Breast Augmentation with Tuberous Breasts - Victoria, AU

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I'm 20 years old, and have been unhappy with my...

I'm 20 years old, and have been unhappy with my breasts for as long as I can remember! I have small breasts 12a cup, that are slightly tuberous and have some asymmetry.
So after a lot of research and saving, I'm going to be taking the plunge and getting breast augmentation.
My surgery date is on the 24th of November, with Dr Douglas McManamny of Cosmetic Surgery for Women located in Hawthorn East, outside of Melbourne, Australia.
This site has been massively helpful in answering so many questions and soothing so many fears surrounding my decision to undertake surgery, so i will do my best to document my experience well, as to help others on their journeys too.

The Before Photos

So these are the girls before, Tuberous with puffy areola's. Hoping for some big changes!

Booking my Consultation

So my first consultation was on the 31st of August.
I called up on the 26th of August asking about appointments, not realising how busy Dr McManamny was, and there was nothing available until late September. Then I get a call back from the lovely Michelle from the office and she has found me a spot from a cancellation and could fit me in the very next Wednesday, I was ecstatic!

First Consultation

So consultation day comes around, and I'm a bit nervous, but I get to the office (which is so pretty by the way, gorgeous little building) and the ladies behind the counter made me feel super comfortable, offered me a coffee and took my details.
The consult itself first consisted of a discussion surrounding my current health and what I was after, to make sure I was a suitable candidate. Following that Doug took my measurements, which i thought would be awkward or uncomfortable for me (I'm pretty self-conscious), but was completely fine and was explained as it was happening.
After that some 'before photos' were taken, and then the big discussion on what he could do and what he believed would achieve good results.
We decided on 350cc, smooth round, silicone implants (i'm after a full C, small D) and a periareolar incision, so he could also do a slight lift on my right side to get my nipples level. He also went through what would need to be done to correct the tuberousness, scoring the tissue and releasing the constricting band, that causes the cone shape.
He explained everything about the surgery, risks, benefits, process, and once I was happy that I had all the information I needed, he took me to me meet Nicole his practice nurse, to run through some information with me. I didn't feel rushed at all which was fantastic!
Nicole was really great! She showed me different types of implants, and even showed me examples of ruptured ones, and ran through what happens if an implant breaks, she explained everything so thoroughly which was fantastic and really calmed my nerves.
She then showed me some before and after a of other patients and how there scarring turned out and drew me up a quote to take home.
The consultation in total was really decent in length, they wanted to make sure I had all the information and didn't leave confused and they definitely achieved that. As I walked out of the office from meeting Doug, Nicole and the ladies in the office, I knew that I wanted them to handle my surgery!
Price for first consult was $200, paid at booking.

Second Consultation

So, unsurprisingly, I said yes to Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Dr Doug McManamny handling my breast augmentation! So I called up and locked it in! And booked my pre-op consult for the 26th of October (had to have it earlier than the usual 2 weeks because I have university exams).
So went into my second consultation, and Doug had just been back from a Plastic Surgery Convention, where he picked up some great new techniques from some international surgeons, and one he thought would be great for me.
So he suggested that rather than doing the periarolar mastopexy, we do a dual-plane implant placement, with the inframammory incision and internal sutures for the lift on my right side, as well as some light liposuction of areola to reduce puffiness. That meant no nipple scar, which was absolute music to my ears! He ran through the difference between surgeries, and I felt confident that this was a good way to go.
After that he took some final measurements, to just confirm again his game plan, and he said that we would need to use about 50cc difference in implants to correct asymmetry.
So once we were both happy there, he took me to see Nicole to try some sizers and run through surgery info and post op care.
Nicole took me to try a crop top with gel insert sizers, and 300 on the left and 350 on the right looked great!
Then she gave me a cute little post-op box, which had over the counter medications and supplements and peppermint tea, everything to make my recovery more comfortable!
Once everything was finalised, I headed off, the next time I see Doug will be surgery day! About 4 weeks away at this point, and I am so excited!

How gorgeous is their Office!

Surgery Day

So surgery day was yesterday, at Masada Private Hospital in St Kilda East. Great hospital, staff were all super friendly.
Admission time was 7am, so after a 4.30am wake up, I was tired, makeup free, but ready to go.
I had nurses and my anaesthetist come in and run through a big list of questions with me. Make sure that I was feeling good and didn't have any questions of my own.
I was meant to be second cab off the rank for surgery, but ended up being first. Doug came in to mark me up, and give me another run down as to his plan, and after that it wasn't long until I was taken into theatre and was laying on the table. I remember chatting away with my my anaesthetist Michelle and nurse Ebony. Then suddenly I woke after what I thought was a moment of closing my eyes, and I was all done!
I've never been under general anaesthetic before, and when I woke up, I felt giddy and jokey. Apparently my heart rate was a little elevated, so they kept me in recovery for an extra bit of time before wheeling me back to my room.
The giddy feeling gradually came down, and I remember feeling a bit emotional, but mostly fine. My pain was very minimal initially.
After a little while I did end up feeling quite a bit of nausea and pain, and when the codeine wouldn't budge it, they gave me something stronger and that after about an hour or so disappeared completely.
I felt like I was well enough to go whilst laying down, but each time I got up, I kept feeling waves of nausea, so I was given some anti-nausea medication, and that finally went away, so by around 3.30pm, I felt great and ready to discharge.

