31 Year Old Mommy in Need of Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation...can't Wait for my Procedures. - Harlingen, TX

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I'm 31 yrs old, mommy of 3 I'm 5'3 weight 150...

I'm 31 yrs old, mommy of 3 I'm 5'3 weight 150 pounds I'm having a tummy tuck and breast augmentation on the first of November. I had three cesarean sections and a appendectomy and now my belly literally looks like butt cheeks after having kids. Dr.Ghafoori was the surgeon I chose to have this procedure done, I'm ready after so many years to have it done I'll be telling you and showing you pictures of my journey.

Sizing tomorrow and to sign paperwork

So the nurse called me today and sent me a list of the vitamins I should buy and start taking immediately....also tomorrow I'll sign paperwork and get my sizing, oh my goodness I'm excited and nervous at the same time but ready to get this done.

Sad tummy & sad boobies ????

That's what my tummy looks like it really took a lot of courage for me to post this pictures as I'm embarrassed of my tummy but I'm doing it because I know I'm not the only one who has this issue and I want you to see what I look like and I'll post pictures after surgery as well.

Wish boobs

Those are my wish boobs.

Got sized and blood work done today

So today I had my sizing done I'm getting 520cc high profile silicone under the muscle and also got my blood work done and now I'm impatiently waiting for the day lol.

antibacterial soap tomorrow

So tomorrow I start to shower with the antibacterial soap until Saturday night and then Sunday is the day omg I'm so happy,excited and impatient lol but nervous too.

Tomorrow is the day

Omg excited tomorrow is the big day.

In pain

So yesterday I got my procedures done and I'm in so much pain specially my boobs ...haven't even peeked to see how big they are or how they look

Day two post op

So far so good i been taking my meds for infection, for pain, stool softener n swelling I'm in pain but not like when I got out.

Feeling wonderful

Today I woke up with so much energy and hardly any discomfort...did my massage right away and put the heating pad on for a while and have been moving around more I've noticed the more I massage and walk around the better I feel and I can straighten myself out more ....been changing my gauze and milking my drains by myself so far I've been feeling good I been using the restroom on my own I take my cg off and put it on by myself haven't taken any pain meds during the day since Wednesday when I had my 1st post op visit my ps got after me for taking them she said instead of helping me they were making me feel worse and she was right she recommended to only take them to help me sleep.....hope everyone is doing better.

Day 8 post op

Walking around more easily and more straight....I've noticed my drain isn't filling up like before so far I only have to drain them twice a day even after milking them constantly the liquid is yellowish clear hope when I have my next visit I get it removed fingers crossed.

Forgot to post this on November 5th

This was on November 5th four days post-op.

Drain out...YES!!!!!

So happy today I got my drain removed it sure is a relief that thing was annoying and so uncomfortable and for now on bed rest no walking.

Anxiety episode.

So last night I had an anxiety episode and couldn't sleep at all I'm guessing been in bed and not been able to do anything got to me my body ain't used to not do anything I'm always up and down and all of a sudden I'm not my body couldn't take it luckily I had Valium so took one and problem solved.

New CG

Ok so on Monday I bought a new cg at my ps office since the one I had was a large and was loose already and didn't feel any compression at all anymore so I'm now wearing a medium yay I can honestly say I feel more comfortable with this one...I'm standing more straight which is awesome...the other cg would give me a hunch specially when I would be sitting or laying down and I would get up it would create rolls and make me hunch I hated that I would constantly have to fix it,it was very annoying...hope everyone is doing better.

Very pleased with my PS Dr.Ghafoori

Words cannot express how I feel with my new me I know I still have more to go for my final look but so far I'm very pleased and so thankful with Dr.Ghafoori she's transformed me like I said there's no words to express how I feel I truly recommend her she's a very good surgeon, I know when I first met her she seemed kind of strict but she's very nice and funny, one thing I do have to say she's very blunt she won't sugar coat anything she's honest with anything you ask her and that's what I liked about her she's not like other surgeons that only tell you what you want to hear just so you can have your procedures with them she's very professional when it comes to her job she takes pride in her job I'm so thankful I chose her as my ps and I will most definitely recommend her to family and friends as a matter of fact my two sisters are thinking of going with her too...I haven't felt this emotional and happy when I look myself in the mirror specially after I had my appendectomy back in 2004 that changed my life I felt ugly and unattractive I couldn't wear sexy lingerie for my husband even with him telling me I looked gorgeous but deep down I didn't feel like a woman I didn't feel sexy it was the worst feeling ever but now I feel like myself again and sexier and all thanks to Dr.Ghafoori.

Follow up visit yesterday

So Yesterday I had a follow up visit and everything looks good so far...my ps recommend for me to try and lay down sideways but feels kinda weird to be honest and my boobs felt heavy and weird but I fixed that problem I just put a pillow on the side of my rib cage and a rolled up sock in between my boobs and it felt amazing.

27 days post-op

And I'm very happy with my new me so far I'm doing good...had an appointment last week and my ps was happy with how everything is looking so she schedule me for a follow up in 3 weeks.

The before and after

Wow I look at the pictures and can't believe that was me what a huge change I know I still have a long way to go but I can't help it to cry of happiness I'm very satisfied with my results so far I have no words to describe it.

Post op day 29

Beyond happy:)

1 month 12 days post op

Doing pretty good so far standing completely straight in the AM but get hunched and tired by end of the day by then all I want to do is lay flat on my bed and relax...I still get swollen by the end of the day but nothing extreme.

