Juvederm is Great! However, the Outcome Depends Upon the Person Injecting It!

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I went into Dr. office for Juvederm under my eyes...

I went into Dr. office for Juvederm under my eyes to fill in any hollows. The workers in the office said that the doctor's patients just "love the results" of Juvederm. I told him exactly what i wanted done, just smooth out the hollows, that is it! When he came after me with that needle, something told me to get out of there quickly, but i stayed. I took Arnica Montana and had minimal bruising, but it is nearly a week later, and it looks like somebody threaded thick yarn under my skin. My left eye is OK except for obvious random bumps, but on the right eye I have this bulge snaking out around my eye and I look like afreak! i have been so depressed and wish i had never spent the $750 to look awful. I am now making appointment to try to remove some of this. He said he can inject enzyme into the area to dissolve the product, but I hope he does not charge me more money to dissolve the $750 mistake he made. I recommend asking for before and after pictures and asking other patients of the doctor how they like that procedure before shelling out hundreds of dollars to look bad and feel depressed. I do not even want to go out into public i feel so awful. BEsides, he didn't even fill in the hollow in my cheek that i specifically asked for.

I decided to go to a different doc to do Juvederm...

I decided to go to a different doc to do Juvederm in  my NL folds.  I went to dermatology residents at a popular private medical school that has turned out some of the country's most reknowned cosmetic dermatologists.  They were very conservative and used about 3/4 tube to do both NL folds, some in my cheek, and under my eyes.  She saved the remaining 25% of the tube and told me I can come back within the year for any touchups.  I looked beautiful and natural when I came ouf of the office.  They did the cross-hatch technique and it results in smooth and even skin.  There are no heavy lines are bulges witih this technique.  I got rave reviews about how great i looked later that day, but I did not tell anyone I visisted a dermatologist for Juvederm.  I just let them think I was rested. :)   So Juvederm is a wonderful product, but you must make sure you have a competent person injecting it who  understands what the product will do once it is in the human body.

Tulane Dermatology Clinic, Residents, New Orleans, LA

They are well-trained by wonderful dermatologists on how to properly use injectible fillers for a naturally-youthful look.

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