5'3 1/2" tall and weighs 100lbs w/ UHP 400cc's natrelle smooth silicone round

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I'm getting excited surgery date is next week Sept...

I'm getting excited surgery date is next week Sept 18, 2014.

Went in for my BA consultation in Aventura, FL. (a 4 1/2 hours drive from me) on Sept. 5th appointment was at 12:30, but he wasn't in his Aventura office (he was doing a surgery) so I went to his surgical facility. While I was in the Aventura office I met Nancy my patient coordinator (nice lady, well everyone were nice) filled out pre-op docs and receive my pre-op and post-op packet, btw the office was nice and clean.

I got called in after I finished with the paper works by Naomi (nurse) She explained the procedure and what I can expect. She then told me Dr. Salama is in his surgical facility building which is in Hallandale a few minutes drive from Aventura. Naomi said he will see me at 3pm. Drove to Hallandale, eat lunch with my boyfriend then before 3pm we headed to his surgical facility, finally saw him around 3:45pm (I needed this consultation drove 4hrs+ to get here, so I waited patiently with my boyfriend).

Dr. Salama measured my breast and ask what I would like to achieve I told him full C or little D. I showed him my wish pic. He said I have narrow chest, Dr. M Salama recommend UHP in either of these sizes 360, 400, 460. My right breast is bigger than my left hence the two different sizes either a (360 & 400) or (400 or 460) UHP. It will be a round silicone Natrelle under the muscle using a dual plane technique, Inframammary crease incision.

I am a bit concern with the UHP (I will ask him about HP the day of surgery maybe I can get that instead of the UHP). I did mentioned my concern to Nancy. She said she will put it down in my chart. I hope she extends my concerned to Dr. Salama.

During my consultation ps said he will use sizer when I am in the operating table, sit me up to check what cc's looks better for my body frame. I had few questions for him and he answered them.

Btw, I mentioned I am also getting butt implants with BBL with him too in a few months, but he answered he is not currently doing butt implants with bbl :( maybe in a near future just not in the present time because he had a 2 cases of complications from patients. He said it's very risky procedure and more complications than a regular BBL ( I admire him for being honest and that he isn't after the money ). I contact Nancy via email, I told her about it because I locked in the date for butt implants with BBL and made a $900 deposit. I received the $900 refund back in timely manner to my Care Credit with NO problem, so thank you Nancy if you are reading this :)

Anyway, here is my stats: I am 5'3 tall, 102lbs , 2 kids breastfeed, deflated 32b true bra size no padding, but 32c or D with padding in victoria secret bras haha I guess their bras run small.

Good Luck everyone.. Happy and smooth recovery to us all!!!

Getting closer...

All packed ready for a bigger tata's :) Prescription meds are filled. I'm so excited and anxious wondering if I'm doing the right decision.

My boyfriend said my breast are fine the way they are (just wear VS padded bras, viola a nice cleavage haha). But I know how much he likes nice looking boobs, mine aren't when naked ha!

I've been unhappy with my deflated breast after I was done breastfeeding. It went from a nice fuller breast to deflated specially the upper pole. Right breast is bigger than my left and due to deflation it is now significantly obvious (ewwww)

I have never thought I would go under the knife, but here I am. Few months ago I was toying at the idea of butt implants with BBL and then breast implants later on. I booked for butt implants and fat grafted (BBL) with the same PS, August 25, 2014 but the surgery date isn't until March 2015 if I gain 20lbss before the date then maybe I could come in early if there is available.

Days after I told to myself hey why don't I get BA now while I'm trying to gain the 20lbs for butt implants with fat grafting to the butt. It only makes sense because while healing after breast surgery I have a chance to gain weight ( I have high metabolism). BA recovery is perfect time to gain weight, been taking Monster Mass protein shake and all other junks ice-cream every night the day I decided to get butt implant with BBL. My starting weight was 99lb, brings me to todays date to 102lbs -FYI, monster mass 2x a day, ice-cream almost every night, etc is working.

Decided to go with Dr. Salama for BA as well because I want to met him in person the guy that is supposed to do my butt implants with BBL (very serious and risky surgery) if he deliver very good result with my BA then there is more reason to go for butt implants with BBL.

Well, the day of my breast consultation (Sept. 5th) I found out from Dr. Salama himself that he isn't doing butt implants for now :( made me sad. I would of cancelled BA and get it done closer to where I live, but I already paid in full and surgery is very close so I'm going for it.

