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Hi, I had a an arm lift done in harley street...

Hi, I had a an arm lift done in harley street london 10 weeks ago to date and after having a post op check up yesterday have been left feeling very disappointed. I found out that what I assumed was swelling and fluid still, is actually fat pockets that will remain so I am very unhappy with the shape the op has left my arms. Because it is still early days was hadnt bn worried about the shape as I thought is would improve as the healing process went on but now I am concerned that this is how my arms will remain. My surgeon didnt seem to concerned with the shape and seemed happy with how things were, just saying he could remove a dog ear if it doesnt settle down by the 10 month mark. He said he was very reluctant to touch the elbow because of a nerve that runs round it so lipo can be dangerous. I understand this but feel he sould not have taken so much fat from the kiddle of the arm if he could not balance the shape ? I am really worried this is how I am going to be left
London General Surgeon

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