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This will be my second trip under the knife this...

This will be my second trip under the knife this year. I had breast implants done in July 2012. I was really happy with the outcome. Went from 36 b to 38d. I choose high profile saline 550ccs. I didn't do tt at the time due to work schedule.

Hubby and I talked it over and decided this would be my birthday and Christmas present. I love him so much for allowing me to do this. Getting pretty nervous. Have CBC done Thursday taking vitamins to help with recovery or I at least hope. Zinc b complex vitamin d iron and pre natal. I have had three c-sections so I'm hoping pain will be tolerable. Will keep you posted as time grows closer.

So two more days! Can't sleep, eat, or think...

So two more days! Can't sleep, eat, or think straight.... Trying to get all house chores in order before my TT. Luckily we have a nanny to help out with things. Starting to feel a little selfish since I am having surgery during Christmas vacation and kids are home. I won't be able to do much with them :( I did start preparing my 2 year old with mommy will have a big ouchie and will not be able to pick you up kinda deal. Will I be expecting pain from hell?

Well just got a call from my PS office letting me...

Well just got a call from my PS office letting me know surgery wont happen 22nd as planned but instead 23rd at 7:15 a.m. Restart countdown.!

So a little under 10 hours before my surgery. Not...

So a little under 10 hours before my surgery. Not nervous so far. Woke up early today walked at track and kept busy all day so that I would be tired and try to sleep tonight. If anything I'm afraid to not wake up in time for surgery... That would suck! Good nite self try and rest.

Had surgery done yesterday. I think went very well...

Had surgery done yesterday. I think went very well and in my opinion a c section is harder. Threw up once went we got home that does hurt though. My hubby had some difficulty changing out dressing due to the griddle place is one of a full bathing suit. He was very careful of not pulling drains. Just waking up now I felt so sleepy. My mother in law sent me some soup with no sodium of course. Already got up to use bathroom ( pee) alone the bad thing us that I have to just pull over crotch part of griddle to pee for a couple of days. I will post a pic later today

Post op 2 back hurts more than anything. Walking...

Post op 2 back hurts more than anything. Walking around hunched over. Draining drains my self. I have already lost 7 pounds !!! Watching diet but I did shower earlier and noticed I started with some swelling. Merry Christmas and good luck to those preparing for surgery.

Day 4 post op Woke up with major back pain. I...

Day 4 post op

Woke up with major back pain. I was passing gas all nite. My ps called on Christmas to check on me and I mention that I was taking pain mess more than I thought I would. She advised only if needed still they cause constipation something I already deal with so didn't take any yesterday or today. I had first bm movement today took 40 mins. So painful but I feel so much better now. I decided to have a shake for breakfast to help keep regular. Maybe helpful to you guys. Two handfuls of spinach one small apple banana a small orange 4 strawberries half a cup of yogurt I like danon light and fit vanilla and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. My post op appt set for tomorrow at 2:15. Hope one of these drains come out.

Well a little jealous of you ladies that are...

Well a little jealous of you ladies that are feeling good about now. Started off day draining fluid from drain sites scared me so I texted my PS and she responsed by letting me know that wasn't good and needed to milk tubes better since they were either kinked or blood clots forming. Then I attempted to wash dishes and tried cleaning up easy stuff around house. Man was that hard to do, never in a million years did I think I would still feel like this a week later. The first couple of days no pain but my back drain sites are so painful. I wore another cg that I purchased from PS and it rubbed sites and irritated so much. Had to change back into other one. I know it's new but trying to put on was so painful I gave up. My husband has big hands and I felt his knuckles digging into my ribs ouch! I haven't been able to stand any straighter still laying at 30 degrees with huge ass pillow under my knees. I feel a yeast infection coming on due to this extra skin tight garment. My private is extra sore sorry if tmi but never thought about that happening. I hope that doesn't affect sex lol sorry again for tmi but I hope it doesn't. I am going back to work Wednesday crazy aren't I? I need more time!!!!!!!

Well today I had my 2 post op visit. Really...

Well today I had my 2 post op visit. Really thought drains would be out today. No such luck. Turns out I wasn't doing a good job milking them and my ps milked out blood clots on both sides and tubes were not draining properly. I thought I was doing good with that :/. So turns out will have to wait until next Tuesday to see if I'm still draining little or nothing at all. She said that pear shape peeps like myself hold more fluid I can understand that. Also my draining site is opening up and burning the piss out of me. Is there anything I can do? I have double gauze as it is!!!! I want these things out! I sleep almost open as is to not disturb them sucks but they need to be there for a reason right? Another full day of work today, really takes a lot out of you. I manage a dental office and even though I sit I am so use to helping the other areas out and I can't. They all just feel bad for me walking around like an eighty year old lol. Started my period yesterday and almost blew out of my cg. Lol I have never been that swollen(bloated) before. So painful so just came home laid down on my heating pad and fell asleep after some midol. Then was told not to take but instead Motrin 800 mgs. Doesn't have same affect as midol but oh well. I did get to wear underwear due to monthly visitor and almost cried at the site of my flat stomach. I have had that kangaroo pouch sine 1997 after first child. Such a beautiful site now. I bought some underwear that have happy new year and waiting to wear them for the hubby, without him I wouldn't have had my floaties and perfect flat stomach lol. I Love My Man! Will post as soon as these drains are gone.