Praying for good result and fast recovery time.

Can't upload pics using tablet?

PC confusion

On my very first review I typed in Nancy as my patient coordinator (I don't know what was in my mind lol) My actual PC is Cynthia not Nancy, sorry for confusion.

OMg, can't sleep. I'm anxious, can't wait for new pair of boobs :)) I think I will switch to periareolar incision instead of the inframammry crease.

For some reason I can't post pics using my tablet.

Oh any of you ladies had OP during their menstrual period week? My period is right around the corner (sorry, TMI). OP is Sept 18 Thursday, I think my period will starts Wednesday or Thurs. My breast is starting to get tender, I heard there is more blood flow in the area p; I am a little worried if this is going to be an issue.

BA surgery soon....

I can't stop checking on here reading others review. Preparing myself for the big day. I am so thankful to all the ladies here for all their reviews and before and after pictures.

I think Im going to settle with high profile instead of the Ultra High Profile, I'm afraid of back ache or stretch skin although I have deflation (should accommodate the cc's he suggested), but I am prone to stretch marks (thanks to my good genes haha). I got stretch marks with my first pregnancy, boobs went to full C I didn't know anything about cocoa butter then :( I am now using cocoa butter (Palmer's) to help moisturize my skin and maybe prevents additional stretch marks with new tata's.

I wish there are more UHP reviews to compare at. Sizes are all so confusing, looks so much different in each person. I hope that my ps will use his good judgement, artistic hands, and eyes during my operation :)

Today, I took pictures using my phone for my before pics. I have to figure out how to upload them here

Spoke with the patient consultant on the phone

I called elite plastic surgery today, they answered my question promptly. She assured me they will have both High Profile and Ultra High in sizes 360,400,460 cc's, yayy I'm relieve.

She also said that the day of surgery Dr. Salama will measure me again and we can discuss any concerns I have that day.

Anyways, uploaded pics from when I my breast was semi-full to the day where my breast become so deflated I sometimes wear padded or push-up bra's if I go out and wants to have nice cleavage :)

I will take take pictures tonight

Arnica pellets and bromelain 2days before BA

Did any of you ladies had arnica tab and bromelain a day or two before BA surgery? I just started my doses today 5 pellets of arnica 3x a day and 1 cap bromelain/day. They are known to reduce swelling and bruising, I figured it won't hurt if do. Any advice is welcome.

I checked out Natrelle website and saw a promotion they offered free Botox if we get Natrelle silicone gel. Any one of you with Natrelle silicone gel redeemed your free Botox? Did you get it at your ps?

Sugery day tomorrow 09/18/2014

It's 11:45pm eating shrimp alfredo and biscuit from red lobster and trying to type here lol ( RL have all u can shrimp this month). Bf took me to there to get my mind off my surgery; he knows how much I love seafood. Anyway, I pig out for one last meal til sugery done. I can't survive w/out food for so long. I'll stop eating at exactly midnight LOL. My surgery is in afternoon :( I'd be starving, I am not looking forward to that.

After dinner at RL we went home pack his bag (mine was packed since Sat.). I told him to take pics of my boobs for remembrance :O I will miss my saggy, deflated, but natural breast. I love my breast and i love that I can lay on my tummy for a very long time (just like what time doing now while writing this journal). I could run, be rough and do whatever without worrying. I know once I have the BA I will have adjust and slightly change some.

I am nervous and asking myself if I am making the right decision. I question my sanity, back in my mind I wonder wether to go with the surgery tomorrow or cancel. I'm chickening out. I asked bf should I go for it or not? He assured me everything will be fine, if I don't do it the nagging will continue. I asked "What if implants restricts me on the things I love doing, or the the implants prevents me from doing rough games or activities?".. He answered "You can always get them removed if I truly not happy with them. And will start reconstructive surgery then."

Talking about everything makes me feel good. I know he will be there for me.

My pre-op breast pix. Taken today 09/17/2014

Surgery is tomorrow 09/18/2014

Age: 34
Children: 2 (breastfed for several months) now ages 9 & 6
Bra size: I am 32B no padding, deflated specially upper pole, 32C/D with push-up bras. asymmetry
Height: 5'3 and 1/2 I usually just say 5'3 hehe
Weight: currently 102 lbs

Pre-op 09/18/2014

Just so u ladies know what i wear to surgery and will use after surgery. The front hook sports bra I got in Walmart for $8 I think by FruitLoom.

