21 Years Old, No Kids, 5'7, 126lbs, Currently A Cup - 400cc Mentor HP Implants, Under Muscle. - London, GB

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21 Years Old, No Kids, 5'7, 126lbs, Currently A...

21 Years Old, No Kids, 5'7, 126lbs, Currently A Cup getting 400cc Mentor HP Implants, under muscle.
I am hoping to be a 34D/34DD after augmentation, I am currently a 34A.
My op date is 4th June 2016 at 11:00am.
My surgeon is Dr Mark Solomos, based in Harley Street in London WestEnd, but my operation will be happening in Highgate Private Hospital.
I am really excited to be getting my new tatas, as I've always been a small A cup.

Choosing your surgeon

So my first surgeon was Dr Rathee from Harley street & he said that the biggest size I could have was 275cc, as he was the first surgeon I had met with I felt like he was right & that he knows best so I didn't argue with him, I booked my surgery date & was prepared to just go with the 275cc because I thought I couldn't go any bigger. After my second meeting with Dr Rathee I showed him pictures of what I wanted & he said there is no way he will do that size & he got really angry with me & kicked me & my mum out of his office, so after that I was 100% sure I would never be going back to him again, hence why I am now with amazing Dr Solomos! Meeting Dr Solomos was a completely different experience to meeting Dr Rathee, I automatically felt comfortable & listened to, he agreed that 400cc would be a good size for me & in proportion with my body. My advice to any ladies doing this for the first time is meet with more than one surgeon & make sure you feel completely comfortable with the surgeon you have chosen as its your money & your body!

Advice on meeting with your surgeon

Meeting with your surgeon is the most important step to getting exactly what you want. Before going to your appointment make a list of all the questions you want to ask, whether you think they're silly or not, literally ask ANYTHING that crosses your mind. It's also best to make a list rather than have questions in your head because once you get there you might get excited or panic & forget exactly what it was you wanted to ask. It's also a good idea to bring a pen & paper because if you're anything like me then you'll forget the majority of the things he said, this way it's all written down for future preferences. I've posted my list which I made to ask my surgeon, & a lot of the questions I asked I thought would be silly but he said that they were excellent questions to ask. Make sure when you go there you think about your lifestyle & the type of things you currently do & even things you plan to do in the future even if it is 3 years down the line, it's best to know in advance. I also made 2 photo collages, one with pictures of boobs i like the shape, look, projection & cleavage of & one with pictures of boobs I defiantly would not want, shape, size, projection & cleavage. I showed both of these to my surgeon & it gave him a better understanding of the look I'm going for. Also take pictures when you try on the sizers in the office so you can keep looking at them when you get home & you'll have a rough idea of what they will look like once they're done. If you want to know any of the answers to the questions on my list that I took to meet my surgeon then feel free to ask me :)

To Tell Or Not To Tell

So I've been contemplating weather or not I should tell my dad & brother about the procedure. I've already told my mum & sisters about my surgery & my mum has been very supportitive, coming to my appointments with me and she will be coming to my operation date aswell, and my sisters just can't wait to see what they look like, but my dad & brother are not quite as understanding, I know they will think its a stupid idea & a waste of money hence why I haven't told them yet, my dad is against changing anything you're born with, I have a load of piercings & tattoos & my dad constantly has a go at me & says it's stupid that I get them blah blah blah, but this is going to be a big change and I feel like I should tell them before they notice themselves. I live with my girlfriend but when I stay at my mums house I always walk around with no clothes on, so my dad is bound to notice the difference. Luckily for me my dad went on holiday yesterday & he's gone for 2 months so he will be on holiday for my surgery day, which is an added bonus because I was planning to stay at my mums house for a few weeks after surgery. I'm just in 2 minds, I don't know how I would tell them or if I should even tell them, does anyone have any advice, or different ways that I could maybe break it down to them???

What To Buy For Post Op...

So here's a few things that I went out & purchased for my post op.
I got 3 post op surgery bras, one from Macom & 2 from Asda. My surgeon said one from Asda would be fine but I chose to get a more expensive one from Macom aswell. I also got a breast band from Macom, my surgeon never said I needed to get it but I did just Incase.
I purchased bio oil for post op scars, ice packs, Sanex body soap for sensitive skin, movicol liquid bowel satchets & dulcolax bowel tablets, my surgeon said I will get bloated & that the pain killers will cause me to be constipated.

My purchase list:
Macom bra: £36.90 + £4.99 postage
Asda: 2 bras for £15
Macom Breast Band: £22.90
Bio oil from Asda: £6.50 (cheapest I could find)
Ice Packs from Asda: £1
Dulcolax: £8.90
Movicol: £4.90

Going Into Surgery!