Well they came out today! Left side felt weird...

Well they came out today! Left side felt weird since it was clotting around tube. Felt like when spaghetti is stuck to bottom of pan and you pull it lol right side came out smooth. I am too afraid to look at hole. Ps said that they are like a tunnel and will take a while to heal since they were stretched and irritated. Today was the first day I finally feel normal. Walking about 80% upright. Got home folded clothes and did the dishes. Finally get to lay with my little princess tonight. I was waiting for drains to be removed first. She is so happy mommy is laying with her watching lilo and stitch lol. Hope everyone is healing well!

Day 17 feeling good even great! Energy feels back...

Day 17 feeling good even great! Energy feels back almost full force. But at end of day back takes a hit. Saw ps again today to make sure no fluid building up. Said everything looks great. So here is what I'm looking like now. Still a bit of swelling around thighs a belly but I'm doing and healing well. Hope everyone is doing good.

Well it's been 3 weeks since my TT. I feel that...

Well it's been 3 weeks since my TT. I feel that I'm just about 100%. Walking pretty much fully upright, incision looks awesome, only bad thing is now looking at other parts to correct. Lol I now see how cosmetic surgery can get expensive. But I will wait on legs and really do my best to get them to where I would like until I can do lipo and lift. ( if I can work into schedule before end of this year.) my brother gets married in late June and I need to lose 23 more pounds as I promised myself and him. I went in surgery weighing 187 and now at 173. Manage to eat light with no sodas. That was my biggest problem that dang big red! Ps gave ok to start walking but has been cold and wet. I will wait a few more days and hope it clears up a bit. But I have been lucky not to swell only day that I got period. But nothing else to extreme. I do have swelling after working all day but I come home lay for a bit and better. My drain holes are finally closing. Has been a week today that drains were removed. Hope everyone is healing well and I look forward to reading and viewing photos of positive changes.

Well just about 5 weeks down. Nothing really new...

Well just about 5 weeks down. Nothing really new to report but still swell like crazy at end of day. Careful on what I'm eating and drinking. I have lost 17 pounds since surgery! Can't wait to wear clothes without this garment. I get 3 more weeks with it on and 3 More weeks of sleeping on my back. Ps say no sleeping on sides either can compromise stitches inside. Walking again pushing as much as possible and squats which are ok not lunges wonder why. I couldn't even do 5 squats before this I always felt so heavy what a difference 17 pounds make. Hope everyone is doing great!

April 23 wil be 4 months still very happy with...

April 23 wil be 4 months still very happy with results. New pics

Saddle bags

Saddle bags

I'm started to get a little frustrated with this part of my body. I pretty much started this journey to be able to wear a dress for my brothers upcoming wedding. I've done the spanx and nothing seems to really squish this problem area. So my husband made a comment saying you need lipo on those thighs. What? He said now that I have boobs flat stomach they stick out so much more. Well wedding next month been working out at least 3/4 times a week no time for another surgery. Is there another trick to hide these hips that don't lie? :(

wanting a tattoo

Has anyone gotten a tattoo on their tummy since surgery? I'm close to 9 months post op and wanted to get something small. Please let me know

a bit over a year

So the 23rd was a year since my surgery. I'm still very happy with results. however I have gained extra weight around my legs and butt area which I didn't need. I recently started having back problems not sure if its due to my breast augmentation or the fact that I have pretty bad posture but um have seen the chiropractor for the last 3 to 4 months now. he said my back was pretty locked up he said could be due to the fact that my breast or maybe a little too heavy for me and a combination of walking for such a long. Of time hunched over. did anybody else seem to have that problem my surgeries were about 5 months apart. I still would like to see about fixing my nose I'm possibly more like them but other than that I'm very happy with the outcome my surgery. hope everyone is still healing and very happy with the outcome wishing you the best.

2 years post op

it has been almost three years since my breast augmentation and December will be 3 years from my tummy tuck. I gained so much weight, pushing close to 200 pounds. Stomach never stretch didn't gain weight in that area. But I did gain weight and everywhere else. It has been a long road to trying to lose it but I have lost 40 pounds. I still have a goal. I hate that I didn't take care of myself after spending all that money. I am learning to love me again. I do still want other surgeries like a nose job but as far as lipo, I want to work on my body as much as I can.
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