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Hello girls...I have been reading all your...

Hello girls...I have been reading all your experiences and finally decided to also share mine. I am 28 yrs. 5'7" 155 lbs. No kids yet. about 2 years ago I went to a doctor at a spa who claimed to be a certified plastic surgeon and i did not do my research on him. I impulsively got lipo with a fat transfer to buttock because the dr. gave me a good deal.

Well i was awake the whole time and long story short it hurt like hell and i am now worse then when i went in. truthfully my body was just fine before i just wanted my saddle bags gone and my butt bigger and this dr. did what he wanted. He took to much fat from my outer thighs. My left thigh is left dented in with a bulge and my right is not So bad but there is an indent there too. and my butt is the same ..he also took to much from my hips causing them to be uneven and now it looks like i have love handles that i did not have before. So now 2 yrs. later I am going to get this all fixed and the butt i wished for, hopefully.

My sis has recently went to Dr Guzman in Harrison Ny and had her boobs done and a bbl so i went to see if he can fix me up. I am very nervous because of the last experience. My sister results so far are really good. but i am a different case because of the previous lipo also he said i do not have enough fat to place and would like me to gain some weight. He said he could put about 350 but i would like 500-700...i do not want a huge butt but a little more would be nice and I understand that some of the cells die.

I am not telling anyone that I'm doing this only my sister and my fiancé . My fiancé sees the dent and imperfections i have and loves me no matter what and he thinks I'm crazy for messing with what God gave me. He unintentionally makes me feel guilty for wanting this done :( he supported me the first time and that didn't work out so well lol and now he can't believe I want to put myself through this again but i want to be happy again. I want my body back. I don't have any pix, my phone is terrible ...I am upgrading next month to a better phone and I will then post pix.

I love this site cus it really helps to talk with ppl who know what ur going thru and understand it.

White Plains Plastic Surgeon

My sister has had a few procedures done by this Doctor.

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