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Im writing a review of my experience as this site...

Im writing a review of my experience as this site really helped me, reading all the reviews and seeing pics. So i wanted to share my own story.

I went to Harley street for a consultation with Mr Uppal. He was really nice and informative. A really lovely man. He took pics and had my images edited on the computer, they looked great!!!

So i booked my surgery after a couple of weeks. My surgery date was the 12th of June at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor.

I couldnt wait..Ive waited my whole life to get this done, and saved up for nearly 4YEARS :/
As far back as i can remember ive always wanted to change the shape of my nose..it looked horrible from the side. A really huge hump that just stuck out.

So finally the day came..I wasnt nervous or scared at all. I was really excited and just couldnt wait to get it done. I got to the hospital at 7.30am. The nurses and anaesthetic came to see me and explained what will happen etc. I changed into my gown and waited for the nurses to come get me.

I had my own room with a tv, fan, ac (which was not working and it was a really really hot day).

I had closed rhinoplasty on the 12th of June. Got my cast removed on the 19th of June (1week after surgery).
As soon as my cast was removed i didnt see a difference. My nose looked huge and the hump was kinda still there. I was told this is swelling. I HOPE this is swelling. I was upset but didnt say anything and thought i will wait it out (ive read stories before where ppl hated there nose after cast removal but loved it afterwards). I can also feel and see a bony bump :(

As soon as i came home my brother told me he doesnt see no difference (which was really upsetting to hear as i already thought this myself..i just didnt wanna hear it).
My brother has also had rhinoplasty (and my cousin has too) and he told me as soon as his cast was removed he could see a drastic change and he loved it..the same with my cousin. I didnt see no change and certainly didnt love it.

I had barely any pain during the whole process. My nose bled for the first day and stopped..after that i didnt have to wear those nose nappies again lol
I had bruising for a couple of days around my eyes. Its all gone except for little lines around my eyes..not sure when they will go. Hopefully soon.

OK..so its been 4 days since my cast was removed and i can still see a hump and the bump.
Im really hoping its swelling. I know 4 days is still really early..but surely there should be some change in the shape of my nose???

So now i feel like my nose looks exactly the same as before surgery???

Ive read and seen pics of ppl who have had rhinoplasty and after there cast has been removed its a different shape which they love.

Im just dreading seeing everyone and listen to them tell me theres not much of a difference and ive wasted my money :(
No one really knows how long this process has been for me. In terms of saving up the money to finding the right surgeon.

I know swelling can take months to go down..so all i can do is wait........ And hopefully it will sort itself out.

I have also put up a pic of my nose straight after my surgery (before the cast was put on) I was still in theatre and still asleep. Really glad my surgeon took this pic as it gives me hope that this will be what the final result should look like. I really like how straight my nose looks.

Went to see the surgeon about my concerns

Yesterday I went to see the surgeon. I booked an app soon after my cast was removed as I was not happy at all.
I still have the hump on my nose. It is still swollen especially around the tip area.
Soo ye I went to see him and showed him my nose and told him about my concerns.
He examined my nose and told me more work will need to be done on the hump. He said he will trim it down a bit more. And he also said he would give me a steroid injection.
I asked him why the pic straight after surgery looks soo good and now it doesnt. He said he doesnt know and that it is excessive scar tissue and that hes never seen this happen before...(like really????)
But if its excessive scar tissue then why is the hump there..i rem him saying something like the cartilage may have grown (cant fully rem) but i checked and ive read that cartilage does not grow back after rhinoplasty.
Sooo anyway he has said he will trim it down. Give me a steroid injection and put tape on my nose this time and give me some nose pin/plug or whatever.
At least he knows theres a problem there and not just turn around and say its swelling and to just wait...
So hopefully I will get this done in August sometime. Still need to call his secretary and book a date..just havent had the chance.
It will be done under local anaesthetic and he said he will correct it and give me a mirror to see if im happy and if i want more removed etc..
I also asked him can it happen again after the adjustment..he said possibly. This is my main concern. That it may happen again. I REALLY REALLY HOPE NOT.
Ive always read stories about noses not turning out the way ppl wanted..i just never thought it would happen to me..and it has :(
Anyways just wanted to update to let everyone know whats happening. I will keep on updating whenever i can. And i will hopefully try to put up more pics.


I had a revision under local anaesthetic in August. Mr Uppal removed excess scar tissue. And also gave me some steroid shots to help prevent further scar tissue.

Its been a few months since I've had this revision and my nose still has a hump on it. And the tip of my nose is droopy. I also have a little bump at the top of my nose. I have been to see about this and hopefully should be getting this sorted soon. Fingers crossed.

I will try and post up pics soon. And also update after I've had my revision.

