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A little about me: I'm tall, about 5'8, and...

A little about me: I'm tall, about 5'8, and 120lbs. I am extremely flat chested, hardly filling an A cup. I also work out a lot in the gym, so my figure is borderline "boyish" at the moment, and I hope to correct that with Dr. Berans help! I am aiming for a full B or small C, basically the largest implant size he can fit given the circumstances (little/no breast tissue) while still having a natural look.

I chose Dr. Samuel Beran because of the price, years of experience, and location (he has an office in White Plains, which is about a 26 minute drive from the north side of Queens.. Plus there's a free parking lot). The reception area was very clean, large, comfortable, and well run. I did not have to wait long at all before I saw the doctor. Dr. Beran is a very friendly, knowledgeable, and overall great doctor. We sat for close to an hour in his office as he answered all the questions I had and showed me pictures of what to expect based on previous patients he's had. He has much more great before/afters to show other than the small gallery that is available publicly online. I was able to schedule a surgery date about 3-4 weeks after my initial consultation and I highly look forward to working with him to achieve my goals :).

Pre-Op Pictures

Just got my bloodwork and risk clearance done today!! Can't wait for my new additions :)

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Just adding a couple of pre op bra photos!! I've also got a top that I cannot wait to fill out!! As you can see I'm flat as a board.. My rib cage juts out more than my boobs haha!! Let's see Dr. Beran work his magic tomorrow!!

Pod1! They are here!!

Post op day 1: 295cc full aka high profile round silicone implants smooth (natrelle inspira by allergan) Finished my surgery at noon today!hours ago!! Was super alert after 30 minutes of anesthesia. I asked the nurse if I could walk out because I didn't need the wheelchair but they wheeled me out for legal reasons. Pain has been 1/10. Feels sore like I worked out on my chest. My friend and I went for sushi afterwords and I only felt pain walking out in the cold because I was shivering and that caused my chest to spasm. Other than that I can lift 5lb things no problem, turn doorknobs, etc. just can't lift my arms up very high and I've got zero nausea. Was able to put on a hoodie and take it off on my own. He told me to keep the bra on too but I couldn't resist taking it off just for these pics ???? ***update tonight: pain is now a constant 4/10 ache.

Pod 3: showered, gauze tapes off! Scar update..

Hey guys! Just wanna start off by saying that I appreciate the nice comments and likes I've been getting from community members. Really feels good to know that my journey is helping others!! I'll chronologically state everything that's happened since surgery!!

Night of pod1: i had constant 4/10 pain, and the surgery bra was really bugging me especially at the area of the incisions. I slept with my head propped up by two pillows. I woke up 3x that night in a lot of pain. I got up by sticking one leg up in the air and having both my hands tug at the legs of my pants and crunching my abs up. So painful.. When you go from a lying down to sitting up position all the blood and swelling rushes to your boobs and gravity starts to pull them down.. Each time I get up its a 6/10 pain and I've got to sit at my bed hunched forward cupping my boobs until I can tolerate the pain and get up for a few minutes.

Day/night of pod 2: this is the most painful day.. But tolerable. Pain was 5/10 and my arms had the most limited range of motion. You start to discover ways to do things without pain. I was able to lift things, open doors, close doors, only if my elbows were close to my sides. So that means I can't do anything reaching or pushing down unless it is underneath my elbow height and I can press down with my body weight. I open my pill bottles by pressing the bottle between my legs and twisting with my hands. I knew that the more flat I laid in bed the more pain it was to get up and the more soreness I would feel throughout the day. So I've been really trying to sleep as seated up as possible and the swelling and pain has decreased tremendously.

Day 3: woke up a lot less sore than I was yesterday because I was seated upward more. Pain is constant 3-4/10. The range of motion of my left arm has improved a lot!! Because of my 50% improvement in mobility of my left arm I thought today was a good day for a shower since I'm cleared to shower in 48hours. So I did just that. Took my gauze off, snapped a few pictures, hopped in the shower, washed my hair, dried off with a towel and blow dried my steristrips. I washed my post op bra and I'm currently wearing a jockey medium zip up sports bra which is way more comfy.

Sensitivity: I've got great sensitivity since the very beginning. I've got no numbness or overly sensitive areas.
Pain: the pain has gradually been improving
Range of motion: gradually improving with the left nondominant arm being the most mobile.
Nausea: I had only nausea on the morning of pod2 because I took pain meds without eating breakfast. Please make sure that you eat before you take them!!

Pod 4

Morning boobs are 10% what they used to be. Pain is 1/10. Lots of mobility in my arms restored. No bruising at all (never had any). Dr. Beran did an amazing job!!

Scar update

Dr. Beran makes the tiniest incisions in the biz!! Barely 3 centimeters... !! Healing very well. No pain, full range of motion in my arms, no pain getting up and onto bed, no swelling, no bruising, softening up. Amazing job.. Feels like my own :)
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