Few more pics of my pre-op breast. I'm going to miss them natural (not so much), I know I'll be happy with the upgrade; no more deflated saggy breast.

Btw, I didn't told my family about the surgery. They're all against doing any kind of plastic surgery. I will try to keep it from them, they don't need to know this is the reason why I'm here so I can vent hehe.

This is the first time I'm going under the knife, i don't know how much it is going to hurt post-op. I don't do well in pain. When I had my two kids I used epidural, I didn't felt much pain during labor and after birth which was good, these two occasions are the only painful time I ever went through.

Got my girls!! On 09/18/2014

Here's how my day started Got in ft. Lauderdale by 12, was able checked in the hotel. I took another shower. Elite plastics surgery called to have me come in 45 mins early. I did. Surgery took about 45mins I think and 1 hour in recovery ( I was asleep the whole time) surgery was 2pm got back to the hotel (10mins away) at 4:45

Yayyy!!!! I made it back to the hotel I'm staying. They woke me up, I was under the blanket. Asked questions what I got, 400 cc's both breast. I thought ps will put different sizes because I have asymmetry. I asked the nurse about it she doesn't know why so tomorrow for my follow-up I'll ask ps why he decided to use the same cc's.
I got UHP because my breast will accommodate only the narrowest.

I expressed my concern and he explain that the projection between the natrelle 45 (UHP) amid natrelle 20 (HP) isn't that much of a difference. He showed me the chart with numbers and I agree. I mention what if I get HP 350 will that put me to the size I wanted? He said it's too small and I would be happy with because I wanted to achieve Full C or very little D
I asked more questions and I like what I heard so I glee my ahead. He measured me once again, marked me up, and then talk a picture. We talked some more and the anesthesiologist came in take me to the operating room ( I met him few minutes earlier, introduced himself and asked medical questions). He guide me what I need to do, and told me everything what he is about to do. He put IV in, put oxygen mask at my nose and as soon as I felt the cold gushing through IV I was out.

Wake up daw the nurse and my ps, but he immediately left. I guess he was doing another surgery because there was this girl comes in for surgery too.

I keep nodding off lol. Nurse put me in surgical bra or sports bra similar to what I wore pre-op but bigger size. Before I saw my PS the nurse gave me a plastic bag, in it are compression socks, and warm up socks, gown, cap, panty.

I took 1 Percocet, meds for nausea and antibiotics, arnica pellets after eating. Felt nauseated an hour later and throw up twice. I decided I swear to my bf will not take Percocet again because that think makes me feel so weird and dizzy. I'd rather be in been that having another Percoce/oxycodone. He let me have the nausea medicine let it melted under my tongue ( OTC )

Post-op recovery 09/19/2014

Back home today, arrive at 4pm. Follow was today. Nurse said they look great. I was able to see my girls for the first time today. They do look nice.

But I am in so much pain right now or ache, back ache and neck due to sitting. I also switch to Tyler extra strength last night because I hate how I felt after taking it.

I am still slightly nauseated but stop nauseated pills this morning. I continue taking Tylenol, arnica, and antibiotic

This going to be TMI, I just passed my first BM, took 1 softener yesterday (soon as I got back to my hotel from surgery) and one today before head back home.

I'm still a bit drugged, but It's progressing. Able to move better today than yesterday. Been walking every 2 hours for 10 mins. I have very uncomfortable on bed propped with lots of pillow, back aches is rather be standing up walking than sitting. Do you ladies ever suffer back ache and muscle ached in the neck area? I've been mobile but still very slow and too much ache or pressure in both breast. My left breast aches more than the other.

My girls are still way up high but I like what I see, bf loves it, he said not too big and not too small. He said it looks perfect for my frame.

2 days post-op 09/20/2014

I will post pics with this update. I had the nurse took picture of my girls yesterday (09/19/2014) at my follow up that was the first time I met my two girls without the compression bra. They are still very swollen, fake, boxy, and pointy looking taken at my follow up (one day post op)

So today I am going to shower. I don't know if it's a good idea, I did sponge bath yesterday. Nurse cleared I can shower. But before I do that I may need to go sports bra shopping because the front zipped sports bra's I bought at walmart doesn't fit. I was hoping to fill them in but lol they are too freaking small, I guess because I'm very swollen right now. I'll just get a cheap one in walmart again because I know I cant wear them again once the swelling goes down,

Carp, I need to cough. I sneezed twice and it hurts. My throat still hurts from throwing twice the other night. It hurts to swallow.

