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Where to begin? I suppose I can start at the...

Where to begin? I suppose I can start at the beginning. Always been a healthy woman, 5'4 120. When I went into labor with my monster baby (who weighed almost 11lbs) I tipped the scale at 200lbs. You can imagine how much stretching went on. Deflated breasts, Stretched tummy, and left over skin. So ... four and a half years later ready to finally do what I have wanted to do for years! My "Mommy Makeover", a tummy tuck with muscle repair and without lipo, and 350CC silacone breast under the muscle.

Breast feeding/pumpin for a year was one of the hardest things I ever did. Funny, when you decide to make the choice no one says "wow that's great your C breasts are going to look like tube socks when your done" ... I know, I know, the benefits are amazing but come on!

Why did I wait so long to do this? Like most women on this site that I have saw, they struggled with the fact that the "need this" and that's exactly how I have felt. I would think "why am I so insecure about how I look that I need to have plastic surgery. Throughout my life what has happen to make me feel this way about myself?" But the truth? I've comes to turn that I'm not insecure, there are things that I'm just not comfortable with about my body. My husband says it doesn't matter to him, it's whatever makes me feel better and he loves me the way I am.

I live in New York for work and I'm originally from Michigan. So when I moved here in July, I talked to my mother and asked when she could come out and help and then, started searching for surgeons. I started interviewing Drs in November. After seein 5, I still couldn't commit. I never felt comfortable with them. Then last week, I went to Dr Greenwald. Instantly I loved him. He was honest, and straight forward. Not super chatty and I'm ok with that. He answered my questions and I knew, THIS WAS MY SURGON!!! Finally, I found the one. We tried on breasts (even tho I was pretty certain of the size I wanted) and talked about the tummy tuck. I will say, it's nice to know it's just all skin and not fat. So all my hard work did pay off?

So here I go starting my journey and I couldn't be more excited! I'll keep posting as I get closer to the surgery!

More pictures ....

Oh this hurts .... I don't even like to change at the gym!
Dr said I'll still have stretch marks, pretty much the ones above my belly button. But I'm ok with that. Pretty much everything below will be gone. The "love handles" are extra skin. Sounds gross but I'm just glad it's not all fat.

Vacation Days APPROVED

So it's already May! I think my surgery is going to sneak up on me, which I'm good with.

My vacation days got approved today! One more step forward and less to worry about. I took 12 days. I'm not sure that it's going to be enough but I'll play it by how I'm feeling and drag out my leave if nessassary.


Cha-Ching PAID IN FULL Ladies!

The feeling of fully paying for my surgery and booking my pre-op appt is the real "oh my gosh this is happening" moment. There's always been this doubt that I wouldn't go through with it or something would fall through. I guess there's always a possibility of something happening but those chances are so slim now!
14 August I see the Dr for the last time until my surgery. At that point it'll be about a month and a half out! Wow!

I've definitely been working out a lot more and running more frequently. I want to have the best body I can have (in my control) going into this surgery! That way when I get out I know in my heart I did everything I could to get the results I want!

I haven't started to buy anything and I don't really know what to buy yet so sure he's going to cover all that at my next appointment.

I'm still not nervous just SO SO excited. Actually starting to have dreams about my surgery ... Prolly cause it's been on my brain so much (ha)!

Some ladies in my occupational field (military) have had their breasts done and received "convalescent leave" (basically days that aren't charged against my personal leave days) So I'm looking into that. Hopefully I can get some good information and go from there.


It is absolutely crazy that I am 30 days out from my surgery! I'm so excited I'm not even nervous I cannot wait I've been frantically checking the mail for my pre-surgery packet and I can't wait to get it I have never been so excited to fill out paperwork in my life !!!! I put in for 21 days of convalescent leave, which is basically just medical recovery days that don't count against me and I got approved so that's super awesome. My doctor gave me all the paperwork I needed to go ahead and get that done. The last time I had an appointment with the doctor we talked about my implants the mentor silicone 350 to 375 CC. And I think I'm going with mod profile, I want that cleavage! Lol. I did tell him though if he feels like they need to be bigger or they need to be smaller to make that decision in the operating room and I trust his judgment. I have a fairly large rib cage so I just want to make sure I'm proportional I measure at like a 36/37. Took a few more pictures of my body please don't mind me covering on my tattoos LOL. Honestly I don't feel like I look as bad as the pictures make me out to be. But maybe that's just me trying to be positive!!!

20 days ... I repeat 20 days! ...

Ladies, I feel like I'm finally able to do a countdown! It's so exciting. I know my September ladies are feeling it as well. Even writing this update I feel butterflies in my tummy!!!

So just a quick update on my month of September I had an inspection last week which we did fantastic on so that took a little off my nerves. However I am up for a promotion and the results for that should be out on the 15th so on top of my surgery that has also added to my anxiety nerves anxiousness whatever you would like to call it! But I can't help feel like September is my month!!

