Breast Enlargement 500cc - Henderson, NV

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Office is clean and well kept. The ladies behind...

Office is clean and well kept. The ladies behind the desk were kind and friendly. Bambi is awesome she really made me feel comfortable at first meeting. Amy assisted me at my pre-op and she was great, was very informative and answered all my questions. We all shared the same excitement and they were excited for me to get my boobies done. Dr. Hankins went over the sizes with me and after viewing my breast he suggested 500cc high profile for me. So with him having more experience and then telling him what I would like to achieve he came up with that, and I'm glad. He really hooked me up! The procedure was fast, and the nurses at the surgery center were great, made me feel super comfortable and were kind. My second day after surgery I got the band unwrapped off my chest and they put me in a comfortable sports bra, thank God! The band rapped around your chest after the procedure is not quite comfortable, you feel lots of pressure. Pain wasn't too bad after being sent home , but at night it started to kick in. The morning is worst pain. But I made sure to wake up at 3 am to take pain meds so it would not be so bad in the morning. I'm drinking plenty of water and aloe Vera, snacking on healthy light weight food helps also. I don't have much of an appetite but it's okay I can use to lose a little weight! Boobs are sitting high right now but I understand they will drop beautifully thru out the next month,,, yay! I'm glad I chose Dr. Hankins for my ps, he is awesome. I would definitely recommend him to my friends. His staff is great too. Very pleased. I even got a free gift of Botox or Eye lashes treatment that comes with this procedure! How cool is that!

Feeling sore but calm and collected.

Third day after surgery, still taking pain meds. I sleep on a recliner which is great, easy to get up in middle of night to use restroom. I'm drinking lots of fluids! I take a nap during the day and that feels good. My shoulders are a bit sore but I'm sure it will fade. Taking it easy as much as possible!

Sitting real high

Doesn't hurt or anything just looks funny to me. Lol. Very sore in the morning but during the day not too bad.

A little high which is normal from what I understand.

Not painful just sore. Trying not to lift anything heavy. I'm using Arnica cream that a friend Linda MCkensy recommended to me. You can find at any vitamin shop. It's good for spots that are bruised or swollen. It's been helping!


Not so high anymore 4th day

Feeling sore which is expected. Slightly messaging them. Antibiotics make me nauseous and sleepy.. Sucks! Other than that I'm in good shape.

1 week out still sore

Sleeping on recliner helps a lot. Still tight feeling but not too bad. Back at work. Gets a little rough after work around incision area so I take a pain meds than. And to avoid morning boob pain I take one at 3am and it's not so bad by the time I get up for work. I had a Strange feeling around my left nipple last night not sure what that was all about but I will ask my PS tomorrow!

Before and after picture!

8 days out

Doing great, still feeling sore from time to time. Still taking it easy. I haven't been taking any stool softeners.. Big mistake! I had a hard time passing a bowl movement. If you are taking pain meds gotta take some stool softeners. I just sent husband to pick me up Colace. I was literally in the bathroom for 30 minutes. Painful, hard experience.

10 days after BA. Still high but looking better

Feeling better every day that passes, I still feel a bit sore. Taking a Valium for muscle spasm in the mornings seems to help relax my muscles because that's when I get up and am ready to move and start my day. I'm always on the move but this helps me to take it easy just so I can have an excellent recovery. Got my stitches out the other day, hurt a bit when they removed them but not too bad. I've started my massages and this helps shaping my boobs to fit right in its pockets. Am loving my new sets.

Loving these boobies.

I'm doing great feeling great. They still have not dropped all the way. But I'm enjoying the busty look when I where a low top blouse. I try to message them when I remember to at least once a day. I have been Christmas shopping and am able to carry bags, so it's not hard or does it hurt much but am still taking it easy and try to slow down as I'm only a few weeks out. It's hard to stay still, ha ha. I still have the tape over my incision, I'm afraid to peel off and look! I'll wait for my next appointment with my PS and have them decide!! I will take some pictures soon. No bra yet, am still sitting in sports bra through out the day. Not complaining because it is comfortable!


Hey ladies, am feeling good. Here are some photos of how they are coming along.

Doing good, they are starting to soften up a little.

Hey my new sets are coming along, still sitting a bit high but gradually relaxing little by little. As for soreness 1 out 10 I'd say 4. Still no rough housing for me! I go gentle when I give hugs too, where before I would give strong tight hugs. I'm now working on figuring out best way to lighten up the scars under neath.

Love the sports bra!

Everything is great I love my results and am pleased with my girls. My PS did a great job! I'm still slightly messaging them but not as much now. I'm working out at the gym now working the bottom of my body, I'm might hit the weights next month just to be safe and start lightly. My breast are getting softer which is great! I love these sports bras considering I never really used them, now I'm hooked and they are just comfortable. Still haven't been bra shopping, I will give it another week or two.


Doing well.

Not sure if it's normal or not but the bottom of my left boob feels numb. It's strange I think because my right boob I can feel when I'm touching it. Wierd! Other than that I'm doing great, loving the shape they are taking. :)

Kelo--Cote Advanced formula Scar Gel

So I just started this scar gel that has 100% Silicone which is great for scars. This was recommended to me so I'm trying it out! Day 1

Cont. Scar treatment update

It's been three days of using this scar gel treatment. I notice a light improvement so far! I understand it's going to take month or so to see a huge improvement on this but so far it's working like it's suppose

Nearing 2 months since my BA!

Love my girls can't say it enough! My PS did good work. Here are some more pics to share. Feels a little numb under my left boob, weird! I will ask my PS about it on my next follow-up.


They are a little more relaxed in this pic.

More pics

Loving my boobies everyday.
Henderson Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tracy Hankins did a great job and I would definitely recommend him! His staff was excellent, and kind. I am glad I found them. Feeling pleased and blessed for such great people and having a good experience! I can honestly say they exceeded my expectations!

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