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Hello everyone! I need your help! I got my breasts...

Hello everyone! I need your help! I got my breasts done this past Monday, 325cc mentor smooth round mod plus on the right and 275cc on the left. My two goals were to go maybe full b or small c and to correct the asymmetry. I knew that they weren't going to come out looking like twins but at least they would even out in size a bit more. However since I woke up from the surgery I've notice that the left was still bigger. In fact it's more swollen painful and bigger than the right which I find strange because the left got a smaller implant and the right got a bigger implant. I'm really confused! I'm a lefty by the way. Is this normal? Did this happen to anyone else? I'm feeling really disappointed, even though its only PO day 3. Advice needed please!


Well its PO day 5 and I went to my PS for a follow up today. I asked him about the asymmetry and he said that the larger breast has more tissue so there will be more noticeable trauma/swelling. He also said something along the lines of "if I punched you in both eyes 10 times one eye might bruise and the other eye might not." Doctors... geez... no concept of social etiquette! I still don't really understand how my breasts came out SO asymmetrical but reading your comments has made me feel better!

I guess so far my journey has been interesting. I still don't know if this surgery was totally worth it but only time will tell.

The first few days were rough, not so much pain but a lot of tightness and pressure. I was prescribed lortabs, robaxin, and an antibiotic. I'm down to taking only my lortabs and robaxin before I got to sleep. I'm still taking naps in the middle of the day though.

OH and I totally hate wearing the surgical bra I feel so suffocated in it! Anyways, please tell me what you guys think of the progress so far!


Hey everyone!
So it's been 2 weeks and a day and the boobs are getting softer with each passing day. My worry is that my incision site has been getting really itchy these past few days. I got dissolvable btw. There is a bit of pinkness but no discharge. No fever either. However, everyday this past week, at around 8pm like clockwork the itchiness becomes pretty unbearable to the point that when I go to scratch it just very lightly my get goosebumps!

Did anyone else have this problem/side effect?


I still have the tapes over them. At my 2 week consultation the PS said that the incisions were looking good and he pulled the old steri strips and put on a different tape.

Hives/Rash breakout!

OMG I am totally freaking out now. It went from itching to this!! My PS told me it's an allergic reaction to the tapes and to start using hydrocortisone cream...that it should be getting better within 48 hours but the rash is getting bigger and bigger. The reddened areas are painful to touch and its even pretty sore to move. I can't find any similar posts on this website... Did anyone else go through this?! -feeling super scared and alone...

One day at a time

Hey everyone. The rash has gone away!! I barely remember much of last week as I drugged myself on Benadryl ha ha :( The crazy allergic reaction has resolved but left behind all sorts of hyperpigmentation. In fact, if not for that my scars would be pretty invisible by now but one bump at a time right? At least it wasn't an infection of the sutures or anything like that so I'm thankful.

The girls are dropping nicely but the right one still feels tight and numb around the bottom. My nipples aren't on high sensitivity anymore either which means I can wear my seatbelt comfortably lol.

Actually I do feel like the left is too large for my body and kind of wish it was smaller, like the right one! That's a change cause I always wanted the right to be as big as the left. Maybe some time in the future ill reduce the left but for now I'm happy.

What scar treatments have you guys been using? I bought mederma a few days ago but can't seem to commit to using it three to four times a day. Thinking about putting my expensive la mer eye cream on it! Is that a bad idea? Haha!

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