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I have just turned 50 and over the past 2 years...

I have just turned 50 and over the past 2 years lost 42kg (and still losing albeit very slowly). I've always hated my arms and spare tyre around the middle but they have become more obvious and jiggly now I've lost the weight. I dropped from 111kg to 69kg through strict diet and re discovering my love of exercise, to the point of becoming an obsession again. On turning 50 I underwent a bio age assessment and have gotten my bio age down to 40 and although I don't look 50 (in clothes) I feel like I'm in my 30s again.
Surgery has been booked for 20 June, by which time I hope to be down to around 67kg and this will be the final leg of my journey. Surprisingly the few people I have told have been so encouraging and all have said I've worked so hard over the past 2 years and deserve it. Even though I feel a little guilty spending so much money on myself..I just need to remind myself it's now my time.
I had a few different consults and have decided on Mr Richard Bloom in Hawthorn. Really impressed with the consult, his assessment process and I felt very comfortable talking about my body, which I am very uncomfortable with.
I now have to wait 3 months, as I have a few competitive events in the next few months and I wanted to wait until winter, to wear all the heavy baggy clothes during my recovering. The only concern I have is the recovery time and stopping myself from trying to get back into exercise too quickly. I love reading about the experience other people have had with these procedures and have read mostly positives. Every day is a day closer but it can't come quick enough :) I shall post some before photos closer to the date

3 weeks until surgery - excited and nervous

I have just sent off my paperwork to the surgeon and hospital. Compression garment arrived today. This is it, Im getting it done. I keep reading stories from others who have undergone similar procedures and am very grateful for all the details (good and bad). Love all the photos and think I know exactly what Im up for. Just not looking forward to the recovery time. My only concern is having the arms and LBL done all at once, its going to make any movement difficult and I am sure painful. I haven't really told many people, mainly just those who have been soo supportive during my weight loss journey - the common reaction is you've worked soo bloody hard to lose the weight (diet and exercise only) that you deserve to complete the journey and be totally happy. I was 70kg when I initially saw my surgeon, but went on a cruise for 2 weeks and put on 5kg :( Im now back to 71 and pretty sure I can reach the goal I have set myself of being under 70kg by June 20 - D day.

Any advise on recovery/pain control from those would have undergone similar procedures would be fantastic. Ive taken 2 weeks off work, but think I will need a 3rd week, although my job is sedentary, its 12 hour night shifts. No exercise is going to drive me mad, hopefully shuffling around the block will help.

Ive got no idea how much skin/fat is going to be removed, as I have toned up pretty well via exercise with good muscle tone under all the skin - cant weight to get some more definition. Can anyone let me know how much weight in skin/fat was removed during their procedures.

Will post some pics when the surgery is done - hate my before pics but happy to post them next to some after pics :)))

2 weeks to go!

Had a case of the doubts, then reviewed my photos taken at my initial consult. Certainly erases all the doubts. Finally adding some before photo, which I'm highly embarrassed about but here goes

3 more sleeps until D day

Still in the excited phase. It's going to be the longest 3 days of my life as I can't wait to get this done. Reached my goal of being under 70kg before surgery. Really happy about that. I have read so many stories on this site, mostly positive (thank God) that I will do anything and everything I can to make my recovery as smooth and uneventful as possible. Come on Friday!!

5 days post op - looking huge :(

Stayed in hospital 4 days and certainly needed every one of those days. I'm now home and doing ok. Walking almost straight apart from a little pulling in the back and tummy. Pain is only about 3/10 unless I move the wrong way. Virtually no pain in the arms and once the swelling goes down I'll be really happy. Swelling in the back and tummy is huge and stretching my compression garment to the limit. Sleeping in the recliner at home which is great. Glinting to the toilet on my own but not had a poop yet. Appetite is virtually zero but trying to force myself to eat something. Will post some photos after my first post op appointment next week. Not taking my garment off til then as there is no way I could get it back on. Generally the first 3 days were awful but each day is getting a little better :))

Every day is getting easier

Finally saw my PS today after stuffing up my previous appointment and missed it. 18 days post op and the tapes were removed to real my scars. Wow, healing beautifully around the tummy and back, but a little thicker on the arms. Swelling is still quite prominent in my belly (about 50%) which I wish would hurry up and resolve. Two stitches removed - 1 from each side, which works explain the discomfort if I tried to sleep on my side. Had a nap this afternoon - on my side, it was bliss. Have finally transferred from the recliner back to my bed - heaven!! I've lost a couple of kilos, when I think is more from barely eating the first week post op. Appetite is back but trying to keep to 1200 calories per day. Chomping at the bit to get back to the gym, although I won't be kickboxing a while, if I can get on the spin bike in a few weeks I'll be happy. I've been walking the dogs with my daughter the last week, but any path with a slight rise makes my back ache, so I have to remember not to stoop and walk straight with my bum tucked under. I've included 2 photos, I don't see a massive difference yet, as I'm still pretty swollen. Back to the surgeon again next week and then 2 weeks after that, when I hope to have the all clear!

