32 Current 34/A Want to Be Full B Small C

I only am in the consultation stage right now. Had...

I only am in the consultation stage right now. Had a few, but so far Dr. Joshua Greenwald is my favorite. Now I don't know if I should have saline or silicone and 280 or 300 cc? Silicone sounds like it would be better, but saline safer? Will mammograms detect a ruptured silicone breast implant? Because I won't be getting MRI's every 3 yrs like they suggest!

Appointment is booked! It's official! I chose Dr. Greenwald and will have this done end of December.

I can not wait! I also will go in again to talk about some things I am considering still! Saline vs. silicone. 275 cc vs 300cc. ..... is there anything else I should talk to him about during this re consult?

Pre surgery diet Suggestions please...

How can I stop thinking about this and speed up time! I am beyond excited.....a little nervous. What can someone suggest I eat and don't eat prior to my surgery!

Trying on with sizers!!

So I started going into this with the idea of getting 275cc, now I am between 310 and even 325.... I am normally a 34 A and have a broader shoulder build. Here are some pictures with no sizers, 310 and then 325. Of course I know the rice test isn't 100% but gives me an idea. With the sizers I like the 310, but keeping in mind I lose the 25cc going under the muscle should I get 325?
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