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I've always wanted a breast augmentation and...

I've always wanted a breast augmentation and especially after having 2 kids who have been breast fed, I have skin there, but no volume. I have to always wear a push up, padded bra to look like I have something there. I finally woke up one day and decided, this was it. I needed this and I started researching and looking for plastic surgeons. I want huge breasts, I used to be a full C before I had kids so I already know what it feels like to have a C. However this time, I want a full D or even DD, but it has been suggested I shouldn't go too big because of my small frame, but I don't care that's what I want. I want full breasts and I have chosen Mentor Silicone Gel for my BA. I just scheduled for the BA and I am beyond ecstatic. My BA is in 2 weeks!

Itty Bittys

Here are my sad boobies of what they look like now.

Research Research Research!

Ahhh! These past few days I've been going crazy with the vast amount of knowledge I've gained from reading from some people's personal experiences. I'm elated to have been helped by some of you lovely ladies on this website and I wanted to say thank you!!!

My main concern is trying to decide between moderate profile plus or high profile. Regardless of each profile, I would like to have a DD. I think that would be up to my doctor's choice in deciding which profile will better suit me. I've been so excited though and the days feel like it's slowly passing. April 21st can't come soon enough! I bought a VS front close bra on Sunday in a 34DD because that is my dream size lol so I'm definitely bringing it in to my PS so he can see what I want lol


Age: 25
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 115 lb
Bra Size: Deflated 32B

BA Wishes
Size: Full 34 D-DD Bra Size
CC: 450-475 CC
Type: Silicone Mentor Memory Gel
Profile: Moderation Plus Profile
Placement: Sub muscular Placement
Incision: Inframammary


T-10 Hours!

10 more hours till the big change!

Unfortunately the biggest problem I have now is that my mother is so against this Breast Augmentation.... Which makes me feel bad and sad, but she can't seem to grasp the concept that this is for me and not for her. This decision has nothing to do with her. Le sigh.... The only thing I can do is just get it done and over with and then she'll have no choice or say but to accept me as I am.

Anyway I have my prescriptions filled, I set some clothes aside that I can wear easily, I got some jello and crackers, I prepared food for the week, I got 3 post op bras, but aside from that I don't really have anything else prepared. I'm kind of just winging it lol. Horrible! I know that I'm under prepared, but I've just been spending my whole time researching and reading for the past 3 weeks and trying not to spend so much money. Lol

I know I'm rambling but I did read that anesthesia could make you depress. Is it worth getting some anti depressants? I do get bad anxiety already. What do you ladies think?

It's Done!!

600 CC High Profile Mentor Memory Gel Silicone!!!!

Day Of Surgery

Too nauseous to go into depth about the surgery at the moment lol

Surgery Day

Woke up at 6:30 am, showered, cooked my family breakfast, got dressed, got the kids ready, dropped them off, and started heading to the PS office at 9:30 and got there at 10:00.

I got my vitals taken, pregnancy test done, and waited for the doctor till 11:30. He came in and we started talking sizes. I told him I wanted to be a full D to DD and my husband told him that what I really wanted was a DD. He asked me how many CCs I was thinking of and I told him 450CC-500CC. The doctor agreed, marked me up and told me he'll see me in the OR.

The nurse OR came, took me in the OR, the anesthesiologist hooked my IV up, and next thing I knew I has awoken in the recovery room with Dr. Greenwald beside me and telling me he put in 600CC! I had to ask him again like seriously?! 600CC?! I was flabbergasted! I never even considered it! So he walked away as I was in awe and trying to wake up from my anesthesia....

So fast forward to 1 day post up and I'm in so much pain. The majority of my pain is on my upper back and then there's the pressure of my new girls. My right side is higher and harder than my left. Also on top of that I have a 18 month old son who's attached to me by the hip and he's constantly trying to get me to carry him but I can't. I've been on antibiotics, muscle relaxer, and vicodin. Thank god for my husband's help because I probably wouldn't have done this if it weren't for his support.

I hope this pain goes away because it feels like it's never ending :(

2 Days Post Op

Still feeling pain today, but not as much as yesterday. I've just been more dizzy and nauseous today, but that's probably because I haven't really been wanting to eat anything all day. The majority of my pain is on my upper back and my right breast, which I feel extreme tightness and pressure in equivalent to when my breast filling out when I used to breast feed my kids.

I also took my postop bra off today to try on a bra I bought before surgery in the size I want 34DD and it filled out really well. However when I had no bra on, it felt so heavy and pressured. It feels weird with these new girls. I loveeee them, but this pain is so off putting. :'(

Nipple Sensation? Where art thou?