So the time is here, I'm just laying here waiting to go into my op, spoke to Dr Solomos and he has drawn all over me, so now it's just the wait for him to come get me.
Some advice to everyone, your admission time is not your actual time, my admission time was 11:00am and my op time will be around 2:00pm & I am completely starving! I could have eaten when I woke up, so it's a shame I didn't know my op time sooner & I could stuffed my face this morning! Also make sure you shave/wax because you have to get completely naked & put on a gown XD

Here Are The Girls

So here are the new girls! I would say that the pain is very bareable, I've only had one pain killer & one muscle relaxer, I just feel like someone is pushing on my chest, the only real pain I get is when I move & sit down. I can't wipe myself or put my clothes on, I'm very stiff in that aspect but apart from being tired I am pretty much fine :D


I have been given 3 different medications.
•Co-Dydramol, which is a painkiller, my Surgeon has advised me to only take these when I get severe pain as they make you feel neusous & can also make you constipated. So Ive only been taking them twice a day, 2 at night & 2 in the morning rather than 4 times a day & it's really helping with the pain, I don't feel I need to take them any more than that.
•Co-amoxiclav, which is an antibiotic which I take 3 times a day as advised.
•Methocarbamol, which is a muscle relaxer, I take these once in the morning only when I am moving around & once at night as they make you very drowsy & they also make you feel *weird* I get the giggles & I can barely hold my head up when I take them.

Rice Sizers Vs Implant Sizers

Rice Sizers:
I made some home rice sizers which were 400cc. You can watch videos on YouTube on how to make home rice sizers, they are very helpful & give a rough idea of what your actual implants will look like.

All You need:
•Cup/measuring cup

What you do:
All you need to do is cut the legs out of the tights, fill the feet area with __ cups of rice, then make a knot to hold the rice in, then mould them into an implant shape & stick them in a sports bra.
I made 400cc rice sizers by using 1 2/3 (1 cup & 2 3rds) of rice.

Office Implant Sizers:
I tried on 400cc implant sizers in my surgeons office & they were the perfect size for me.
The rice sizers gave me a rough idea of what the actual size implants I wanted to try on in the Drs office. So I really do advise trying to do the rice sizers first.
In the pictures you will realise the office sizers look more drooped & less firm than the rice sizers but that could also have something to do with the fact that I wore 2 different bras. My home bra was a lot more secure and tight than the office bra.

3 Days Post op

I'm currently 3 days post op & I'm slowly starting to recover, I now have more arm movement but still very sore, bruised & firm. (They literally feel like rocks)
I have no feeling at all in either of my nipples, but the doctor said that is normal.
Now I understand the excitement of the drop & fluff, I can't wait for it, right now they are very square but the size looks great.

Post Op Pain

Day 1 Post Op: Day 1 post op literally feels like your chest is being crushed together, it feels like you can't really breath properly & you feel very fragile. I couldn't move my arms at all & I kept getting a pressure pain on my whole chest especially in my right breast. My pain level was about 9/10

Day 2 Post Op: Day 2 I still had the exact same pain, I couldn't move my arms, I spent the majority of the day in bed, I had a small bath which I had to be helped into, and I couldn't get any water on my insissions so my girlfriend had to flannel me down. I was very tight & stiff still, I kept getting a pushing pain under my breasts. My pain level was 9/10

Day 3 Post Op: Day 3 was a slight bit better, I still couldn't move my arms but I had a bit less pain in my breast, it was more like a baby elephant sitting on my chest rather than a adult elephant. My incisions started to itch a lot & there was a sharp pain under my right armpit. My nipples were very saw but numb, it's a strange feeling because although they are numb if you touch them you get a shock run through your breast. My pain level was 7/10

Day 4 Post Op: I woke up feeling a lot lighter, my left breast had softened up quite a bit & the swelling had gone down a little, the right breast had even softened up but was still quite tight & sore. My incisions were very itchy which is a good thing, means they're healing, & I noticed a little blood mark on my plaster under my right boob. My right arm was numb for a while in the afternoon & I got a slight shooting pain in my left breast. Throughout the whole day my left breast was making a deflating noise, it is a very weird noise hard to explain, it just sounds & feels like a balloon when you slowing let out the air. My pain level was 6/10 overall.

Day 5 Post Op: The morning was fine, I woke up still very tight but both breast are a lot softer, I had a sharp hot pain in my right boob & a pressure pain under my armpit but nothing unbearable. I had a few twinges in my right breast throughout the day. But I can now shower myself, wipe myself & brush my own teeth, it feels great! My nipples are still very sensitive I've had to cover them with plasters as they hurt so much. I also have a backache & an ache in my right arm. Pain level is 6/10

So far I've not had any truely unbearable pain. I haven't taken any more than 3 painkillers a day which I normally take once in the morning & 2 before I go to bed. Everyone's experience and pain tolerance is different. My right breast has been a lot more painful than my left, the muscle is still a lot higher & it is more sore, tight & swollen.

