Ethnic Rhinoplasty (Closed) with Dr. Julian De Silva - Hammersmith, GB

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I wanted to do rhinoplasty since I was in high...

I wanted to do rhinoplasty since I was in high school. I am doing a PhD and I passed last December just before Chrismas I decided it is time to do it. It is the right age and stage!. Choosing a surgeon is a hard mission. I chose another one before Dr. de Silva and then decided to change after reading bad reviews about him. Dr. de Silva has good reputation and this motivated me to do it with confidence. My operation was last night and I am so tired, have a lot of swelling around my eyes and cheeks which I hoped does not happen because I did closed rhinoplasty. I will update the post when I feel better and add some photos later

3rd day post-operatively

This is my 3rd day. I feel much better fatigue, swelling and brusing are all reduced. still feel I want to stay at bed but generally I feel better. I thought the whole experience will be so difficult and painful. Thanks to God and then to Dr. Silva I feel ok so far. no bleeding or sever pain even in the first day. I received a message this morning from dr. silva asking how I feel and if I have had any discomfort. the only annoying thing is the congestion which causes trouble at night becuase I have to breath from my mouth.




4th Day post-op

My bruising now is yellow in colour so it is fading more than yesterday. Swelling also decreased so I feel happy about the progress. I can't judge the nose shape yet with the cast on but It is clear that it is straight. One nostril is smaller than the other but this may be due to swelling

5th Day post-op

I feel great. Again bruising is fading, congestion is decreasing, and started to feel the splint is not tight as before. But I think it is still early for me to do too much or walk outside. I cooked a meal yesterday, and I noticed little pressure and bleeding from movement. Overall, there is an improvement on a daily basis. My daily medications include prednisolone, arnica, Vit C, antibiotic plus Fucidin cream and saline spray. I think prednisolone and arnica are working nicely decreasing swelling and bruising as I can see every day but I also believe? that Dr. de Silva has good hands and did a clean procedure and professional work. I can tell that from many stories I read about bad healing, infection, and scar after the procedure.

6th day

I feel ok, but congestion still bothering me at night and disturb my sleep. I am not good at breathing from my mouth. I had the courage to do more cleaning today and remove part of the tape from the tip to see the nostrils clearly. I am not worry that they are not identical 100% because originally they were not. I think the tip is large and want it to be smaller. Dr. de Silva said in the first consultation that my tip is not bulbous and doesn't need modification but I am hoping it will be smaller after the swelling goes down

6th day photos

7th day post-op

Nothing to add except congestion significantly disturbs my sleep. Tomorrow is the big day, cast will be removed and I can't wait to see you my profile

Cast removal


2nd day after cast removal

I think my nostrils look more symmetrical if we compare them with cast versus after removal

3rd day after cast removal

The swelling has increased, and the lower part of the bridge and tip are hard and swollen. My nose was better yesterday. "Be patient" the advice I am giving to myself at the moment, but I really wish to see my nose smaller :( I am taping my nose at night as advised and hope it helps. My doctor said no need to take Arnica but I think will continue till the end of this week hoping that 2 weeks treatment would make a difference?

I am not happy today

My nose is getting worse not better and there is swelling and irregularities in the bridge.
I know the answer would be " wait this is because of swelling"
I don't know I have doubts

Swelling is getting worse

So far nothing has improved but getting worse. more swelling which causes slight deviation and there is a small dent in the bridge too. It is very difficult to keep the morale high

2 weeks post-op

Today is two weeks post-op.
The swelling is not improving, and I can confirm that there is a dent and discoloration at the site of cortisone injection which is according to my reading are a side effect of the cortisone injection. The swelling caused slight deviation in my nose. This swelling is giving me the feeling that I removed the hump from the bridge to have it on the lower part and the tip. I still have hope that the dent, discoloration and the deviation are not permanent. I am sorry that I can't post photos at the moment because I am not happy of how I look but will do when the condition improves and things get better.

breathing is good

Last night was the first night to sleep well with no breathing problems. It was fantastic feeling I am very happy.
The swelling did not improve yet

dent after injection

As shown in the photo, there is a dent in the bridge where cortisone was injected. There is a discoloration that can be seen from in front view. I sent Dr. De Silva an Email with the same photo. I have no expectations as I know no intervention can be done in this stage.

swelling, dent and dropping

Calm Down ...Be patient

I think I was freaking out the last few days.. I decided to keep myself busy with positive things and ideas.. get rid of the mirror and leave my nose alone to heal. There is nothing more to do as the swelling needs time to go down for the result to appear. I met Dr. De Silva today and he was very supportive. will post a photo when I notice a change hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks

still early

My nose is stiff, tender and swollen
I am stubborn person but my nose is worse than me

I am OK

less stiffness and tenderness this morning.. I think there are some positive changes but still don't want to post photos.. I think will wait till 2 months post-op
I understand now the significance of ethnicity and having thick skin.. from reading people stories in this site I can see how they notice changes by 10-14 days post-op even with the swelling.. very slow changes are happening in my case. My nose has a long journey


I started to feel that my whole life is converted into activities caring and thinking about a nose!!! if that nose able to talk it would say: leave me alone and so I will do

swelling like a bite

My tip looks square from the swelling and in one side looks like if I got insect bite hahhah.

