Turned 60 and Decided Time for a Change.

Had mini facelift 10 years ago and the results...

Had mini facelift 10 years ago and the results were fantastic. Past 10 I've seen some looseness in my neck and lower face that just doesn't suit me. It's now or never! Made the decision, did my homework, read reviews, had consults, and chose Dr Lanfranchi to perform procedure. Pics to follow as soon as I get some before taken.

Counting down.

21 days until Spain and 41 until procedure !

Mini lift before and after 10 years ago. Time for a touch up.

This is a before and 3 day after of my mini facelift procedure from approximately 10 years ago. Scheduled for lower face and neck lift Dec 15 w Dr. Paul Lanfranchi.

Pre op photos

Before photos. 10 years after mini lift and 7 weeks pre op for lower face and neck lift.


36 days to go before procedure. Does this tell you how excited I am?


Losing these necklines!

Counting the days....

Received courtesy call from Lanfranchi's staff today. Asked about my Thanksgiving, small talk, and if I had any questions. Staff is great and in 13 days I know they'll make me feel safe and comfy. Bye bye neck and lower face??
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