I have really started planning out my surgery and made my list of everything that I need to buy I want to make sure that I don't forget anything. I am a procrastinator by nature so I really need to make sure that I'm on top of my game at all times. I'm usually a healthy eater anyway being a vegetarian doesn't leave you too many options to really slip in the field but sometimes you can so I have completely cleaned out my diet just to make sure I'm eating clean up until surgery I know that will help I'm healthy and hydrated for my recovery.

Looking at my dates I should be going in for my blood work and prescription filled next week probably Thursday or Friday if not, that following Monday.

And just reading some reviews I wanted to see if any ladies tried the silicone strips and if they noticed a difference between just doing that and regular tape with vitamin E for their scar therapy. And also the spnax that women purchased. Looking into Fajas body slimmers for surgery as well. Did anyone purchase the Boobie Bath? I wanted to see if anyone had reviews. It's quite pricey so I don't wanna buy it if I don't need to.

6 Days!

So far beside food and deep cleaning my house everything is done! Purchased all my after products.

Anti Bac soap
Enemas (for before surgery day)
Stoop softner
Tylonal PM
Silicone sheets (suppose to be really good for the scars
Silicone scar treatment gel
Moist towel (face and bathroom)
Chewable vitamin C and E
Iron pills
Heating pads
High power spanx
Fajas (the zipper and clasp ... It's so so tight)
Front close sports bra
Eye drops

Any suggestions of things that I have forgotten?

The day has arrived!

Just a quick check in I'm about to leave my house! We're about an hour away from the Drs office (it is currently 515 need to be there for 630). I didn't go to bed until about 1130/midnight but as soon as I put my head down I was out!
Feeling confident and excited. No nervous yet. I just keep telling myself this is what I want and on the other side I'm going to look the way I feel!

Home. Resting. Pain.

I am home and awake from my naps! Thought I would take the time to write a review for the people who are checking up on me.
I went in at 6:30 my actual surgery was at 7:30 I was done at 10:30 but didn't leave until 1:00. My blood pressure kept dropping and I would get very nauseous and very dizzy so they kept me over which I think worked out really nicely. And it took me about an hour and 10,000 bumps on the highway home, but we made it.

I have the compression machine on my legs and I think that that's helping for the swelling so far my breasts are not sore my abdomen is though I'm just trying to keep my feet up with a pillow under my knees and behind my lower back. And I have all my stuff within reach. But it's a very amazing feeling to wake up and have boobs I am so excited! I'm really going to try to be aggressive and continue to take my pain medication I do not want to be in pain so better believe I'm going to be taking those Vicodin lol.

The pain in my abdomen is bearable when I'm laying down it just feels like I am very very sore from a very strenuous abdominal exercise maybe even almost like I pulled my abs. Breasts like I said no real pain but they feel like I am in gorged as if I were breast-feeding.

Dr. said I cannot shower nor take off any of these garments until I see him which is going to be next Monday. That seems really far away for no shower ???? But at the tiny little peek I've been able to get up my breasts they look perfect even swollen they're not huge and they look like exactly what I envisioned.

3 Days Coming to a Close ...

Everyday I get better. I can walk further without being out of breath and everyday I get a little more upright. I'm doing more for myself like getting up in my own, getting my own water/food, going to the bathroom on my own.

I can raise my arms up but not completely above my head. And I'm still pretty wear as far as lifting things. I can lean forward and put pillows under my legs and attach my hoses to my leg booties. My swelling seems pretty good, none in my hands legs or feet. I pop a tylonal PM at night and I'm out! So I've been sleeping through the night!

The whole month before my surgery I really focused on eating clean, working out, and hydrating. It's hard to compare to really decide if that helped but I will say this recovery from surgery has been a lot better then I anticipated. Maybe because I went into it thinking this was going to be the worst pain of my life and it definitely isn't.

Feel like myself

I wanted to wait to until my post op with the Doctor all went really well. Everyone was really surprised that I'm in normal clothes and I'm compeatly upright.

ive been up and at it for 3 days now. Doesn't Sunday at the mall shopping all day. When I got tired I had my mom push me in a wheelchair. But it's been nice to be out. Recovery process was never painful. I just got a little stir crazy and it was uncomfortable by really by day 4 I was good. For any ladies going in for a tummy tuck, I would say not to expect that. No one at my post op could believe my 7 day progress.
Drains came out .. Worst feeling ever. It was super disgusting feeling. And pretty uncomfortable. Stitches cakes out of my breasts and I was finally oked to shower. Still had some swelling in my tummy which is really normal but seeming my tummy for the first time with that scar really did a number on me. I'm a pretty tough woman but I was the closest I think I've ever come to passing out between the drains and the visual. Doctor ordered me to stay home and stay down to get my swelling to go away. He doesn't want me retaining fluid. Have another post op on Friday will post after pictures then hopefully once I can really look at myself without freaking out. My boobs are perfect ... I am in love with them. I haven't had any pain what so ever with my breast.

