Fixing my Nose Finally...can't Believe Im Finally Doing It. Hartford, CT

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My procedure is in 3 days. Been extremely nervous...

My procedure is in 3 days. Been extremely nervous and excited at the same time. Especially worried about the pain afterwards. I have sleep apnea as's pretty bad. And have an addeviated septum. Insurance is covering half of it which makes this even better. Never thought I would get it done cuz I wouldn't have the money but after finding Dr. Castiglione who takes state insurance and then finding out that insurance would cover up to half of it cuz of my addeviated septum I was ecstatic!! Can't believe I waited so long to do this. Paid about 2600 out of pocket to Dr castiglione and then 1400 to the hospital. I've been so insecure about my nose pretty much my whole life so it's definitely worth it to me.

Few hours I will be in nervous

Going in tomorrow morning....getting everything ready. packs...neck pillow. I will definitely be posting soon. Pray to God it comes out good!!

2nd day post-op

It's the day after the surgery. Everything went good. Woke up in a lot of pain and the nurses gave me as many pain medication until I felt comfortable. The dr. Told my mother that my air passages were so narrow cuz of my addeviated septum so u should be able to notice a huge difference in my breathing which I'm very excited for. Been just sleeping this away as much as possible. Neck pillow hands down best thing I bought. My throat hurt real bad because of the tube and had a lot of blood in my mouth. Spit up a huge blood clot...sorry for being gross. The packing is definitely annoying. Makes eating and swallowing difficult...try holding ur nose while eating and drinking...makes my ears pop. I'm really nervous of the packing and how painful it's gonna be to take it out.

3rd day...tomorrow packing is out

Couldn't sleep at all last night. The packing was really bothering me. Just felt alot of pressure against my sinuses. My eyes would not stop tearing. Things are starting to itch cuz of healing. Also the tip of my nose has no feeling...feels really weird when I touch it. Been having nightmares about my nose. Had a dream my nostrils were HUGE and I was crying lol. Just trying to hang in there. Can't wait to start healing and see the results. Definitely scared to remove this packing tomorrow.

Starting to get a little nervous

So when I change my dressing under my nose...the tip seems very large and round. Like the is no definition to the tip. Just around nose. I know there is packing in there so that's why my nostrils are big but I'm starting to get worried about the tip. When I look at other people's profiles no one's looks as round as mine. I can't imagine needing a revision surgery and having to go through this again. I really hope it looks OK after packing and swelling go down. Has anyone thought the same and then it turned out fine?

Packing out!!! :)

So today I went and had the packing removed. Last night the packing was putting so much pressure on my sinus...very hard getting to sleep. I couldn't wait to go in. Took an extra pain med before I went cuz I was so nervous about the pain. I didn't wait long til he called me in....he cut the string that tied packing together and had me breathe out while he pulled it out. It had to be the MOST disgusting feeling I have ever felt. But it wasn't painful...just a really strange nasty feeling as this big wad of mucousy bloody tissue comes out ur face. Don't even like to think about it. So glad I got that over with and can finally eat, drink, and swallow without my ears popping....and can taste food again...yayy!! So that was a big plus today. Feeling much better ever since. 4 more days and i'll get the cast off. Just praying that there is some type of definition on my tip and doesn't stay so round and big. I asked him and he said give it about three weeks. Just really hope that im gonna be happy with the results. Revisions seem to be so expensive..hoping I won't need one. Fingers crossed :)

Feeling much better

Feeling much better today. Wanted to do some side by sides. Know it's only five days but I'm impatient :)

Cast off!!!

So yesterday I went to get the cast off. I hadn't really heard anything about the cast so wasn't too sure what to expect. The nurse came in to take the stitches off which felt like pinches but wasn't bad. Then Dr. Castiglione came in to take off the cast. Now that hurt. Pulling this really good taped on mask off a sore And then he rubbed his finger down my nose to feel that the bump was down...I slowly started to feel dizzy and started sweating. If I wasn't sitting down I would have passed out. He immediately went and got me a cold towel and put it on my head. Looking in the mirror though I loved my results. I think he did a wonderful job. What I like is that I still look like me just with a better nose. My nose is definitely still swollen he said...but that's gonna take time. Im very happy...wish I had gone to him years ago!! I'll post more pics when I noticed more swelling going down

Looking better

Starting to feel much better. Swelling and bruising going down more and more everyday and everyday I'm loving my new nose more and more. It doesnt really change much about my face I think...just a nice nose and profile. I think it's looks pretty natural...gotta perfectly with my face. Have no regrets and I think Dr. Castiglione did an amazing job. Have a hard time breathing still cuz im still stuffy and can't blow my nose...constantly cleaning it worth qtips. I'll update when all bruising and swelling goes down.


So I am loving my the results. However my breathing is worse. The left side is closed even more. I still haven't called and made an appointment but I definitely need to cuz my sleep apnea is so much worse. But am very happy with how it looks
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Dr. Castiglione seems like a nice Dr. People have talked highly of him. Even my primary care doctor knew who he was and said he was good. Was a little hesitant at first cuz he didn't have any before and after pics but I found some on my own that people had put up and he seems to do an amazing job so i feel much more confident now.

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