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I only am in the consultation stage right now.

I only am in the consultation stage right now. I don't know if I should have saline or silicone and 280 or 300 cc? Silicone sounds like it would be better, but saline safer? Will mammograms detect a ruptured silicone breast implant? Because I won't be getting MRI's every 3 yrs like they suggest! 

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Appointment is booked! It's official! I will have this done end of December.

I can not wait! I also will go in again to talk about some things I am considering still! Saline vs. silicone. 275 cc vs 300cc. ..... is there anything else I should talk to him about during this re consult?Review edited by cardo12 12/9/16

Pre surgery diet Suggestions please...

How can I stop thinking about this and speed up time! I am beyond excited.....a little nervous. What can someone suggest I eat and don't eat prior to my surgery!

Trying on with sizers!!

So I started going into this with the idea of getting 275cc, now I am between 310 and even 325.... I am normally a 34 A and have a broader shoulder build. Here are some pictures with no sizers, 310 and then 325. Of course I know the rice test isn't 100% but gives me an idea. With the sizers I like the 310, but keeping in mind I lose the 25cc going under the muscle should I get 325?

So excited 17 days to Go

I am counting down the days, trying to plan for the week of BA, getting everything I need today, I already have front closure bras, neck pillow, scar sheets, bio oil, what else is SUPER important, should I buy arnica and bromeline? I also am still debating size. 310, 325? I am getting moderate profile so don't even know if that size is available? Did anyone get allergan brand 325? Mod profile?

Trying on looks with and without

I really wanted to see how some tops would look after my surgery... here is a new top I got and of course can't wear it without a cami under right now, here's a pic with reg. Bra and cami, and one pic with rice sizers 320cc of how the top should REALLY LOOK! Can't wait to see this top on after my BA!!!!

Had my pre op EKG , and blood work tomorrow, medicine picked up too!

Went to get an EKG and get cleared for surgery! Tomorrow is blood work! My general doctor was so sweet and supportive! I was shy to talk about it, but she said "if you've been thinking about it for awhile than you should do it, don't go to large and can't wait to see the results" that made me feel so comforted since people are so skeptical of cosmetic surgery. Nice dr. And she's heard of my plastic surgeon and said I chose a great one! I also talked to her about being on The pill and what she thought since every dr, has a different answer! I guess I will stop 10 days prior. Has anyone stayed on the pill with BA, and been ok? I wouldn't want to change my schedule if I can? Big day is Dec 21, and still thinking 310 is probably best bet, I don't want to look obvious.

Blood work done!

I hate blood work, I get nervous and want to faint! So I told the tech - turns out he's from Jamaica. Told him been several times, so he starts singing "don't worry about a thing" one of my favorite songs! I smiled and felt so much better! I guess I have to man up if I want surgery, and am a baby about blood work! I guess if the DR. Is good it makes things so much more comforting to me!!

7 days to go!!!

Well the anxiety and excitement are overwhelming! My blood work came back today and all good! It's really official! I wanted to also see if I could move my scheduled surgery up one day from 21 to 20, but figured everything is already situated why change things up? Right?
Questions: 1.) I just realized I am set to have laser hair removal on Dec 30, so 9 days after surgery? Do u think I will be up to it? I should be able to drive myself right? And it takes like 20 minutes so I want to keep my appt!!!
2.) I was thinking about buying "eden knows implants" recovery kit, but it's $159! Has anyone bought this? I read some bad info on bio oil today!

Nightlift bra

Help! I want to order this bra to have by next week! Don't have a measuring tape around! I am currently a 34A, getting about 310-325 CC silicone mod + anatomical!
What size bra should I buy 34d or 36c, I don't want the band to be tight around my back but also don't want the cup to be huge! Any previous nightlift shoppers can help me? I am in denial that I might be D, so not sure about a 34d, but c cup might be to
Tight? Especially after surgery right? I need to be able to sleep on my side asap! I am normally a stomach sleeper so this is the biggest thing I am dreading!! Help me!

Any previous

Today is the day!!

Well I got here at 10:00 on the dot, as set! 11:30 is my scheduled surgery! Was given a dose of Dramamine right now to relax, changed into my gown, blood pressure taken! Ready to do this! Very happy! I thought I would be more nervous, but I feel at ease, I'm sure the Dramamine is helping! Wish me luck, and to all the ladies going in today best of luck to u!!!

Surgery was a breeze, wow!

I asked the nurse what time to dr. Started she said 11:15, and I was waking up at 12:05! Amazing! Discharged by 1:00. Feel wonderful hopefully once these meds wear off and I take the other pills (Vicodin) I will also feel great! Now I'm in the passengers side relaxing with pillow and a neck pillow ! Fully supported! We ended up doing 310cc both side with a smooth round silicone implant by natrelle! Holy shit! It's done ????????!

Day after surgery

Morning was brutal! I needed assistance getting propped up. I probably could have done it, but didn't want to mess anything up and hurt myself! So far only half a pain pill(vicodin ) since 8:00 am, and feel ok. Just taking it easy! Post op appt tomorrow at 9:50! I'll probably shower tomorrow, baby wipes and face wipes make me feel fresh! A shower today would be ok per the Dr. But, sounds like torture to me. I'll wait to tomorrow! I slept through the night. Woke up at 5, to use the bathroom, hurt when I got up and felt dizzy walking back! I took a cold compress to my head and laid back down and was all good! It's from all the meds! And I only took half a pain pill! The muscle relaxers are better.

My card and post op

Post op went great! Very quick, since I can't see the Dr. Next week he told me at week 1 I can start wearing an under wire bra during the day and sports bra type at night! Also gave me the directions to massage at week 1, basically pushing them inward. I have most pain in my sternum today, when he pressed on it. Also my incisions BC I think the band of the post op was squeezing. Is it normal that my incisions have pain? It's manageable but weird! I guess it makes sense it does feel like a deep cut which it is! I switched to a more comfier post op bra I bought for myself! Hopefully tomorrow is even better!

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