Anyway, I'm off to ice my babies today. When did you ladies starts massaging you new girls?

Day 3 post-op 09/21/2014

Had 2 Tylenol extra strength at 4am that was the last time for pain meds. So far pain is bearable so I stop with Tylenol. I continue taking antibiotic, arnica gel, bromelain.

2nd & 3rd BM today, been eating fruits, rotisserie chicken, and veggies.

I started to have shooting pains or something like electrical current once in a while near my incision site.

Back ache is getting better I use arnica gel for minimize discomfort. I'm better today than yesterday, getting better everyday.

I couldn't find my size in 2 walmart I checked today, I end up buying 36C danskin very loose. Went Dicks Sporting Goods and got my size 32D in Under Armour Protegee was debating between 32D or 32DD- heck this thing is expensive (if you have the size in walmart get those they are just as good!). I purchased the 32D fits snugly with support, while 32DD is just comfy and in case if swelling goes down I might lose some volume. I want something that gives me support because once I'm more active I will be running around with my kids playing sports, so good support for my new ta ta's are essential.

Oh and I showered today, I used antibacterial safeguard soap. I figured after trying on bras I felt so dirty lol- thought of how many sweaty boobies (I live in Florida) that tried the bra, the last thing I want right now is bacterial infection.

I showered with help washing my hair. I still have the tape on covering the incision, I was careful not to rub near my incision ( the nurse instruct me not to take off tape) They will take it off on my first week follow-up.

Today, I occasionally felt a slushing cool sensation in both breast this feeling reminds me when I was breast feeding. .

Anyways, Nipple maybe a little more sensitive but nothing significant which is good.

I am very happy with the size of my breast right now, but I can't say anything about the shape and symmetry just yet, too soon to tell.

Morning of day 5

Wake up at 4 and 6 for potty. Notice my breast stiffed but very little pain. Didn't iced, went back to sleep in my bedroom ( I slept on the couch-reclining).
I'm completely off pain med, I stop arnica pellets, bromelain, and arnica gel now ( my stomach so bloated from either the pellets or bromelain).

Yesterday I tried driving to pick up my kids at school (I'm on my own this week), made it to 2 houses before I u-turn back to my house, Too much stressed at my chest area. I end up walking 1 mile to pick up kids in school (very slow walk), have to do it again today hope it doesn't rain.

Bad news, my kids got flu vaccine at their school Fridays. Yesterday they aren't feeling well and coughing. I hope I don't get, it would really sucks to cough with my new girls. I've sneezed a few times yesterday and it wasn't fun at all. Laughing isn't fun either.

Not much real update today, not much change from yesterday except that I'm feeling better now. No more back ache or achy neck since I stop wearing that torture compression band. I wear my sports bra 24/7 only take off to shower or when I want to say Hi to my girls. R-breast has normal sensation on the nipple some parts are numb; L-breast very little sensation on the nipple, some parts of breast are still numb and also more swollen (looks bigger than my right). Pre-op my r-breast is bigger. Post-op left breast seems bigger. I have UHP 400cc's smooth round silicone Natrelle both breast in dual plane technique (80% is under muscle)

Last night I wash my hair by myself, I was very careful not to raised elbow above the shoulder.

this is TMI... My period started today, belly cramps~sucks!! But I'm glad I'm more mobile and feeling much better. No bm problem since day 2 maybe because I didn't take oxycodone since day 2.

09/23/2014; 5 days post-op pics along with pre-op pics

Here's picture update to see where I'm at on my 5 days post-op

I'm 5'3 1/2 tall, 102 lbs, breastfed two kids, started with 32b bra (no padding)

I got 400cc's both breast, UHP #45 Natrelle round smooth silicone gel, under the muscle dual plane, inframammary incision.

I included pictures of pre-op pics to compare to today's pic.

at exactly one week post-op 09/25/2014

I am now back to driving, Yayyy!!! Feeling great too, but I think my boobs have gotten smaller now that the swollen is almost gone

8 days post-op

Here are some pics with clothes on; I can make my new tata's disappear for conservative look or show them off with tighter tops. I wear compression bra 24/7 except when showering. haven't tried wearing regular bra yet.

I think they have dropped some, but my left breast drops slower than my right. So L is riding higher than my right, I am not happy about them being so uneven (pre-op my R is slightly bigger, but post-op my L is bigger than my right; both 400cc's UHP natrelle round silicone). I hope they will even out soon.

