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Feb 26th, 2014 I had Smart Lipo done in my calves...

Feb 26th, 2014 I had Smart Lipo done in my calves and ankles, click here to read my review. So far so good. The next step will be to ensure I don't end up with lumps or loose skin. Between Smart Lipo and Venus Freeze, I think I'll be completely happy with my results... and wish I'd gotten it done sooner (even if they didn't have Smart Lipo more than five years ago!!). Farah Ashruf will be performing this procedure!

First of Four Treatments

So, today, I went for my first Venus Freeze Treatment. There's not a whole lot to say about it yet. It was very pleasant (except when the assistant lingered in one area too long... it got pretty hot) and didn't take very long. I learned that radio frequency and magnetic pulses have been used in medicine for years... treating stuff like bone fractures. I'm going to do more research just because it sounds so fascinating.

I don't necessarily *see* a difference yet, but I don't think I'm supposed to. I did walk briskly on the treadmill shortly thereafter because that's supposed to help flush my system (since the fat is "emulsified" and absorbed into the bloodstream, I assume that working out causes me to burn that energy that has just been released into my system... released through heat).

The goal with this is to help heal the lumpy scar tissue leftover from SmartLipo Triplex procedure, tighten skin, and get rid of whatever lingering fat there may be (although, with this, the fat cells are still there and can puff back up over time, so I can't just binge on crappy food). I'm feeling hopeful. I guess I have about three more weeks until the swelling REALLY goes down, and another six months to see the final result of all this. I hope it was worth the time and money!

Slight but definite difference!

I just had my third of four Venus Freeze treatments today. It's hard to say what is just normal healing - now that I'm five weeks past my Smart Lipo procedure - and what's the result of Venus Freeze. I do believe the Venus Freeze is definitely helping heal the puncture wounds, which aren't raised or puckered... just smooth, red spots that I'm sure will diminish in time. My skin is smoothing out and softening where it had been kind of tough just under the surface and lumpy (presumably from swelling and scar tissue).

Unsure, Leaning Not Worth It

It's hard to know whether this procedure really helped one way or another since I have nothing to compare my results with. Overall, I feel skeptical it was worth the money I spent. It was pleasant (except when occasionally burnt by the new assistant), but... eh... I wouldn't spend the money on it again.
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Dr. Ashruf is wonderful; I'm looking forward to the next step of my transformation.

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