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Seven days past my TT and I could not be happier. ...

Seven days past my TT and I could not be happier. I am 46 years old and 5'5" ... had two very large babies.. they are now 24 and 19. At some point in my marriage I became wall paper... always seen when it benefitted everyone but never heard when it counted. I became a comfort food eater... weighed almost 230 lbs. I woke up one morning and decided it was worth it for me to take my life back. I cut all the bad foods out of my diet, I started walking, then working out and decided to join a gym. I did this for about a year and a half. Luckily I toned and was not left with sagging skin... That is except for my stomach.. both of my boys were through C-section; incision just below my stomach. Since I am large framed... I set my goal weight as 155 lbs. I didn't diet because I knew I would never be able to stay on food I didn't like... so I just manipulated the food I did like and swapped out most of the ingredients to fresh ingredients and at smaller portions.. I also removed 95 % of the gluten from my diet. I now weigh 152 lbs. When I decided to look into getting a TT I was a very scared and confused but knew I wanted this really bad.. I wanted to make sure I was easily able to keep the weight off before making such a big decision. I hated the way I looked, I cringed when my husband touched me there during sex... I stopped wearing sexy underwear because the elastic kept getting caught under my hanging fat pouch.. I sweat under there and would get rashes and chafe during the summer. No bikinis or swim suits were ever worn. It really played a roll on my self confidence and self esteem... I am very early in recovery but I have to tell you this is and will be the best decision I ever made...

.... and could not have done it if not for all the beautiful brave women on this site for sharing your stories... please know though that everyone is different and experiences are all different... I had an open mind but the foundation of us all was here..

I had my surgery last Wednesday... just a tummy tuck with some lipo. I chose out-patient surgery. The surgery lasted 1-2 hours and 1 hour in recovery. My husband stayed at the facility the entire time and was my ride home and my support system. I think he was more nervous than I. I left everything at home and just brought warm socks, I bought an extra large long sleeve night gown that buttoned down the front and a pair of extra large boxer shorts. This made dressing easy and convenient. The first day wasn't too bad... especially with being on their meds. I was rapped up pretty tight with two binders on and drain tubes on each side. I was given two prescriptions.. antibiotics and a pain med that I filled prior to the surgery so I had them after. I ate a light meal when I got home.. since the surgery was at 12:00 pm and I hadn't eaten since the night before. Didn't want to take meds on empty stomach. I had my bed already prepared with pillows and a table by my bed. I slept alot the first day. Sleep is very important. Night time was a little more difficult as I don't like sleeping on my back and for so long of a time. Day two was horrible... my fault though. I read protein, protein, etc... I drank a healthy protein shake in the morning and paid for it all day. My stomach welled up with alot of gas... couldn't fart, couldn't burp and definitely couldn't go number two. It constipated me and it was extremely painful with the gas welling up in my stomach area. Dr. allowed me to take gas-x. This helped.. and I stayed off regular food. My diet consisted of fresh fruit.. anything berry, papaya and fresh pineapple... I also ate plain greek yogurt and added anise seeds and flax seeds to it.... lots and lots of cold water. When I got tired of water I added a tea bag to change the taste. Within an hour or two the gas passed and had my husband give me a suppository. No shame in that game!! :) Going to the bathroom wasn't as bad as you think it will be. The hardest part for me was learning how to sit up without using my stomach, walk hunched over and remember to walk slowly. You will have to drain the balls and keep a log of how much fluid was in them three times a day. I found it easier to do this while on the toilet and with my husbands help. I took my meds like clockwork and although most people say don't take the pain meds... you will need them. It really dulled the pain and discomfort. Third day.. piece of cake. I got up every two - three hours and walked slowly down my hallway and back. I ate fresh oatmeal, added a little bit more to my diet. I was able to go to the bathroom for both with no discomfort. I was even able to wash up with some assistance in the bathroom sink and wash my hair in the sink. I even eat at the kitchen table. This continued till this past Monday.. I went to the doctor and things are great. He removed the drain tubes (this was like pulling a bandaid off your skin.. ouch!!) I had my first shower yesterday... very very refreshing and also a little scary. I made sure my husband showered with me.. Once I took the binders off I felt nervous and not too steady. I wasn't as confident showering alone. My next appointment will be tomorrow...

Feel free to ask any questions.. this was definitely not as bad as I thought and the best decision I ever made. Everyone is different... and have different pain thresholds. Although it was uncomfortable and was painful at times... I felt most of this was mental. I have a slightly high tolerance for pain... It bothered me more that I was in bed and couldn't do anything and couldn't get around... and I am stubborn.

Support is great and definitely use them, but don't depend on them. First 2-3 days are key. Sleep every time you are able because you won't get many hours in a row at once. Drink lots and lots of water because it did help tremendously. I felt like my stomach didn't hold much, got full faster and my bladder filled up quicker.. I had to go frequently to the bathroom. Learn to sit up and stand as soon as you are able and don't try to stand up straight.... you will have to get up alot so figure out what works for you. When laying back down use your hands to lift one leg at a time and keep legs elevated on pillows... takes tension away from stomach.. I rolled to my side, and used my hands to walk myself into a sitting position. No protein shakes.. really, really not the way to go. You will regret it!! Lots of fruit and veggies.. not heavy on your stomach and satisfying... helps with inflammation and swelling. I stuck with boxer shorts and the x-large nightgown even though I wear a medium. Fits comfortably around binder and over drainage balls loosely without being in the way. Follow Dr.'s instructions... don't be in a rush... first 2-3 days are extremely important. Days will pass before you know it. Last few days I feel great... I can stand up straight and have been working from home for an hour at a time at the kitchen chair. Do not over do it. I can go to the living room now and watch tv from the couch just so I have longer to walk and will get more exercise... Not as bored but don't know how people can watch daytime tv... lol... I get around comfortably.. swelling is 50% plus gone. I continue to drink lots of water and unsweetened tea (hot and cold)...

I could go on and on ... please give your decision lots of thought... surgical procedures should never be taken lightly. You will be more satisfied that you did the homework and once you see the outcome based on the homework. Do not hesitate to ask any questions from me and/or others.. The more you know the more comfortable you will be.

I am very very happy and am not even finished recovering yet. My next checkup is tomorrow.. Dr. says since I have a sit down job I could go back to work on Tuesday... as long as I continue to take care and not over do it.

Good luck to those already scheduled and who are in the thought process.. I made this decision for me and no one else.
Cost sucks a little but I put half down and the rest on Care Credit who had a promotion to pay off in 5 years... which is minimal. Dr. and staff were top shelf. Home support system.. top of the line!!

Thank you again for having this site... Keep it going... and thank you for listening.
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