Oh and because I been wearing sports bra 24/7 my nipple are so sore because of constant pressure and maybe sometimes they were bend side ways. Yesterday after shower I put bandaid on them so they are protected and won't get rub, it's working great so far hehe.

Attached are pics with and w/out clothes.

8 days post-op not very happy 09/26/2014

My breast are uneven :( my left is riding high and bigger than my right. Both breast are still hard, Every time I look at my pictures I notice how big my left breast compared to my right breast. here are the pics that I took earlier today.

12 days post

My girls have dropped more and not as hard rock anymore, started massaging them at 1 week post. Left still higher which is ok I'm beginning to like it more than my R.

I will probably lose more fullness in a few days, but I hope they don't drop too much because I am loving the upper fullness right now. The L just need to catch up with the R and I want my right to stop dropping :) I don't expect them to be perfectly even because I was not symmetrical to begin with, but I don't them to be significantly asymmetric either

As far as activities I am back to doing all my normal routine minus lifting heavy stuff (20lbs+). No more pain, but once in a while I have these quick tiny shooting pin like sensation (doesn't hurt) inside both breast more so on my right. I heard it's coming from the nerves regenerating.

I still put bandaid on my sore nipples. I change them once a day, air them out after shower

My old tops are now filled in , i'm quite happy :)

103°f fever

Sore throat & coughing started yesterday morning at 7pm I had chills with 103°f temp, I immediately took Tylenol.

I'm not sure what this is but I'm worried, although I don't seem to have breast infection my girls seemed to be healing fine, but I hope I don't get capsular contractors due to infection in my body.

I feel fine right now it's 2:09am I took another Tylenol just to keep fever under control. This sucks, I don't get sick that much in fact the last time I had fever episode was when I gave birth to my son many years ago

Back to zzzz land

Just recovered from flu

I've recovered from awful flu!!! Felt like I was dying for 6days. I had body ache, high fever, chills, sore throat, headache, runny nose, and insane cough! Flu is awful awful awful thing, I was bed ridden for entire 3days.

I've coughed so hard and so often that my chest hurts at some point I felt like my right breast is about to give up. I was afraid to check my boobs when I was sick, worried I have damaged them due to excessive coughing, but they seem to be ok. I still have mild cough and gets tired easily, all other flu symptoms are gone, yay feeling much much better!

Also, I lost the little fat that I gained, I now weigh 98lbs :(

The only good thing I can say is that my kids didn't get the flu just sniffles and mild cough (they received flu vaccine a month ago, thank God!).

Feeling better

I've been very sick and just now started to feel like myself again. During the days I was sick I've been slacking on my breast massages. My entire body aches so massaging my breast isn't on top of my mind. Now that I'm feeling better I massage my boobs in the shower, a couple minutes each.

I hope I didn't ruin my breast pockets or whatever due to aggressive coughing I did when I had the flu. Currently, I'm not so sure if my boobs are going to be fine, but time will tell. Hopefully, there is no damage done to them.

Back in the day at my consultation I told my PS I want a full C or very very little D. I think my Ps gave me the exact size I desired. I'm glad I didn't went too big anything bigger would stretch my skin too much and I would need a way bigger implants to correct saggy breast or may need a lift when it's time to exchange implants ( I plan to exchange in 10 years haha. I know my breast will sag as I aged so I can probably go up to 460cc's then ).

Yesterday, I went bra shopping. My girls fit perfectly in a DKNY Demi bra 32D and also DKNY full coverage bra 32DD ( I guess it depends on the style). I got the 32D DKNY demi bra because the 32DD is super ugly bright orange with pink strap lol. I learned that the bigger the cup the uglier bras available. I will post pics of my girls with the 32D bra later. I will check out VS bra's when I have more energy.

Oh and today I stop using bandaid on my nipples hehe. They are back to normal sensation, so happy :) and I also just started to sleep on my sides comfortably!

My breast still feels heavy, I still find myself hunching my shoulders forward lol. I need to teach myself to stand/walk traight.

Just a random update @7weeks

My bf (now fiancé) bought our matching outfit weeks before Halloween. He costume was RobinHood and i'm RobinHood's bitch hehe. I wanted something a little sexy outfit to show off my new boobs (no one said anything I had something done with breast not even close friends. I guess I did well wearing push-up bras before BA hehe) At costume party men asked about my outfit and got compliments from both men women.

