then!

Still sore

Ughhh I am so sore today. Does anyone have recommendations of how to sleep? Anyway I position myself I wake up tingly and can't move. My lower back seems to be the most numb, I can barely feel it, is that normal? I'm starting to get really itchy, this garment thing is gonna suck!

5 days out

Hi guys! Yesterday I got to see the doc for my first post op. He said everything looks amazing! :) he said I could start working out again this week but suggests not too yet so I will wait. Today was the first of a lot for me. It was the first time I washed my hair after surgery, first time I went back to work, and first time I did self massages. dr. Sohn wants me to massage the areas 2-3 time a day. I tried massaging but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly, it kind of feels a bit odd. He said to rub out any hard balls but I don't really feel any. Anyone have tips on how to properly massage the areas? I'm hoping to have my mom try and see if she does any better. Don't think much has changed since last pics but I'll post some anyways.

9 days out

I have been in so much pain lately. I feel as though my massages have been causing more harm than good. The areas where i have been feeling hardness or lumps have gotten bigger and more sensitive. My lower back has been aching so bad lately. I have been trying different ways to sleep, thinking to elevate my feet more to help with back pain.I find myself walking like hunchback. I have been going back and forth from my compression garment and binder. I wear the garment more because i feel that it is tighter and theres are less marks on me after but the binder is much more comfortable. I worry i am massaging incorrectly or went back to work too soon. I called the office today to ask if it was normal and they said it was and to massage more. I have been noticing a dent on my left hip which is extremely tender and today it looks worse. I am not sure if its swelling or extra fluid or what not. I think i am going to call again tomorrow and ask if the doc can see me just to check it out. Its that time of the month for me.. and i have been very emotional the past few days from the pain :( Hope everything is okay. I am looking into getting a therapist to do a LDM, thinking maybe that will help. BTW pleaseeeee make sure to use stool softeners.. trust me on this! I had a horrible experience yesterday!

almost 2 weeks

It has almost been two weeks since surgery! I decided to call the office in regards to my dent the other day. All the girls were so sweet and understanding and lori the nurse insisted for me to come in to feel at peace with it. I came in and she took the time to look at it as well as try to take any fluid out. She insisted that it was just swelling and was normal. She also got Dr. Sohn to take a look at it as well. He said everything looks really good and that it is just normal swelling. They really made me feel at peace i am so happy i went in. I got stronger pain killers which has been very helpful this busy week. Cant wait for the swelling to go down and to be out of this garment!

5 weeks post op

Hey guys i am sorry i haven't posted in awhile. When i saw the doc last he sad every thing looks good I'm just way too swollen in my back and should be massaging it more. Wish i was taking weekly progress pics to show everyone. I am definitely happier now then i was pre surgery with my body but i guess i was expecting a bit more. I knew the doctor said he had to leave a little fat in my lower abs so that i wouldn't have loose skin but i feel like i have more fat left in the upper and lower abs. I was hoping that when i sit i wouldn't have rolls or obvious bulge but i still do. I feel better in close and standing but still not "bathing suit" ready. I really hate how it looks when i sit. Also i kind of feel that it looked flatter a couple weeks ago but now it looks less flat. Not sure if its because the swelling left or what but wish that my abs looks like they did 2 weeks ago. As for my flanks i think they look pretty good. They are still pretty tender and hard but i am getting weekly lymphatic massages and making sure that i am massaging them better everyday. I still notice that dent on my left hip. Not sure if it just from swelling or permanent. Hoping that somehow in the next couple weeks it'll get tighter and flatter in my upper and owed abs! Still happy that i did it though.

almost 4 months

Hey guys! Sorry i haven't been on in awhile. So it has almost been 4 months now, my does time go by. I am sad to say that i liked my tummy way more when it was swollen. Though i do see some changes and feel a bit better than before.. I do not feel as though the surgery was worth 5000 dollars. My main concern prior to surgery was my tummy. I have had a lot of self esteem issues due to it and decided to spend this much money on it in hopes for it to go away. I know that Dr.Sohn did state that i wouldn't be fully 100% happy with it due to loose skin.. but he said i would be about 90% happy. I would say that i am about 30 % happy. It almost seems like nothing was done to the tummy area. What has happened is that i have indents where my hips are, a few ripples, and uneven pouch type thing on the left of my lower tummy. All of these things wouldn't bother me so much if my tummy was flatter but saddens me to see these things and still have my pot belly. :( In my last visit Dr.Sohn did say that he saw what I was saying a bit and that we would talk when we see each other for my 6 month post opp. I really do like this doctor and would recommend him due to the fact of how comfortable the entire staff makes me feel. I just kind of wish i didn't waste that money. Now I'm going to have to decide if i want to talk to him about doing this again or giving up :/
Henderson Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sohn/dr Hankins So far everyone at the office has been amazing! The front desk, finance, and assistants are all the sweetest ladies! I have met both doctors and both seem very nice. I spent more time with Dr. Sohn who was very honest and explained the procedure very well.

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