5'8", 138 lbs, 35Y/O, Mom of 2 - 485cc Moderate Silicone Unders - New York, NY

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Long story short, always wanted them but never...

Long story short, always wanted them but never even considered surgery because I was afraid of all the risk and putting myself through it. After doing research and finding the risk reasonable, I figured after 2 kids that it's now or never. Feeling optimistic about the decision and looking forward to welcoming the girls!

PreOp: 1 month away!!!

Hey there! I’m still a month and a half away from surgery and focusing on fitness. My PS already told me that I will not be able to work out for several weeks and I’m afraid of gaining weight. I still have about 10lbs to get to my goal weight. It’s funny because one of my fears with the losing weight was the little bit of boobs that I already have and now that I know I’m getting them I’m gunning for my goal without hesitation.

My nutrition is on track and I work out every morning… determined to keep it up. I decided to tell only a handful of friends and family about the surgery because I find that it is something I’ve already decided and only value my and partner’s opinion. I’m blessed that he’s unconditionally supportive as he knows that it is something I have always wanted to do. I told him he might just get to play with them… ha! Today I needed a strapless bra and went to Victoria’s Secret and got measure: 32C… I have no idea how I am even a C but needed the bra nonetheless! Happy to share my journey and experience so if anyone has any questions, feel free!

3 Weeks Away: Planning, Nervous but Still Ready!

Almost three weeks away and it’s getting real! At this point:

- I have received paperwork from the PS confirming the date and instructions along with PreOp Instructions, list of medication to stop taking, Final Bill, PostOp Instructions, and PreOp Testing.
- I have an appointment schedule for the testing this week. I hope that everything goes well and I’m cleared. *fingers crossed*
- Feeling nervous, mostly surrounding recovery. I plan to go back to work on Day 6 PostOp. Wondering if the amount of time is too short but (at this point) not willing to lengthen it and lose vacation time and take away time from the kids. Ideally, want to bounce back ASAP. Trying to stay as realistic as possible with the expectations.
- Another aspect I’m worried about is people close to me noticing the change. I decided not to tell many people because I find it to be personal. I already had an instant where I told a close friend and her boyfriend brought it up. I am pegging that one to the risk you take when you tell people your business. Still worried about the conversation if someone asks or brings it up. Depending on the person, I’ll decide whether it’ll range from “Sure, they are all mines” to “Not too comfortable chatting about it.” I’m cringing even writing this because those are just conversations I do not care to have. I’m direct so it’s all or nothing with me.
- I remain happy with the decision to do it. Mainly because I want to feel feminine and not be afraid of the things I wear because I’m too flat. Feeling extremely blessed to have a close friend who has already had them for several years, this community and FB community to help understand all the things this process entails. I even found a girl that had the surgery with my PS and it’s been such a comfort to see her progress.
- I’m told that Arnica Montana tablets are good for the bruises and soreness and I’m currently testing that theory with all the bumps and bruises I easily get all the time. Supposedly taking it ahead of time improves your chance but it’s just a theory. I went all over the place looking for them and finally got them on Amazon.

I highly recommend Snapchat as a source. Unbelieve that you actually get to see surgeries in real time. Not for the faint of heart… they are some I just can not stomach!

More planning to come as the day approaches. Until then, hope everyone is enjoying their summer! ?

2 Weeks PreOp… yikes!

Keep busying because there is nothing to do but wait, gals. Surgery is officially paid and PreOp testing should be finalize this week. I am getting more nervous but excited as each day passes about so many different things. None that I haven’t prepare for but things that indicate that it’s just a normal part of the process leading up to the day. I’m worried mainly about the surgery and getting cut. I’m worried about being disappointed if everything doesn’t turn out as expected in respect to results and recovery process.

My blood work came back indicating an infection (currently being treated with antibiotics) and anticipating that I will be all cleared for surgery by the end of the week. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND DOING THE BLOODWORK AT THE BEGINNING OF WHATEVER TIMELINE that your surgery recommends so you have plenty of time to tie up loose ends and eliminate surprise. I want to buy things that will help me prepare for recovery but I don’t want to get too out of hand so impatiently waiting. I want to buy a D bra SO BAD but who knows if that will be my size afterwards. At this moment ,It feels weird and surreal like it is something that is not really happening soon. Focusing on work and home to make sure all is together so I can rest easy once it is done. Pray for me!