Anyways, to make long story short I got engaged on the beach on our way to the costume party. It was a perfect setup. I thought I got tricked, but instead I got a very nice surprise Halloween treat, could not have gone any better. I was surprised because I thought he was going to proposed in December when we go away for a week.

Now I know why he kept telling me how excited he was for the Halloween costume party. I wasn't going to attend that evening because I was a tired trick or treating with him and my kids wearing my normal clothes.

Anyway, not much change with my girls. I think they've dropped quite a bit tho and maybe done dropping. Everything is going great, very happy with them so far. I wished I've done this surgery sooner :) I love them!!! I will update with pictures of girls on their 2 months birthday few days from today. I feel like if I update and take pictures too often I don't see the changes.

my Halloween costume

in my Halloween costume




December update about 3 months

First of all, I'm sorry it took me so long to update I just got back from back to back out of town road trips, then again this Thursday so I need to unpack laundry and repack lol. What a busy month I'm sure I'm not alone in this because of all the holidays.

Well, not much change with my boobs except that they have dropped a lot and so much more squeezy even feel like real boobs. My incisions are healing well. I rub Palmers scar serum on my scars and massaging my breasts in the shower twice a day. I also just started using silicone sheets.

The first bra I purchased ( 32D I thought a perfect size bra for me) don't fit anymore I'm so glad I got it for steal. I have been wearing sports/support bras almost every day but take breaks at bed time. I hate wearing bras in bed so I started just wearing camisole with support when I sleep. I only wear 32DD or 32DDD VS bra when I go out in a nice dress. Finding cheaper bras at local stores like Target or Kohls and even JC's had been very disappointing takes a lot of time searching for my size so I end up just getting all bras at VS bra's because I get in and out of store quick.

I absolutely love my girls, in some tops they are huge and disappears in others which is good because when I'm with my kids I keep it low and classy. Anyway, I don't know if they're done dropping or what, but I'm hoping they are.. My fiancé nor me cannot feel the implants at all no matter how hard we squeezed my breast. So far no rippling or anything.

I'm back to all my normal activities. l now lift up to 10lbs or maybe more, but not strong enough to lift 5lbs or heavier above the shoulders. I haven't tried exercising either the only exercise I do is walk.

My left still higher, I think they will always be uneven because they were asymmetrical to begin with. My nipple sensation is back to normal, the lower part of breast (above the incision) still a little numb.

The only thing I regret not doing along with this surgery is reduction of my areola. I used to pump milk (sorry TMI) when I was breastfeeding because of it my areola are bigger/wider than it used to be, not a big deal. Someday, I will have my areola reduced. I also have these old tan lines on my right upper breast, post-op the tan lines are uneven lol can't wait for the summer to chill on the pool deck and even them out.

I am side sleeper so I sleep on my sides almost all the time now. I also tried sleeping on my belly, but still need to get used to the feeling of having bigger breast. Everything else are going great!


I spent my weekend Christmas shopping for my family, but came home with bra's and cute bralettes from VS, Nordstrom, Holliester, and AE lol.

I'm about 3months so I don't think my cup size will significantly change. In bra's I fit really well in 32DDD, the bralettes are all size small because the medium is just too loose on the band area as am very narrow there.

Scar is healing slow at almost 5months post

Scars are fading very slow at almost 5months post op :( I been using scar away silicone sheets and it seems like it's not working for me. I still have a full box of them. I use sheers 3x a week and on the days I don't use them i just rub a scar serum. I wonder if I should stop applying scar stuff to speed up.

Anyway, now that I am more busty I am thinking of getting bbl to match my bum to my chest lol, but I'm too skinny :( i stop exercising even before my BA, now gaining some fat in abdomen so hopefully it's enough for bbl? Anyone who had experienced or suggestions of a good surgeon in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami or in surrounding area who speciallized in BBL?

how 400cc's UHP looks on petite woma

Just showing how 400cc's UHP looks like on petite woman like myself. Now that I'm happy with my breast size and now seriously considering of getting a bbl lol I know it's crazy but I want a huge bum!! When I last I talked to a bbl PS he laughed at me like he was going to say "girl u have a lot of eating to do to gain fat" he said even if he harvest some fat on me it wouldn't even be enough for one cheek. I wouldn't be happy with the result :( well, maybe I'll get tummy tuck instead because I have lose skin after pregnancies and lots of tiny stretch marks, you barely see them but they're there the phone camera just not picking them up hehe ( a good thing)

My right breast may have buttoned out

My right breast may have buttoned out :( I'm not very happy with them being uneven I thought my left breast will catch up but I'm going on 6 months PO I don't think it will change from here

I contact my PS and I have been communicating with the PS consultant. My surgeon could stitch the pocket to fix the problem.. It's just a minor one but I was quoted for $1500. I'm not sure yet if I do it with same PS or try find someone else..