Day 6 Post Op

As my post never posted yesterday here it is a day late.

Day 6 Post Op, it's amazing how everyday your boobies change, shape, feeling and pain. I woke up this morning in quite a bit of pain only to realise that it's my monthlys, my boobs are very swollen, my nipples are sore & the muscles in my boobs feel torn.

Advice to ladies due on their period whilst in recent recovery (1-7 days post op), do NOT take paracetamol aswell as your pain killers provided by your surgeon as they already contain paracetamol in them.
Also your breast go a bit harder and are more sensitive and your pain feels somewhat enhanced, so it's best to just stay in bed & completely relax, unlike me who went to a festival & now I'm facing the consequences.

Consultation 7 Days Post Op

The nurse asked me how I was feeling & I told her my pain scale was about 6/10, which was quite low considering I had done an hour journey by public transport to get there.

She took off my bandages over my incisions which didn't hurt at all because it's a bit numb under there, she told me that the right incision had delayed healing which I expected because it was always more sore than the left, but she said its nothing to worry about as they are both healing fine.

She told me that I have dissolvable stitches in so I don't need to go in to get them taken out & then she covered the incisions back up with seri strips which are used to close the open wound, as part of my right incision is not fully healed.

I will be meeting with my surgeon in 2 months.

Consultation Questions (7 Days Post Op)

On meeting the nurse 7 days post op I asked her a few questions such as:1) When can I start using bio oil on my incisions?After 3 weeks2) When can I sunbathe/ use sunbed?After 12 weeks but I still need to cover up my incisions3) What size will I be once I'm healed?34D/DD4) When should I start massaging them?I can massage the top of them now but massage them fully after 3 weeks.5) How long should I wear the surgical bra for?Until I next meet with my surgeon (8 weeks).6) When can I wash my incisions?Starting from now but with antibacterial soap.7) When can I go back to work?She said 1 week from my op but 2 weeks is the normal time scale they advise, or longer depending on the type of job you do.I was also told that I shouldn't have put my piercings back in so soon I should have waited 6 weeks.

8 Days Post Op

Woke up today feeling great, I can completely move my arms, stand up straight & even lift my arms above my head. I've finished all my medication prescribed by my surgeon & I am going back to work tomorrow.I sneezed today & it felt so strange, it feels like the implants are going to pop, haha, but obviously they won't.Both boobs have softened up a little but my left more than my right. I no longer have pain in either of my boobs, but once in a while I get a sharp pain but it only lasts a few seconds or a minute max.I still wear my surgical bra 24/7 apart from in the shower of course. I can also wash my incisions now with antibacterial soap but I have to apply the seri strips over my right incision once I get out the shower.

12 Days Post Op

Day 12 post op I woke up this morning feeling a bit bruised around my boobs. I sat up & it felt like my implant fell back into place, it was a weird feeling, it's like the implant dropped into place, not a nice feeling at all and for once it was in my left breast rather than my right. I also realised that when I lean forwards my left implant feels as if it is not supported I can feel it "fall forwards", also not a nice feeling. When I touch the skin around both my breasts they are so painful, the skin feels very sensitive, I have complete numbness under my breast. I spoke to my nurse & she said it is because the skin around the breasts have been stretched so it will be sensitive for a while & she advised me to just keep rubbing them with bio oil to try relax the skin. I can barely rub oil on them because they are so sore. My nipples are still very very sensitive, to the point where they sting to put my surgery bra on. The incisions are healing well but I still have the delayed healing on my right breast but that does not hurt & it is slowly healing. My right boob is still looking a lot smaller than my left, hopefully it will eventually even out.

17 Day Post Op

17 Days Post Op Today I'm feeling a lot better, no pain but my breasts still feel weird when I walk and lean forwards but it's probably just my body adjusting to the weight of the implants. They are starting to soften up quite a bit, they are not so hard & solid, they have a bit of bounce to them when I walk which also feels funny as I've never had boobs that bounce when I walk. My right breast still hasn't caught up to my left one, it's more firm & not as round, the muscle is clearly still a bit tight. My incision on my right breast had the delayed healing which has now healed up quite well, today is my last day of putting the seri strips over it so hopefully that will be it & it will finish healing nicely on its own.