27 days post and back at the gym- yippee!!

27 days post op I was feeling pretty good so I went to the gym and rode the spin bike for 30 min - light pedalling with low resistance. Felt great to be moving again. No pain just a little tightness in the tummy. Next day back on the spin bike for 40 mins, a little faster and a little more resistance - no dramas. The following day on the spin bike for 40 min and walking on the treadmill for 20 mins. Everything seems to be loosening up quite nicely. Rest day followed by 1 hour on the spin bike and 10 mins of light boxing - just going through the motions with no power - can't wait to unleash the beast. Slowly increasing the time and intensity - body is loving the work. Will start light weights and running next week. Feels sooo good to sweat again, Nd I'm sure the exercise is helping to reduce the swelling as I'm peeing all the time and the tummy is starting to feel a little softer.
Saw my surgeon 3.5 weeks post. He was amazed how quick and well I am recovering. Scars are healing beautifully. Usually he sees patients again at the 6 week mark but as I'm doing so well we are leaving it until the 8 week mark. Standing straight, moving well and swelling probably down about two thirds. Back at work doing 12 hour night shifts but I'm still going to wear the compression garment for another 2 weeks as I feel I start to swell towards the end of my shifts. The only problem I have had is some irritation of my skin where the new silicone tape has been applied - but all things considered it's minor and I can live with that. I'm just waiting to get the photos taken at my last appointment and I shall post them. Plus I've lost a couple more kilos - down to 67kg - only 4kg from my goal weight. Life is good!!

6 weeks post and results starting to show

Finally I have reached 6 weeks post op. Still about 30% swollen around the tummy but starting to get a flat waist. Only soreness is in the waist - as a result of which I still can't do a push up or sit up. Arms are going well I just can't punch at boxing as hard as I used to. Have lost some muscle mass in the arms and have started weights again now. Sleeping in my bed with no pillows now and no extra cushioning underneath. I still wear my compression suit, mainly after exercise as I don't want to "blow up". Big girls night out planned on 4 weeks time when I intend on wearing a very snug dress - hope my tummy is flatter by then. I have posted a couple of recent posts. I'd love to hear any feedback :)

7.5 weeks post op - a few more pics.

I finally received the photos from my surgeons office taken at 4 weeks post op. There was still a fair bit of swelling but some noticeable difference. I'm posting some close ups of the scars to show what a fantastically skilled surgeon he is. Next post op appointment coming up soon, hopefully some more shots will be taken but not take a month to be sent

Close up of the arm scar 4 weeks post op

Close up of the arm 4 week post op - take 2

Scar pics at 4 weeks post op

Arm compression photo

For my arm lift a wore a compression sleeve on each arm. Simply a matter of sliding it on an off. I only needed to wear the sleeves 4 weeks, but kept them on for 6-7, as it helped keep the silicone tape in place. Very comfy, no irritation. Most physiotherapists use this for knees, ankles etc. it comes in a roll and can be cut to the length to suit yourself. In Australia it's called Tubigrip, may go by another name in other countries...just an option :)

4.5 months and feeling fab!

It's now been 4.5 months since my surgery and I am totally back to normal. Back at the gym smashing it at kickboxing, spin and weights. I went on a cruise mid September and strutted my stuff, even wearing single tops and dresses with my arms on show - a little self conscious of my arm scars but in the end my arms were looking that damn good I wanted to show them off. I still have a little tightness under the right elbow area but I think that is more nerve pain and will take a little longer to heal. The only other soreness I have is if I hang, as in doing a pull-up/chin up its hurts my waist area with the pulling motion, as the waist area was tightened up a lot.
I did put on 4kg on the cruise, so my weight ballooned to 73kg. So for the past 6 weeks I have been on a cleansing/detoxing/wellness program and am down to 62kg, with my goals of 59kg now within my sights. Finally pretty happy with my body, my husband now calls me a bag of bones coz he thinks I've lost too much weight, but I have to be the one to make that call.
Have a review with my PS yesterday, he was thrilled to bits with the results and has emailed me today asking for permission to use my photos for publication. I was a bit chuffed about that, although my recent photos show a spray tan ( which I had done for a day at the races where I decided to go all out and get frocked up). I also mentioned an inner thigh leg lift to him, which I'm thinking of doing in another 12 months or so, really hating my legs (front view) the more weight I lose. Shall post again at goal weight. Hope everyone is just as pleased with their results as I am :))))


Body lift scar at 4 months - healing very nicely :)
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