Lipo Sculpture After One Year Tummy Tuck

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A little over one year after my TT and BA. Going...

A little over one year after my TT and BA. Going in to remove some residual fatty deposits to help sculpt my shape. Doing my back/flanks, upper Abs (I had thick fat there), and inner thighs. I'm super thrilled. Had great results w my TT, slow recovery but am good now. Running three x a week and plank an workouts for my figure help but I need a little boost.



At my height/weight, 5 L of fat doesn't seem like enough to make a difference

I've been reading about large volume liposuction, and obviously someone who is 5'5" 100lbs 5 L (approx 10 lbs fat) is not a great candidate for lipo. There are a lot of factors-blood volume, fluids, skin elasticity, just not enough fat. But I am NOT a small person. I keep imagining what a missing liter would look like here and there and frankly I have some fatty areas. I'm still running, doing my planks, mid range lifting. I'm a year and three months out from my TT and BA and I still have a few areas that are out of proportion (bra roll, flanks, inner thighs and upper abdomen-which my amazing PS had previously warned me might happen because you cannot aggressively lipo that area before/during a TT for fear of skin damage). Even as a tall and athletic teen, my upper abs were always pudgy, as were my inner thighs (granted the back fat/muffin too magically appeared after I turned 30!). I just want as much fat out as possible. Is that too much to ask ????

Bra roly poly


I'm not "fat" but I'm not at all skinny. But my contour is important to me. So little lumps and bumps and rolls I no likey


Tiny waist w flat sides and back

Too much iron. Odd

I've been anemic my whole life. Now dr g's office called that I can quit my iron supplements til after surgery. Neat...but I did my research and an excess of iron could account for my fatigue and joint pain. Odd. On the bright side, I haven't got a worry in the world regarding post surgery anemia. ????

Water. Running. Planks.

I'm doing my best to get my heart super healthy, get my body and skin super hydrated, and get my abs nice and tight(er). I see definition in my obliques and around my belly button. I can't wait to see my result after. Downside---I wore some low rise jeans the other day and holy muffin top! Can not wait til that's gone. Also running has solidified my wish for thinner inner thighs. Chub rub is not fun!

T minus three days! (Or 4 more sleeps)

Still running, although I'm achy in my legs. Water. No carbonated bevs. Avoiding too much sodium (except yesterday ????). I'm excited. Reading up a lot on prep and recovery. I just want the best possible result with as much fat out as possible. It's NOT a weight loss thing. I just want my contour on point. Went out last night in a cute long sleeve swing dress....front view was great, back view was bra rolls for days ????

Tight toned back

3 more sleeps

Ran my three miles. Drinking strawberry and coconut protein shake. Today is for getting my house in order and doing a million things for my and my kids' commitments so I don't lapse in anything. Got dads bday gift on its way (it's the day after my surgery). Going to start using my antibacterial soap today and no more booze :-(

Two more sleeps

Ran. Again. Slept. Got scrips and instructions. Tmrw I hit the groceries and get supplies/food/liquids/comforts etc. I'm getting excited/nervous finally. Still grabbing my hunks of bra fat and inner thigh jiggle to say byeeee. Tonight .....charcoal mask by Boscia and dreaming of wine (but abstaining).

Tmrw is the day

Got all my papers in order. Doing laundry, made a yummy meal for my family, stocked the fridge and freezer, filled my scrips, made a dressing station on my vanity and comfort station on my nightstand. Not nervous yet though.....what's that about??

And back. Inner thighs. Axilla

I feel like I was hit by a bus

Sore not painful

Update. I am sore like I worked out fiend. During he pre anesthesia mark up, dr G went waaaay above and beyond. Axillary frknta d back. Abs especially upper. Back AND flacks down to where my thigh meets my butt. Plus I had a bulge on my left saddle bag and she took that too!!! I can alreY see my arms lying flatter to my body even w swelling. I'm JUST NOW starting to bruise and I'm ok on pain. I'm super excited for the next few weeks. After surgery today ate grapes. Water. Pb on one wheat and saltines. I fell asleep w pb in my mouth. And then again w a fracker. Behehehe

According to scale....

I'm down 3 lbs but I am super swollen so idk if that's water weight or what. Also, husband tells me that four "buckets" of fat were removed. I'm guessing 4 liters lol. I'm def bruised. Had first shower this am, but i almost fainted (should've eaten first). Low appetite but I am doing yogurt, grapes, unsalted saltines, protein shakes, and cold pressed juices. I feel good. Moving feels better than laying down but I am tired. Drinking gallons and gallons of water! I am just soooo thirsty.


I would've taken before pics like this but had no idea this area would go. I am thrilled!!!!!

Day Six

No swelling and minimal bruising for three days then POOF! Holy sh*t. I'm sore but I am off pain meds except at night to sleep. I can do pretty much anything but I do get tired.

Day Six

No swelling and minimal bruising for three days then POOF! Holy sh*t. I'm sore but I am off pain meds except at night to sleep. I can do pretty much anything but I do get tired.

First follow up

Had first follow up with Dr Ghafoori today. Went great. She said everything looks good, swelling is normal. I took my dexamethasone today (I was so puffy and hard in my back!). Husband does TOUGH massage at least twice a day. I live with a heating pad on and I rub myself down all day, but when I don't....holy ouch batman! I've got lumps and knots and bruise galore, but my shape is promising. I'm super excited. Apparently she took out 5 L of fatty fat fat from my back especially my bra line, upper abs, axillary area, mons pubis, inner thighs. Cannot believe it.

Before the last "massage" of the day

I use the "" because that sh*t hurts. Baaaad. So bad. Real bad.

And on the 7th day....

Happy Thanksgiving. Easiest way not to gain holiday weight is to have a stomach that is tore up from the floor up from meds and pain. Lol. Oh and on day 7 God said let there be bruising and there was such a I had some serious delayed bruising come out today which is apparently normal but omg. Also, true to form from my last plastic surgery....Aunt Flo came to town for the holiday. Annoying.

Garment size down

Sized down garments two whole sizes since surgery yay!! I feel good just still bruised and lumpy but my figure is definitely different. My old clothes already fit better even w the swelling. I haven't really lost weight but again I am still swollen. Feel about 95% normal.
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