Woke up this morning with that morning boob... well more of stiffness in my arm and back. As I got up to move around my boobies felt tight and heavy. I'm not exactly massaging them yet, but I'm slowly caressing them with TLC. Lol

Anyway what I've noticed is that I don't feel my nipples lol. I have them pierced, but I never lost the sensation before so it's weird that I don't have any sensation now. When I feel my boobs and get to the nipple area, it feels like nothing. I do hope I'll get the feeling back eventually.

On the pain scale today, I think it has come down to a 7 or 6? I think due to the bigger size implant, I have more pain. My spring break is over and I have yet to go back to clinicals/class. My husband took my 18 month old son to the babysitter and I'm home with my 4 year old today. The majority of my pain on my boob itself is on the lateral sides of my boobs near my armpit, but more painful on my right side because I'm predominantly right handed?

On a side note, I really need to shower lol I feel so icky today, but I'm so scared about the incision area. I haven't even looked at it yet. Anyway going back to sleep now, will post up pictures later!


I finally passed a BM todayyy!!! The relief I feel is beyond satisfying lol. I also managed to fit in my very expensive Victorias Secret front close sports bra. (60 but i paid 30 after coupons) I've been wearing all day without connecting the underwired bra underneath. I feel better today, I finished all of my muscle relaxers and my antibiotics and I feel a little more energetic too. The only pain I feel is from my upper back and the tightness around my right boob.

My husband showered me yesterday and it was disastrous, but I feel better. It felt so weird without a bra, I couldn't breathe, and I actually started getting an anxiety attack while he was showering me that I had to get out. I then started crying so bad and I couldn't explain why. But it felt like everyone was so against me and I felt all alone. But I'm glad I'm over it today. I woke up today loving my girls :)


So it's been 10 days since I've had the procedure done. I went to my post op appointment on Monday and I started this breasticize where I have to squeeze my breasts together for 10 seconds 10 times 5 times a day. So approximately 50 squeezes throughout the day. It actually helps A LOT with the tensing of the breasts.

I went back to work 1 week after the BA and it was a horrible first day because I had to drive to work and it takes approximately 40 minutes from my house to drop off my daughter and to get to work and not even counting the time it takes to find parking in Manhattan. This past monday gave me so much tension on my breast and it gave me a lot of back pain. And I realized I've been having a lot of upper back pain because I had slept wrong for the first week after the BA. Currently I just sleep on my back and I haven't even attempted to sleep on my side yet and I don't think I will for a while lol. The pain goes away more and more each day. Whenever I feel tense on my boobs, I always find a place and do my breasticize and it eases the tension.

Anyway, back to my boobies! My right side is still high and my left side has dropped a little more and is more fuller. I really hope my right side drops soon because the unevenness of my nipples drives me crazy. And I can't wear a shirt that shows my CRAZY cleavage because I can see the unevenness and I don't want it to be obvious to other people. Oh so during my post op appointment, the doctor said everything looks great and also I have to wear an underwire bra during the day and a sports bra at night when I sleep to prevent bottoming out. I found my bra when I was breast feeding and it's a 36D and I fit it pretty well. I also fit into a 34DD which is its sister size but I'm liking the 36D much better for the comfort. But so far I am LOVING my girls! I love that it's huge and so does my husband lol! He can't keep his hands off them lol

1 month later!

My birthday was yesterday! Officially 26 years old lol. Anyway my boobs are coming along boobifully! They look amazing! They feel amazing! However I don't think I'm going to get any bigger than a 34 DD which is what bra size I've been wearing and buying lol. I just can't imagine them getting any bigger. They have dropped a lot! and they fill out my body sooooo nicely! I'm absolutely in love! I was afraid I couldn't pull them off because I'm only 5 feet and 120 lbs (so sad lol) now, but they do look almost natural to me!
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Greenwald is in fact the Boob God! I was googling him for weeks trying to find anything negative, but nope! I couldn't find anything wrong. He was straight to the point, informative, and super helpful. I didn't even mention his staff! They were all helpful as well and super nice! After researching and researching for many other plastic surgeons, I feel like Dr. Greenwald is the best at what he does! Also for the price that I paid, it was not only the cheapest, but the best quality work I've seen online. Meanwhile, I live in New York and the majority of the prices I've seen ranges from 8000-12000. On top of that Dr. Greenwald's work shows that in his breast augmentations, the nipples are even which is important to me lol. I've only gotten a breast augmentation with him, but I've got to say he's a perfectionist. He also gave me what I wanted and exceeded my own expectations. I knew he'd be the plastic surgeon for me as soon as I met him. He was also there by my side as I woke up from surgery and called me personally the next day to check up on me. I'm so happy to have found him and he's definitely worth it!

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