2nd mini revision

I want to post an update about what's been going on. I get a lot of ppl asking me what has happened. Unfortunately I don't have much time to keep updating. Sorry!
Anyways so I had another little revision under local anaesthetic. I had it done at the Harley Street clinic. It was a consultation room with a table. I went to get the hump taken down a little more.
It's been about 2 months since the mini revision and it does look straighter.
I still have a slight bump at the top of my nose. I contacted Mr Uppal a couple of days after telling him about this (it was really big at the time, probably because of the swelling.) Anyway he told me to wait. It's gone down..still slightly there though. When I touch it i can really feel the bump under my skin.
Also my tip is still droopy. This is something I've told him about a few times. He told me that after the mini revision it should sort itself out..well it hasn't. It makes the tip area of my nose look rounded. And makes it look quite long. From certain angles it looks really bad. Also you can see it is drooping from the front. It's so droopy I can basically lift it up myself.
So anyway I have waited a few months to see the changes he's told me about. And the issues are still there.
Also when I first went to see him I told him about my nose going to the left he said he would sort it out. My nose still swings to the left. I don't think he even attempted to fix that tbh. I think all he done is tried to fix the hump and nothing else.
Anyway I will call his secretary this week hopefully if I get the time. And will send an email to Mr Uppal. I need to get an appointment sorted.
It's getting so long now. I really wanted everything to be fixed by now. I honestly never thought all these problems would happen to me.
I've also had quite a few ppl contact me after having rhinoplasty with Mr Uppal and they have told me that they are not happy with their results either.
And also when I get a chance to log onto the computer I will upload pics for you guys to see.
And I will also let you know what happens after I've contacted him.

Still droopy and bridge still quite high

Its almost been a year since my initial surgery. There has been a lot of improvemnet with each minor revision. In comparison to what my nose looked like before surgery. Its better. But still a few issues.

So i recently went to see Mr Uppal again with my concerns:
*Droopy tip
*Quite long
*Bridge too high
*Tip too big,round

He said he would be able to sort out my tip by using cartilage from my rib..a rib graft. Which would hopefully help keep the tip of nose up. Give it some support.

And hopefully remove some scar tissue and give me a series of steroid shots..as i have a problem with scar tissue building up.

My bridge is also still to high. I need that trimmed down slightly.

I have attached some pics. You can see it looks different from every angle. Its still quite long. And the tip is droopy.

So anyways hopefully by the end of next week I will have booked surgery. I will be doing it under General Anaesthetic.

I have received a quote of £700 which is quite a lot. Its taking me a little while to save up. I thought when he said free revision that it would be free. But clearly its not. I have to pay for hospital and anaesthetic costs.

A pic a surgeon on here edited for me

I am posting a pic of my nose which a surgeon on realself edited for me. Saying that my nose should look like this. I really like how it looks. Defo need to get it trimmed down. Comparing my nose and this pic theres quite a big difference. Obviously I know this is an edited pic and real life is different. But I would like my nose to look more even and straight along the bridge.

The email i recieved :(

Ok so anyways i was really happy that i was going to be able to book my surgery and hopefully get this nose fixed properly hopefully for the last time....BUT then i recieved an email from Mr uppal.

The email he sent me said that he has spoken to some american surgeons (on one of his trips) and that they suggested that i do something about my acne. And until then he will not operate on me.

So i booked an appointment to go see him..because when i spoke to him on the phone he said i could have surgery to resolve my issues..they even sent me a quote.

I dont have acne..maybe a few spots here or there but defo not acne.
I do however have scarring left behind from acne which i had from a few years ago. I did try to explain this to him.

Anyways I asked him about what acne has to do with rhinoplasty..and he said that he was told by these american surgeons that i have inflamed skin. And this is why my nose has not been healing properly, and why my nose does not look right.

So he has suggested i go to see a dermatologist. Maybe get myself onto roacctune. I have been on roacctune before. But like i said i dont have acne anymore..i just have scars. So i will go see a dermalogist and see what happens. He also said that apparently patients who have been on roacctune heal better.

And one american surgeon had a patient with a similar case to mine. And advised Mr uppal on what to do.

He said to come back and see him when i have sorted this out. And then he will be able to operate on my nose.

So i will have to try and sort this out and go see him in a few months.

I still have alot of issues with my nose that really need sorting out asap. My nose needs to be done again. I dont need no minor revisions anymore. Its all getting long now.

I personally think that from the start he just didnt take off enough from my nose (from day one)..as i can see the shape of the underlying structure . The bridge is way to high. I have a bump. The tip os huge and drooping. Most of the scar tissue and swelling has gone down. But my nose is still not right. Its the actual shape of my nose structure..i can feel it when i feel my nose.

Anyways lets see what happens.. i will keep updating :)

Dr Rajan Uppal is a really nice man. Very professional.

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