When I touch the tip with my finger the skin is like filled with fluids.

I have no worries. swelling will take time and ends


Swelling !! my nose like a balloon the swelling is depressed by the tape but once I remove it.. my nose inflate again hahahaha...... it is so funny but sometimes I get angry

Awful swelling

Can't believe how terrible is it the swelling on the supratip and tip areas... no way .. I hate this

Still hurts

It is one month now..still tender, stiff, hurts ..looks deviated to me and there is a depression

one month


I will do acupuncture this week hoping it may help to reduce stress and swelling. Not sure how effective it is but will give it a try. Why Not?

little improvement

There is little improvement in the shape. The swelling slightly decreased, and the dent on the bridge is not too deep as before not sure if it is filled with scar tissue or whatever but that's not bad.

I met Dr. De Silva today and he thinks my nose will improve over time. He said if the right side did not improve he can smooth it with a filler. I don't think will add a filler I will go for a surgery in the future to fix it if necessary.

I told him I think my nose is too long and wished to have it shorter. He explained to me the correct dimensions of the nose to the rest of the face and believes my nose is in harmony with my face.

I don't know my self- image says it is too big !!! not sure how I convince myself that it is not.

Anyway.. I don't have positive or negative feelings at the moment. I will wait till it is 6 months post-op and see how things going. I don't wish to go to the operation room again except if there is something that I can't live with..

Still not in the mood of adding photos here.. sorry!

Stiff and hurts

Although I can see a reduction in the swelling, cold weather increases pain, stiffness and tenderness.
My nose is very sensitive.

Not sure

I can't say I am happy about my nose. it is still swollen, big and the positive changes are not easily seen.

I hate it !

Have no words...generally still not happy

10 weeks

10 weeks ...

little improvement

little refinement and reduction in swelling improved my mood :)

3 months soon

No much to say. still have the same concerns

7th of May

It is getting worse in terms of swelling, dent and deviation. No positive changes till now. I can't believe it will improve after a year without evidence. I will not wake up on the 4th Feb 2017 and see magic transformation.. positive changes accumulate and build up over time, ?but they should be noticeable.

front view 3months

No change

The dent is permanent there is no way that it will improve from itself

4 months

It is 4 months. At the moment Photos would say nothing new so I will not share.

5 months

Not happy


6 months 10 days post

Not improvement?

7 months

as seen in the photo.. same situation

front view 7 months

little improvement

I noticed a little reduction in the swelling which improved the shape of the nose. I was so pleased :)

I wish to wake up one morning without thinking about my nose

8 months post-op

It is better than before but my satisfaction rate is still low. I can't cancel the idea of doing a revision. I want more feminine nose.

another photo 8 months


My nose started to swell more since yesterday and the tip is stiff and rigid. Not sure what is happening at 8 months postop.

not happy yet

9 months

No big changes. Similar to last month photos

9 months +one week

No positive changes. This will never go away

9 months 11 days

not too bad but not happy

10 months 1 week

It will never get better

Not happy

After 10 months of waiting, I don't see any improvement. My profile is not nice..there is a dent and deviation and my nose does not look any smaller than before.. I wanted a more feminine profile.
I understand that I am not botched, and I am grateful that my breathing is normal and not affected, but I have low self-esteem and not happy about the results. Now, I am confident that revision is the only solution because I don't believe that another two months will make a difference or cause a miracle. Time will reduce the swelling, but it will not fix any structural problem. I will do a revision when I have enough money. Overall, I am not satisfied with my experience

Different angles

10 months and 2 weeks
no hope of improvement


11 month this week

Simply no change. Will this change to better? I doubt it

11 months

Nothing new

1 year

I will be one year after 3 days.

No news

Can't wait till I fix

After a year

One year 3 months

No change. I cant wait till revision


So I guess this is the end of my story, I have done a revision with the Lucian Ion and so far I am pleased with the results. Still Early in the healing processes but I trust that under Lucian's care I am fine.

Goodluck everyone
London Oculoplastic Surgeon

Why I gave him 5 stars? because the criteria listed below are not related to the surgery and its outcome. Everything went smoothly regarding waiting time, payment, email responsiveness etc so I can't lie about these and take down the stars because I am not happy about my nose. The website needs to modify the list

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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