25 Days Post Op

3 weeks 4 days post op This period is a weird one because you feel as if you're healed but then you get a few weird feelings which reminds you that you are still not fully healed. I laid on my side for no longer than 5 minutes and then when I stood up it felt like the implant on my left side had "fallen" out the pocket. I've started to rub bio oil on my scars as advised by my nurse to wait 3 weeks before using bio oil on them. Both incisions are healed, & my right which had the delayed healing looks great besides the White scar but I have been told that I just need to get some sun on it & the white will go. They are getting softer and softer everyday, I can actually squeeze them a little now, my left is much softer than my right & they both bounce when I jump up & down, the muscles are slowly loosening up. I don't have any pain apart from weird twinges once in a while.

1 Month Post Op

I'm currently 1 month post op, my breasts are really starting to even out, they have a bit of bounce, the muscle on my right breast is still a bit tight, but it is slowly loosening up. I have no pain at all, I'm starting to get the sensitivity back underneath my breasts & my nipples.
Really love the size!! 400cc from a 34A
I haven't been bra shopping yet but I'm planning to go after 6 weeks post op. I am still wearing my surgery bra 24/7.

6 Weeks Post Op

Currently 6 weeks post op, they're slowly starting to get squishy enough to push together.

Incisions & side projection

Incisions & side projection 6 weeks post op

8 Weeks Post Op

I'm currently 8 weeks post op, completely no pain & feeling great about my new boobs. There is always something people wish they can change once having surgery & mine would be that I went with getting one slightly bigger than the other as I started with one breast a tiny bit smaller than the other. My right has always been a tiny bit bigger than my left, so when I went to my pre op I did mention to my surgeon that one is slightly bigger than the other so shouldn't I get one implant a bit bigger and he said no because they'll look more natural, as all women have one slightly bigger than the other, but now I'm wishing I asked for my left one to be that tiny bit bigger so they are more symmetrical. It's not a regret it's just one thing I would change, it's actually the only thing I would change as I LOVE my new titties!

I still have a bit of numbness at the bottom of my breasts, my left more than my right, my nipples are both very very sensitive.
They are getting much softer & I can now lay on my side without them feeling like they are going to pop. I'm really happy about my results & they still have a long way to go. Can't wait to see my end results =)

My Very First Bikini

Feeling fantastic, 8 weeks post op, I've booked my holiday to Spain for September, ready to show off my new boobies. I recently bought a Large bikini & to my surprise it fits, I thought it would be too big but it fits, if anything I could have done with a bigger size, which is insane, I have gone from a small to a large/xlarge. Really looking forward to my holiday. Im very active when I go abroad I love to do lots of activities and I've been told by my surgeon that I can go deep sea diving, banana boating, wind surfing etc, nothing has changed I can still do all my activities I love doing. The only things I need to make sure I do is bring my surgery card with me, Incase of any accidents & make sure my incisions are covered up from the sun, if not they will get darker and become more visible due to the sun.

Titties In Tops

The tightest tops I have, I don't have many but these are the only ones I could find as all my t.shirts are XL lol.


Hey guys, I haven't posted for a while but I'm still here =)
I went on holiday recently with my new breast, I'm the type of person who always loves to go topless on the beach even when I had my itty bitty tittys, but it's so much more relaxing knowing you're not the laughing stock on the beach.
I never wore a bikini top although it was advised from the surgeon to cover my scars but my breast had dropped enough to cover the scarring from too much sun exposure. I also went banana boating, which was a fear because of how it throws you around but it was pretty awesome, never had any pain although at one point I thought they was going to pop, which of course wouldn't happen. Both my scars have healed well and both breast have "dropped and fluffed", which I think was due to the fact that I was never wearing a bra while I was abroad. They feel great, although they don't feel real they look and feel amazing: my girlfriend loves them.
I'm loving my decision and not regretting it one bit!!

Goodbye Old Bras

So I guess it's time to say goodbye to my old Bras that I can longer fit into. Kind of sad to say goodbye to them but happy that they no longer fit haha. So my old Bras veried from a 34A to 34C and that was with a lot of padding and the 34C bras were far too big. It's weird that they went from being soo big on me to being too small. It's a great feeling :)

Boobie Update

Heyy guys :)
I haven't posted in a while as there hasn't been much change except I've notice a bit of rippling at the sides of both breast when I lean forwards.
My breast are much softer, they bounce when I jump, they have dropped but I am hoping they do not drop anymore as I like where they sit now.
One thing I do not like about my chest is my cleavage gap, it is so wide but the surgeon said that getting breast implants will not change the size of the gap, so I am satisfied with my overall breast surgery.
I do not get any pain in either breast but I have not got the same nipple sensitivity as before, some days they are soo painful to touch and other days I can not feel them at all. During sex my girlfriend can not touch them at all because they are soo painful, I'm hoping that after a while they will go back to normal but if not then I'll be taking a trip back to my surgeon.
London Plastic Surgeon

Very polite, welcoming, friendly & I can't fault him on anything so far.

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