*415cc* 21 Years Old Mother of One, 5'2 125lbs. Currently a 34 A Hoping to Become a Small D Cup - Harrison, NY

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I hope to achieve more cleavage and a bigger cup...

I hope to achieve more cleavage and a bigger cup size. Growing up there had always been a lack of confidence in my breast area. As everyone was blossoming I felt like I was behind on my growth spert so as I waiting patiently to blossom nothing happened. Even after having my daughter my breasts go bigger but not long After shrunk back down the its regular size. It's depressing to feel like a 15 year old girl actually I shouldn't even say 15 year old because girls these days 15 and younger have way bigger breasts lol. My boyfriend and family always tell me there's nothing wrong with you love yourself and your body the way it is it's perfect, and I understand that but it's like my mother aunts sister and everyone else has big breast except for me. I mean my boyfriend is now okay with what ever decision I make Which I am thankful for. I'm waiting until my 22nd birthday in February to go through with my procedure so I can receive silicone 425cc implants with warrenty! So stay tuned and watch my journey as I transform into the sexy woman I was meant to be!! Lol ;)

Wish boobs but these are my ideal boobies!! I want I want ????

400cc sizers but thinking about going bigger boob greed already? ????

These are 400ccs mentor silicone sizers, I originally wanted this size but now there like looking a bit small :/ I think I could go up a few sizes what do you think?

Finally had my consultation!

The facility was beautiful! The staff was so friendly and the doctor! The doctor was the bomb very friendly and well educated! Today was my first consultation and the second I met the doctor I was sold! He told me everything I needed to know answered my questions & gave me a realistic idea of what my post op tatas would look like! After just one time meeting him I knew he was the one! So I booked my surgery for February 10th in his Harrison office I put down a down payment and I've never been more anxious for something in my life ????????

At home rice sizers

I like the way my left breast looks because it is a lot fuller then my right I'm hoping my PS can even them out ???? 2months and 1 day til surgery eek! So excited I wish it was sooner

Almost time! Less than one month away

I filled my prescriptions last week & took my blood work on Saturday I'm so excited & nervous! I'm filled with so many emotions right now it's cray. I've been having second thoughts I think it's just my anxiety, starting to think it's a waste of money and what if they don't come out good or how I'd hoped they would ughh I mean I keep telling myself it's gonna be okay these are just your nerves you've come to far too to turn around :/

Pick these up today

Seen a lot of other woman get these so I thought it was a good idea to pick them up. And plus with the heightened nipple sensitivity and also having an areolar incision these work out perfectly

Count down! 18 days ????

Mixed emotions..

My surgeries next week! I can't believe it's here. I have so many different emotions right now. I'm excited, Anxious and definitely nervous but that's all to be expected this is life changing! I'm also really stressed out which I know I shouldn't be. This is something I've wanted to do for so long not for anyone but myself. My boyfriend is very supportive but today I find out he told his brothers and his whole family knows plus all there girl friends, (mind you they all talk a lot) my problem is why is what I do with my body a topic of discussion. I'm grown enough to make this decision and I'm paying for my own damn surgery. This is something personal to me like why go and tell your family so I can hear people's judgements? It's annoying I haven't even told my own family. He says "well you told your friends" okay my friends not the whole damn world. It's annoying and they act very immature. I'm trying to pay it no mind but I'm just so sick of the comments about what I do with myself that if someone says something i don't care who you are I will come out my mouth.

So relieved :)

I never look forward to a period but when it's expected the day before surgery I'm definitely happy when it comes early one less thing to have to worry about when I'm all drugged up and in pain lol

6 more days guys! :D

I can't wait to have some boobies!

Two days omg :)

I'm so excited It's two days away I feel like it was just yesterday I was saving up and planning on doing the surgery in a few months, crazy it 2days away

Anxiety! Surgeries tomorrow morning!

I literally can't breath well I'm being dramatic lmao but my anxiety is at an all time high. Like seriously this is really happening?! I just took out all my piercings omg I feel so naked with out them! I took a nice hot shower and washed my hair (as instructed by PS) also to shower again tomorrow morning. My nipples seriously look so funny without my barbells in. One of my fears is that my nipple piercings will close its been two years so I'm hoping they won't but jeez I went through so much pain for those babies, and it's not like after surgery I cant put them in I'm getting the areola incision so I have no idea how long I have to wait >.< but I mean boobies over everything right? I got them to make myself feel better about my itty Tittys so I guess if they close I could take that loss :/ but anyway I'm really not even scared about the whole surgery I'm scared about the pain after I'm honestly way to independent like I do everything cook clean take care of the baby and my boyfriend so it's gonna be funny to see how him taking care of me is gonna work out. Also my best friend is sleeping over tonight she's gonna be the one bringing me to and from surgery so I'm very grateful. For the past month I've felt like time just flew by and now that it's a few hours away it's going so slow.. But wish me luck guys and I will be sure to continue to update my journey

I look crazy lol but I'm up and soon to be headed to surgery

Last night was terrible I couldn't sleep for anything, I woke up so sleepy and sore and with so much anxiety I also felt nauseas when I woke up and the thought of having to be in the office 90minutes prior to surgery is gonna make my anxiety crazy too.. The waiting period lol well I'll update you guys when I get home