Thoughts and Photos

So it's super strange having these in, the best way to describe it, is feeling like you have a push up bra on that feels a bit too tight, but turns out they're actual boobs!
As of yet I can't feel much on the lower parts of the breast, and their is quite a bit of bruising, particularly on the right side which had the internal lift.
At the moment I'm just fitted with a black crop top, and when I slip it down to look at them, I already love how much rounder they are, they actually look like normal breasts! Doug is a god send!
Depending on each time I look at them, sometimes they seem small, and sometimes they decent sized. I never wanted to go huge, so I'm hoping I'll be happy with the end result.
But I need to remember not to even think about their size until they are settled and do the whole 'drop and fluff' thing.
For me, the strangest thing of the whole experience, is that I just felt so relaxed about the whole thing, normally I am a complete stress head, but I felt really prepared and I trusted the people around me to do a great job, so that was a great feeling.

Next Thursday I have my 1 week post op appointment, where I get fitted with a sports bra, so that should be good!

Post Op Day #2

So, just as so many people have written on here, morning boob is most definitely a thing!
I've been waking up super early, and not getting much sleep so far, this whole back sleeping thing is definitely not my favourite.
I've been continuing to take my pain meds and supplements from my rapid recovery pack that I was given before surgery, and overall I think things are going well.
I was able to shower pretty much unassisted today, just very slowly and carefully.
The girls seem big today, I swear each time I look at them, they seem different, still no real sensation on the breasts, and am starting to develop more bruising between them and up to my collar bone.
Feeling super bloated, so wish that would go away.
I feel like things could be much worse though, I think I am recovering well so far :)

Day #5 post op

My incisions have been a little bit sore the past few days, which I hadn't experienced early on. And I'm gaining a tiny bit of feeling back on certain parts of my breasts, so maybe that all just comes with that.
They still feel heavy, and sleeping on my back is killing me. But I love them and their shape so much, and am super happy with my decision to get this done.
Tomorrow is my 1 week post op appointment, so I'm looking forward to that and having a look under the dressings, to see how the incisions are healing.
I'll write an update and post some photos then!

7 Day Post Op Appointment

On Thursday I had my 1 week post op appointment at the Plastic Surgeon's office. This was really my first big outing since the op, so I was a bit slow walking around initially and a few bumps on the train felt a little uncomfortable, but once I was used to it, it wasn't really too uncomfortable at all.

At the appointment, I first went and saw Nicole who looked over the new additions, then removed the dressings and cleaned them. I was nervous to see the incisions for the first time, but they were healing really well, and seemed nicely put together (thank goodness!). She then simply put tape strips over them, which will need to be changed once or twice a week so I can wash the incisions. After this I was fitted with my sports bra, I get two berlei bras to wear (no extra cost), in black and white, and I'll live in these for the next 8 weeks whilst my breasts heal and take shape. They aren't really as comfortable as the crop top, but are definitely a lot more supportive in regards to moving around and bending over to pick things up. The band sits in an unfortunate position that rubs the incisions a little, but that just means I need to adjust it every now and then.
I also got given little bag with a no-soap body wash for cleaning the incisions, extra tape, post op care booklet, and even a gift voucher for a skin treatment at the clinic, which I thought was so cute!

Dr McManamny, came in after a while and checked over them as well, and happy with the outcome, and as I didn't have any questions as the time, continued on his way.

The appointment overall, went well, but I did forget to ask about massaging the implants, which another booklet I have, says I need to do. So I'll probably call them next week for more info on that.

Also, I'm starting to lay a little on my side, not completely, but sort of propped against pillows, gives me a bit of relief from being on my back all the time!

Until next time!

Photos from day #7

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Dr McManamny is not only a fantastic surgeon, but has been a real pleasure to deal with though out my surgical journey! Doug has so much experience, and takes the time to make sure you are comfortable with all decisions. He is supported by the wonderful Nicole, who is his practice nurse. Both have been sure to really take the time to explain things in detail and go over anything that has worried me or I haven't understood. Now I have completed my surgery and am recovering, but even my result at this point is a phenomenal change and I know I made the right choice by going with Doug for my case!

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