Lower SMAS Facelift and Neck Lift - London, GB

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I had been researching neck and lower face lift...

I had been researching neck and lower face lift surgeons for the past 12 months. I only had consultations with two surgeons who both seemed equally excellent but I finally decided on Mr Rajiv Grover of Harley Street, London, UK. . He has been named by Tatler magazine for best face lift surgery for the past three years. At my consultation he tended to underplay precisely what he would be able to do, but his before and after photos convinced me he was the plastic surgeon for me,
I was worried about the general anaesthetic as I had previously been very sick and dizzy afterwards but apparently I am allergic to the morphine used. Mr Grover always works with the same anaesthetists, and a different painkiller was used during surgery and I recovered with no ill effects whatsoever!
I had a two night stay at the King Edward VII hospital and Mr Grover visited me each morning to see how I was doing. He was pleased to tell me that the surgery went very well and he was able to do more than he had anticipated when he first saw me. He believes I will be very happy with the final results and so do I..
I will post some photos as soon as my computer is working properly.

First two days

Photos taken in afternoon after surgery and next morning.

Second day afternoon of Friday 16th January.

Feeling a bit better after hair washed and surgical gown removed. Some makeup works wonders too!

Back home!

I'm trying to take it easy but feeling very well. There hasn't been any pain at all, just some slight discomfort from the clips behind my ears. Paracetamol takes care of that and I must be a tough old bird anyway. I am 73 so I hope I live long enough to reap the benefits! Haha!

It's done! I had a lower facelift and necklift!

I was so scared of the general anaesthetic, I almost cancelled, but everything worked out perfectly and I couldn't have been in better hands.

Day seven post op

This morning my face feels like it's in a vice especially around the jaws where it seems to be more swollen than ever. My hair badly needs washing too. I was told to keep the incisions dry for a week to promote the healing. I will be seeing Mr Groverr this afternoon for my first week check up. I thought the swelling would have started to go down by now and what is that lump on my neck below the surgical tape?

Day 7 post op Check-up

Mr Grover inspected my face, neck and incisions, while Jacqui (his assistant) took out some of the metal clips at the back of my ears. The rest of the sutures and metal clips will remain until next week at my 14 day post op check-up. Mr Grover noted that I have some fluid retention in my neck and I was given a neck strap to help disburse the fluid. I have to wear this 4 hours a day; not at night; and not all at one time. The lump under the tape was my Adam's Apple which was previously hidden under excess neck skin! The rest was fluid retention. . He had tightened the neck skin as much as it was possible, but eventually there would be a little loosening of the skin due to my age but it would certainly be nothing like it was before. As far as the facial swelling was concerned, it would be worse one day than the next and come in peaks and troughs.

Day 8 post op. Went out for first time.

What a relief - I washed my hair in the shower for the first time since the op. I actually drove to the supermarket to restock the food cupboards, although the PS told me not to do anything for another week!!! I really had to get out, and people smiled at me, and no funny looks from anyone! It felt good!! Still on anti-biotics until Sunday on PS's advice. Keeping head elevated on 4 pillows at night and have never used the ice pack I purchased, as I was advised it was not a good idea to use on the face because it could affect the nerves, tissues and muscles which all trying to re-establish themselves. I have also been turning my head as far as possible to the right and then to the left, as the PS told me to do.... in fact I should have doing this, he said. However, my left jaw is now hurting a bit when I move or touch it and I think it looks more swollen than the right side.

Before photos of awful jowls and turkey neck

When you see these photos of how my neck and jowls looked, you will probably understand why I desperately wanted a lower face and neck lift!

Day 10 post op

Went out for a short walk today since the sun was shining. My face still seems more swollen on one side than the other and I believe anyone who knows me would notice. My neck is also rather stiff when I move it from side to side. I will be glad when the metal clips and stitches around my ears are removed, hopefully on Thursday 29th. They are quite uncomfortable at night when I rest my head back on the pillows. However, the bruising on my neck is fading, and with a little concealer it almost disappears.

Day 10 post op. Feeling rather down today!

I have been quite optimistic about my face and neck lift so far, but today I am having serious doubts. I have a bump under my chin which is quite sore to the touch. Not sure if it is the fluid retention the PS referred to, or whether it is my turkey neck coming back. He did say there would be a certain amount of laxity once the swelling had gone down. I have been wearing the neck strap an hour a time 4 times a day, as advised, but I'm not sure if its doing anything. The facial swelling has made my face appear much wider than is normal for me, and once the swelling has gone down, are the jowls going to return again? If all of these things happen, it will all be such a waste of time, anxiety and money. Help!

Day 12 post op - stressing about neck lump!

I think this is the worst week for me since Day 7! I took some more photos of my neck and the bump looks scraggy and awful. I sent these photos and some more to my PS, as the previous ones were taken on my camera phone which did not show so much detail. I think this is his afternoon off, but expect to hear from him tomorrow, and then see him on Thursday - day 14. I can't bear it if it stays like this!

Day 19 post op! I am thrilled with my new face!

I had my stitches out Day 14 post op, and quite a relief to wash and brush my hair without catching the clips and stitches. My PS gave me my pre-surgery photos and how awful I looked with jowls and sagging turkey neck. He then took fresh photos at 14 days post op with my face at the same angles, and showed me the camera images. The difference is unbelievable and I was absolutely delighted with the transformation, and the brilliant surgery Mr Grover has performed on my face, especially from the profile view, which I cannot see for myself. You will notice there is no incision in front of the ear, which means no tell-tale scar - how wonderful is that!! I have been far too impatient with the swelling. Even the slight swelling under my chin has improved and will keep on improving. My husband has also remarked on how well my face now looks - praise indeed!!

It is now 6 weeks post op.

The swelling has gone down now and my cheeks have softened. My face now looks thinner without the swelling in the cheek area and my cheekbones look sharper. I now have more feeling in my face and my ears. There is a little mottling on my left cheek and a small dent too which I believe will disappear in the next few weeks with a little massage. I am unhappy that my neck still has some sagging skin directly under the chin which is not going to get any better. My PS says it is because of my age and the thinness of my neck skin. However, the lower bulge of my turkey neck has gone now though. I just hope my jawline remains as it is.

Photos from 6 weeks post op.

Mr Rajiv Grover is the President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and works as a Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon at the King Edward VII Hospital in central London, renowned for its Charter to serve the Royal Family, and winning awards for being the cleanest hospital in the UK with no MRSA or C.Diff infections since records began. He aims to achieve a natural look after surgery and does not promise more than it is possible to deliver, although his before and after photos show he is able to deliver a remarkable success rate with face and neck surgery. I felt very at ease with him, explaining what I wanted from a lower facelift and neck lift. He was also interested in my previous cosmetic surgeries and he also examined the scars from a previous facelift 15 years ago, and more recent rhinoplasty which was unsatisfactory. He also required to know my present health and medical history in order that he could accept me for the procedure. Mr Grover usually operates during weekdays, 5 times a week, I believe, and I was able to be fitted in for surgery a month after my consultation, the earliest date possible. Communication with both Mr Grover and his Assistant, Jacqui, was friendly and excellent, and after care was brilliant and could not have been better.

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