Cleared for surgery but debating size!

Officially cleared for surgery! New ‘me’ in less than 2 weeks.

So I did the RICE TEST last night and (whoa!) I think I may be going a tad too big with the 485cc. Deciding between 445 and 485cc Silicone Moderate +. I’m 5’8”and 135lbs. Anyone else with similar stats or body frame? I just don't want them too big for my frame.

9 Days away!

I go in next week and I am trying to stay as neutral as possible and not make it a big deal. My mother is trying to scared me out of it but I’m solid on my research and following my husband advice and enjoying the process for what it is. If I committed to do this, I accept that it comes with risks and joys. Very little to deter me at this point and that’s why I decided to let only a few people in on the secret. Aside from looking at me and judging, I figured I could care less about both so there is no need to discuss this in explicit details with anyone. All I do care about is feeling and looking feminine, wearing no bra with certain clothes, and not wearing padding anymore… woohoo! I realized that shopping for clothes is not my thing because of the disappointment I’ve experienced so far and having to accommodate being flat chested and feel so limited. Almost there!

Before Pics

As the date approaches, I can finally admit how tire I am of looking deflated. Was very apprehensive about posting these pics. They are currently serving as inspiration right now as surgery nerves set in having me questioning whether I am crazy to be doing this at all. But yes, I decided that I CANNOT die without cleavage!

Officially on Boobie Side

Went with the 485cc. No pain but muscles were sore and tight right from the start. I rested and loving them already. Dr. Greenwald and his staff were fantastic. So blessed to my have my husband talking care of me!

Post Day 3

They are looking and feeling better each day. Today I stop the prescribed meds and sticking to regular extra strength Tylenol, only because I'm starting to feel the incisions. Burning sensation and pulling. Drinking lots of water to flush out the led toxins from my system. I was getting headaches from withdrawal from the Hydrocone indicating a liver overload. Starting to feel like my normal self. Head back to work on Monday.

Post Op Day 6

Back at work and feeling great about this decision. Overall what mattered to me was feeling sexy and womanly and I am happy to report that I feel both... recovery and all! Luckily I have a desk job and my work is moderately stressful. Excited that there is more to look forward to with the drop and fluff process. For some reason the incisions start serious burning mostly when I sit in the car. I do not know if it is the sitting position, the sun hitting them, or just a coincidence but it gets intense. Only Tylenol for now whenever I feel like the burning is going to be prolonged and before bed. Otherwise, doing Arnica and Bromelain to reduce swelling. First Post Op appointment tomorrow. More to come!

1st Post Op Appt

They are little high but looking good. Cleared for underwire during the day and sports bra at night. Massage implants inward two times daily and let steri strips fall off naturally. No heavy lifting… including two year olds who like to throw tantrums (my son). Next visit in two weeks for scar cream and progress. Will post pic tomorrow. I love Dr. G!

I'm obsessed... Loving the new me!

Today is all about self love... Happy with my new girls!

Crease Incision

Not much to report but I have to touch on crease incision. I’m utterly surprised at the how pleasant my incisions look for less than two weeks. Just wow! I’m so proud on my surgeon on the job well done. I have a stitch on the right breast which I suspect will come out at next week’s appointment. Experiencing some nipple sensitivity and slight soreness yesterday but better today. I’m quite positively that if I ever have to go through this experience again, I would not be so scared of the timing of recovery and praying Dr. G is still around. Happy with the decision and to document it to inform others. I may have mention this before but life is just better with boobs!

Week 4 Update

Coming along smooth and thrilled with the results. Are these really mines?!
New York Plastic Surgeon

He concisely answered all my questions before I even asked them, which made it clear that he's experienced and confident in his craft. He was my first and only consultation and based on the reviews, connecting with recent patients and meeting him it feels I'm in the right hands. He made me feel comfortable even with my husband in the room. Dr. Greenwald was straightforward and that is something I very much value. He's on point and hands you the info to decide with no pressure. It has been a pleasure working with him as I welcome the girls! Ha!

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