Pictures from last review

These wouldn't upload for whatever reason

Quick update

Sorry for the daily vague updates but like to update as I go so that way I don't get behind!

Just a few pictures of my boobs. I love them pictures don't do them justice! They're obviously still high and a little swollen. But looking amazing so far!

I'll post my tummy tuck on Friday after my second postop. It's still swollen but there really isn't any pain besides one of the sides where the Drain was removed. It's only painful because I'm still draining a little and the gauze sticks to it and pulls.

***For Tummy Tuck Ladies***
Every time you have to sneeze and you feel it coming, have someone say "bless you" multiple times. If no one is with you say bless you out loud to yourself. I swear it makes your sneezes go away! Why? I have no idea but it seriously works!!

2nd PostOp

Friday was my second post op. As you all know I am completely upright and completely mobile however Dr. said to still take it easy no lifting and try to relax as much as possible. My last post op will be next Friday and I should be getting the tape taken off and silicone strips put on. My tell me talk incision isn't as bad as it looks. There's a lot of dried blood still on it that hasn't come off because of the tape. There's also a lot of tape still on it. I am still super swollen as you can tell my bellybutton is still very hidden because of the swelling. There's also a small crease down the center of my stomach under my belly button that you can see, that's just because the binder is smooshing my stomach together. Once my binder comes off it will no longer be switching me like that. And it is going to heal very nicely.
I've gotten use to the incision and it doesn't freak me out like it first dead when I saw it.

Of you ladies asked me about my tattoo and I did lose a piece at the bottom which I am OK with and the doctor informed me that I would. As far as the whole tattoo on the side it does not look stretched out or anything.

Photo edits

First picture is all the skin that is gone.

Second is where it's numb and I have no feeling.

Tiny waist

Feels good.
This was 8 days post op

Quick update

Moved my appointment up from Friday to today since I am flying for work on Friday afternoon! I replaced My medical tape that was coming up on my breast and tummy tuck incision so I snapped a Few pics. My breast have a few scabs but you can barely see the cut! My breast are dropping down that they look so amazing. Everyday they get softer and feel less "engorged". Same for my tummy. At the end of the day I'm very swollen but I was ok'd by the dr to not wear a binder anymore! I will say it feels weird not being sucked in all the time I'll still wear it at night for the swelling. During the day just a tight compression top under my clothes. I can finally lay flat in my bed and I can sit up a little better by myself everyday. Next appointment will be in 2 weeks!

4 week update!

I know it's been a while since I posted an update. I went out of town for work for the week. Nothing too serious I just had to sit in a class for a week so it was really easy!

Yesterday was my first official day back to work doing my regular duties, occasionally I'm at a desk but usually I'm running around and walking and lifting and I can tell you that I felt good! A little tired towards bedtime more so than usual but it could be because my sleep schedule has been messed up for three weeks.

Had my last doctors appointment until December 22 so that's very exciting! Still a little swelling in my lower abdominal other than that Im good! The doctor cleared me to resume my workout regiment with limitations. I can do for cardio running on pavement running on a treadmill the elliptical and the stairs but no lifting more then 25lbs. He also gave me a marble to put in my belly button and roll around so that way it starts to take a normal form instead of a slit now that it's healed. Dr also ok'd me for silicone strips and scar therapy. And would like me to start massaging my scar. So of course as soon as I got done with work I went to the gym! It felt so good to be back I smiled as soon as I walked in! I did arms today I can tell you that only doing 25 pounds feels so light and almost useless but something is better than nothing. I did high repetitions and low weight really killed my arms :)

Other than that I really feel almost like my normal self I don't have any more pain I am completely upright and I'm getting around completely OK!

So for the ladies that are getting ready to have this done or are maybe in week one of recovery there is hope for you! And 4 weeks FLEW BY!

So happy!

Took these pictures about two weeks ago and just wanted to do an update. I still have some parts of my stomach that I can't really feel but I'm not in any pain. I couldn't be more happy with my decision and I can't wait to see what I look like in four months!

progress pictures

I am completely back to my normal routine. And I have been for quite some time now. I feel amazing and images in the mirror don't make me feel bad about myself anymore.l, "I work out every day-WHY DOES MY STOMACH LOOK LIKETBIS" .... Like so many women I love myself but there are things that I knew I could change to make me feel like I did before I had a child. And I can say I have that now.


New York Plastic Surgeon

Look no further! I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Greenwald! I look and feel amazing thanks to him. He is truly an amazing plastic surgeon and a kind person. From the moment I met him I felt comfortable and knew "this was MY Dr". I saw three Drs prior to Dr Greenwald and none were quite what I was looking for. I booked as soon as my consultation was over. I knew then and still know now that I made the right decision.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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