ROUND 2 WIT DR. SALAMA...2YRS PO*new pics**

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I had my surgery in March and my,dr did a pretty...

I had my surgery in March and my,dr did a pretty good job with the lipo on my back and sculpting me, but,i,wanted JLO butt... Kind of disappointed, not as flat as I,was...

Making an appt with Dr. Markmann in a couple of months because my,goal is to,have 1500ccs on each side.. Or as close to that as possible... The procedure will leave me broke, but happy... If I would have went,to,him in the first place I could have put,this 5k towards Dr. Markmann. Remember you get,what,you,pay for!!

I am currently 5'3 190lbs..u could never

I am currently 5'3 190lbs..u could never wonderin if i should lose weight before the procedure or keep the fat on....

Ok guys i am 5'3and right now i am weighin in the...

Ok guys i am 5'3and right now i am weighin in the 190s...everyone says i should lose because i already had a tummy tuck done in 2010 and if i lose where will they gt the fat from besides the back?!?!? Anyone think i should lose weight??

One more do i upload my pics????

One more do i upload my pics????

Well I am going to start wearing the squeem now so...

Well I am going to start wearing the squeem now so in 6 months my waist will be smaller and hopefully I will have better results after my bbl wit Salama!!!

SX WITH DR> SALAMA JUNE 28TH.. My Measurements 45-41-46..what u girls think???

HI ladies I have gained weight because I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago and I needed more fat in my abdominal area... no im 5'3 206lbs and my arms are fat..ughhh.. do you ladies think I will still get good results or should I lose weight for the next month?/?? And what size vedette should i get after the surgery????? all replies appreciated..thank you ladies


no booty

so excited i cant wait...


yay super excited!

6/26 pics

i had a mommy mskeover in 2010...this id whst hsppens when u let yourself go!!!!!

my pics stomach was flat after tummy tuck...look now

Day 1 po

hubby took the pic . idk how many ccs yet.


facial swelling.

Day 2 i look like i was in a boxing match..better than yest, but stil in pain...

my 7yr old took these

i managed to get up and take pics

more pics

Cane Chair!!!!

I bought this on amazon for $30 with shipping...u can sit on this without using your butt...

more 2day post op pics

i really hate being like this..i threw up this just so worned out and tryin to force feed wondering was t

I pray everyday to make it another day.?

regular maxi dress

The maxi is a lot bigger I just wanted to show my shape..

Pain is Decreasin...

I am cuttin back on the pain pills and my body looks AMAZIN..i love the way it looks .it looks like somebody elses body..I mean the garment and foams r annoyin, not bein able to sit is really annoying especially since my kids want to site see in FL and mommy can only be on her knees in the passenger side I hope and pray I dont run into complications and the 7wks flyies by so I dont have to wear the garnent...My booty is Humongous!!!!!! i hope it stays that way? because i will never do this again..good luck ladies and educate yourself this is going to kick your booty!!!!!


Ive been itchy on and off, but omg I had itchy I could actually get..I just want to tear the cg off and scratch like crazy!!!! lol

I love my shape...

I love what Dr. S did for me...I was never a skinney female and never will be...but I dont mind being thick..he gave me great hourglass and I will do whatever to maintain other dr could have done a miracle like he did..I thank God for giving him the skills to give me my life back...

fat roll

so I put foam on it and its very will.go.away right?

shrinkin butt...

I hope and pray after the plane ride and driving on the boppy my butt doed not disappear because I will be devastated..

2 wks.. 4days po

b4 and after pics

more pics

I'm startin to drop and fluff???


Current measurements 36-32-49...

dentist chair!!!!

I brought my son to the dentist anf this chair is the best...I put my elbows on the back part and my bootay just hung off the back..and its sooo comfortable...too bad I will be 6wk post op in a week I would have purchased one...

the chair update pic tooo

6wk po

I'm officially 6wk 2morrow..yay

6wk post op

I want a round 2..

8wks po..

I stopped wearing my garment at 6wks but I had no fluid...still wear squeem occasionally..

9wks po

Want more....


Lovin my booty!!!

I'm bootylicious...???? want more

I want more booty..ready for round 2 in 2yrs

I love the booty and hopefully I will be goin for round 2 in 2014/15..

more pics!!!!!

I'm goin for round 2 soon...

ready for ROUND 2

Luv luv luv my bootay!!! Now I want more..

Before and After

Dr. Salama changed my life..!!!!


I can't wait for round 2...I had 1500ccs the first time and ready for more. ..I am also going to hopefully have Dr S shorten my belly button since it sticks out a little due to the extensive lipo the first time

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