325cc Moderate Plus Mentor Submuscular 34B Before - London, GB

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Surgery is tomorrow! Been debating having...

Surgery is tomorrow!

Been debating having surgery for around 8 years and never went ahead because I hated the fake look. After doing lots of research on here and finding many pics of natural looking breasts post surgery I decided to make a consultation. I chose Harley Medical Group and in my first consultation with a nurse she recommended Mark Solomos as she said he performs the most natural looking breast augmentations and that the girls at Harley medical had him for their surgery.

On meeting Solomos I was very uncertain because it felt rushed. I walked in with no idea of what implants to get, where the incision would be, under or over the muscle and what size! So I was expecting quite a lot of discussion and I was only in there for around 15 minutes. Initially I wanted the incision for be through the nipple for minimal scarring but he said that this has more complications and if I want a more natural look i will need to go under the muscle and through the nipple makes that harder so we agreed on the incision under the breasts. We tried on different implants and high profile were definitely not for me! Ended up going with moderate plus and i was undecided between 300cc and 325cc. Again I felt rushed to make a decision there and then and he explained about the boob greed most women get so I went for 325cc.

After thinking about how the consultation went I decided I wasn't happy with how quickly I had made my decision so i requested another appointment. I had to see the nurse again first which was more helpful as I tried on the implants again and could take my time and talk about the different ones etc. On meeting solomos a second time I felt much more knowledgeable and at ease with my decision and tried them on one last time.

On the whole so far I'm happy with my consultations however I have found some to be very disorganised. On meeting Solomos a second time they couldn't find any of my notes from my previous consultation, the nurses at the clinic were getting my appointments confused and I have had 3 different nurses, and I was told that a copy of my notes would be sent to me prior to surgery and it is tomorrow and I have received nothing. Other than that, they are really friendly and helpful and make you feel comfortable.

Post surgery bras: I purchased one sports bra from M&S which zips up at the front. Found it very hard to find what I was looking for i ideally would've wanted black for any bleeding or leaking but m&s only had bright colours or white that zip up at the front. I then also bought two more sports bras from m&s with standard fastening at the back and Solomos recommended that I buy 34DD to cover the swelling and 34D for after.
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