Follow up visit on 12-17-15

Had a follow up on the 17, my ps put me on Singulair for three months to avoid capsular contracture feeling kinda scared to even think of having one...I've been doing my daily massages like crazy, I'm constantly massaging them without even realizing it lol.....now about my TT I'm super happy with my TT best decision ever...I still swell up specially after a hectic day but very minimal...by the January 2 will be my 2month post op yay!!!....on my appointment my ps gave me the OK to wear a bra underwire of course and no push up bra, as if I need it anymore lol, ok so I went and got sized at Victoria Secret and well no luck finding my size :( so I went to Dillard's and measured 34GG, 34H, 36G & 38DD wow I was shocked and sad to not been able to find any sexy bras to put my girls in since that's why I got BA to look sexy in bras :(...I guess online shopping for sexy bras it is.

New pictures

For some reason the TT scar looks darker than it really is ...also I have an outie belly button which I really don't mind, I didn't have one before my TT so I'm ok with an outie.

8 weeks 3 days po

Oh my! I Can't believe I'm 8 weeks already. I decided to do an update on how things are going for me, ok so I can honestly say I have some good days where I feel energetic and limber and days when I'm the total opposite but I know is my body adjusting and is still too soon for me to feel 100% good. In the morning I wake up perfectly straight and by night time I'm hunching just a little bit and I get some swelling on my abdomen and all I want to do is shower and jump in bed and relax. Now onto my breast I'm taking Singulair daily and massaging rigorously to avoid cc my left boob feels soft and my right too but I do notice since I'm right handed and tend to use my right side more I feel the muscle on that side tense it happens some times not all the time when I use my right side on the top part of my boob, it doesn't hurt or feel any discomfort its just the muscle on top but as soon as I massage it goes away. On the other hand my breast have started to jiggle yay!! I know it's not the same as when I had my real breast but it's an improvement.
I've been reading a lot on BA and I've noticed almost every person who's had silicone implants says the implants will never be as soft as the real tissue I guess I will have to ask my ps about that also if you got high profile or ultra high profile they might never look as natural compared to moderate profile now that's another question to ask my ps, I chose hp because I wanted the upper pole fullness I was lacking after breastfeeding so I'm ok with that actually I love the projection I have so far.

10 weeks

Today is my 10 week post-op and I feel amazing. I'm back to finally cleaning my house the way I like it lol I have OCD so it was hard for me not to be able to get things done my way but now it's a different story lol.... I still can't lift heavy stuff but it's normal, I been walking and doing some light squats tried doing crutches but I don't think I'm ready yet (ps said I could but very light)... Tried to divorce my cg but couldn't be without it, it felt so weird it felt like everything was going to come out I don't know how to explain it it was a weird feeling so I put that bby back on lol....last night I weighed myself and couldn't believe my eyes 135.8 lbs and that's because it wasn't the end of the day I had ate all day and that was my weight I also tried on a pair of jeans and well they were big at the waist yay post op swelling is going down.

Some pics

Forgot to post this pics the other day

More pics

New dress n I love how I look!...no cg

Week 12

Three months post op

Wow! I can't believe it's been 3 months since my procedure I feel amazing. I've been walking so much tried to run but oh heck no it felt so weird and that's because I was wearing 3 cg's, also I've been working on my abs a little bit nothing with excessive force I'm taking it slow, can't wait to run and really work my abs but I know I need to be patient it'll be over soon and I'll be back to running and working out sooner than expected.

4th month post op

Yay! Can't believe it's been 4 months already, I'm still in love with my procedure Dr. Ghafoori did an amazing job I couldn't be happier. I've kept my weight so far, I still take Singulair and massage my breast daily let's see what else oh yeah I still swell up specially after 6 or 7 at night but nothing major I know it's normal to swell up still...Patience! Patience!

New update

So I've noticed my bras don't fit anymore I don't know if they got bigger or they just fully fluffed and settled, the struggle is real on finding a new bra :( also I've noticed my breast are very soft that sometimes I forget I had a breast augmentation which is awesome.

5 months and 9 days post op

It's been five months and nine days since my surgery and I feel amazing. Tried the marble thing again and I'm glad I did. Marks are from cg which I still wear 24/7 except when I take a shower every day of course and when I wash it I also wear another cg on top of my cg for more support and to continue to contour my waist.

Belly button update

My belly button update

Update on my procedure

Haven't been here in a while, I have been so busy lately. I'm 8 months post-op already oh my it seems like it was yesterday I had my mmo. I'm still in love with the new me, couldn't be happier. The pictures are from my seventh month update I didn't have time to upload. The marks on my stomach were from the cg which I still use only at night to continue to contour my waist.

9 months 6 days update

It's been nine months and six days since my surgery and I'm still happy as can be, I can honestly say I don't swell up at all anymore unless I over eat food with sodium but other than that my stomach is pretty much flat all the time. Have been swimming a lot and it's helped with my abdominal muscles I used to get a sharp pain under my rib area but I've noticed it's gone since I started swimming... Just enrolled back at the gym so I'm happy about that, working out at home it's not the same as working out at the gym so yay! For me.
Now talking about boobies I'm so in love with them it's funny how I sometimes forget I had a breast augmentation because they feel and look so real. I'm still doing daily massage on them just like Dr. Ghafoorie adviced me to. Over all I'm happy with my outcome.

10 months already

Wow time flies by so fast I can't believe it's been ten months already. Let's see what can I say?... I'm still in love with my procedures. I can pretty much move in every way possible without any discomfort or weird feeling. My breast feel amazing like I had said in a previous post sometimes I forget I had a breast augmentation... I'm still massaging daily to keep them feeling soft.

one year post op

So I'm a year and three days post op and I feel so wonderful and sexy of course lol. Everything is pretty much the same still VERY satisfied with my results I still can't believe It's been a year already time flies by so fast. Have been thinking about getting some lipo on my flanks to get a more defined waist and around my armpit area to make my breast look more sexy but I'm still debating on it. I have my one year follow up in May so it gives me time to think about it.
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