I'm here!! Waiting patiently

So there's been a change my surgeon is no longer using mentor so I will be receiving allergen natrelle implants

Surgery went great I got 415cc hp

I actually feel so good a little sore and some pressure but it's really not as bad as people make it seems to me it was a breeze everyone was great and I'd deff do it all again if I had too

I wanna say I spoke to soon

So after surgery I felt great some pain and pressure as expected but as time past by the pain started to set in. It's still not bad nothing I can't handle, I also think it's not so bad because I had a child and the pain/pressure is very similar to when your milk first comes in. So I also took my Vicodin and muscle relaxers BEWARE they will make you vomit! I even took them with food and I just threw up 5 times back to back. My surgeon luckily just called to check in it said its normal but the one thing about me is I'd rather feel pain then feel nauseas and throw up I'm like a little kid with that lol and lord throwing up with the boobs is rough hurts like hell

Very high up and swollen

It's day 3 post op still sore and tight extremely painful when I wake up it seems kind of unbearable but then my body adjusts I can't wait to see results and see my breasts settle

Feeling a little down

So today I finally took a shower and got to see my breasts my boyfriend started making fun saying they look brolic like a mans chest whatever I shrugged it off cause I know I'm gonna look good once they settle. But he just keeps staring at them cause they look abnormal I guess and I feel myself holding back my tears.. Like being unable to do much for myself isn't making me feel bad enough maybe I'm being emotional I heard the meds do that to you ugh just needed to vent so I didn't cry in front of him.

Changed out of surgical bra to a tight cotton sports bra

Surgical bra was a nightmare I have very sensitive skin so I started breaking out. I'm loving how big my boobs are like the pic does no justice I hope they don't get that much smaller and I can't wait for the drop and fluff fairy to come and give me those big bouncy tatas ;)

Munchies :)

When your boyfriend goes out in 3 degrees to get you your fav snacks that is love lol

Happy Valentine's Day boobie sisters??

Enjoy with your loved ones and those in recovery take it easy

Did my hair & make up :)

Getting better ;)

Day 6

Still very high and tender looking kind of small

One week post op

Had my 1 week post off check up, doc took out stitches and taught me how to massage he was like there really high up so keep massaging they need to drop but the massaging hurts

1 week and 1 day update

Starting to round out a bit looking closer and better. Honestly didn't realize the progress until I looked at my day two pic side by side to a pic I took today at 1week and 1day post op :) feeling happy no worries girls in recovery all we need is patience!! Lol I'm still learning that

Trying on my new Bralette


2 weeks post op

No much change my right is still kind of Squarish looking in comparison to my left which is rounder and fuller anxious for my right to catch up and for them both to start dropping faster I deff feel like these massages aren't working lol or maybe I just really have no patience

Showing off a little boobie ;)

Lol feels good to not be completely flat as a board

Incisions at 2weeks post op

Steri strips fell off tonight, replaced them with nexcare waterproof translucent dressings

Before & after

& yes I'm 2weeks post op and did just put my piercings back in I've been told there's risks but I feel my incisions have healed nicely and I've had my piercings in for 2 years now I refuse to allow them to close

Incision healing progress

I love love love! The choice I made to go through the areola you can't even tell I've had incisions I hate scars! Best decision ever

I am almost at my 1 month mark I'm 4 days short

My boobs look great I'm still waiting for more projection and for them to look even I guess cause one sides dropping faster than the other the nipples look uneven, another issue I've had is the itching I'm trying so hard not to itch so I don't get stretch marks but I think it's the bra or something but my whole breast gets dry and itchy.

3week appointment update over 1 month post op

Saw Doctor Greenwald today for a check up, he put me back in the strap with added padded foam pressure on my right breast the breast that's still riding a bit high, I also purchase some silicone scar gel from my PS's office. I hope my breasts catch up soon he seemed a little concerned which kinda has me worried he told me to wear the strap at night but I'm gonna try and go the whole day unless I need to go out. Hopefully by the next 3 weeks when I got for my follow up they both dropped into place :/

Scar update!

Scars healing gre

Scar update!

Scars healing great on both sides, I honestly didn't really even think I needed to purchase the scar gel but I mean shoot if I can completely flatten them they why not right? Because there a tab elevated but you can't even notice the scar

4 weeks 7 days update

Still sleeping with the pad and strap and aggressive massages, the right is so stubborn

1 month 13 days post op

Almost 2 months post op!

I honestly forget about my boobs sometimes they feel like a part of me. As I said before I wish they were bigger :/ always go bigger if you can ladies!! Seriously they come out smaller especially if you go under the muscle

Finally got sized! And bought my first bra :)

Today was exciting!! I'm officially a D cup , 34D to be exact and I love they way they look with a bra on

I swear you never realize how big your transformation is until you look at old pics

Though I'm wearing a push up bra it's just so crazy how flat I was and what I was wearing at the time was a "push up" lmao clearly I had nothing to push up but you get it
New York Plastic Surgeon

Super talented, kind and professional! And my boobs are so bomb now!! Thanks to him

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