The search begins

Quick video


Will be 7months in April 18,2015 this video taken March 28,2015. I just wanted to show what they look like now I'm almost 7months post op. This is NOT how I massage my breast , I barely even squeeze them on this video. Jumping without any support on my girls umm was intimidating I'm afraid I may mess up my boobs lol.

I'm very happy with my result. I don't think I've bottomed out anymore, i think my right breast have dropped slightly lower than my left but other than that it's all good. I will see my PS in June so to figure out what can be done. I'm also considering of reducing the size of my areola so that might fix it

Scar!! Will be 8months post-op on May18,2015

My boobs Will be 8months on May18,2015..

I bOught one box of scar away silicone sheet. I used it on my fresh scar then I stop maybe around 5 months and started using the scar serum but once in a while I still use the silicone sheets when I know I will be wearing underwire bra for long period of time to protect my scar.

Last month I been using castor oil on my scars. I noticed they are fading nicely. I am very happy of their location because I don't see them at all. I give big credit to my PS :) thank u.

Before and after pics

The only thing I don't do with my implants is exercising upper body. It feels so funny using the pec muscle lol, can't explain it

Almost to my 1yr post

Everything still looking good, in fact boobs looks and feels absolutely amazing and natural.

They got bigger as time went by, I' still weigh the same :)

Scars fades away and are flat. I don't see it nor anyone can.

I'm definitely in love with my tata's :) The projection is great, it likes like I was born with big boobs. I don't even think of them as implants anymore because they simply feels sooo natural to me.

No one actually thought I have implants lol. I cant believe it, but there is this male friend of mine that had the gut to asked me a question just few days ago, he was like, "can I ask u a personal question? because I'm curious about something." I said sure, and he was like "Are you real up top or had something done because you're kind of big up there to be so petite" I answered, "well, I'm real,,,,, yep real fake haha!!" I then asked him if they are obvious or if they look fake, he answered, "oh NO! not at all that's why I had to ask because not so many petite have big boobs and I've seen so many bad implants that you can tell they're fake from 100ft away but yours i had to ask haha".

So yeah it's a good thing that they don't look fake, but also a bad thing for having too big of a boobs and being thin because even if boobs don't look fake, but having big boobs and thin will make people wonder if they are real or had something done haha. Ok I don't mind, they can wonder for as long as they want and to those who aren't too shy to ask will get my honest answer :) I'm not shy about them being fake anymore because to me they feel like mine and they give me so much confidence. I do tend to wear tops that shows minimum cleavage unlike pre-op lol. Before implants I thought the more cleavage the better-not now! I wear more conservative tops now specially when I'm in tight clothing or tops. I have no need to show cleavage because it doesn't matter cleavage or not boobies still look huge and I'm very happy the way they are now.

Everything is 100% back to normal now, sleeping on my tummy 70% of the time and no complaints here.

I wear sexy things in bed now lol much better confidence in bedroom hehe. I went back to active lifestyle and exercising.


Yoga and doing squats and lunges... I like exercising, after workout I feel so good, happy, and energize. I don't want to bulk up or anything, just like to maintain my shape and I like the happy feeling I get when I exercised. I mostly doing yoga and dancing, i do squat and lunges to firm my non-existing booty lol

I don't do much upper body exercise because it feels a little weird I could feel the implants move with the muscle, but it's no big deal only when I use pec muscle during upper body exercise, I just don't like that feeling it is something I have to get used to.

Everything else feels 100% normal. My right breast still slightly smaller than the left, but it doesn't bother me and my breast before surgery was uneven too so of course after surgery they would be uneven too lol very minor thing in my opinion.

Happy Bd boobies!!

One year!!! Happy with my boobs!!

No changes, everything has been the same. Been going to gym 3x a wk. going to Caribbean so I bought I few pair from target and Walmart. I buy inexpensive bikinis because I usually donate them after the season is over so the next summer I get a new style and color lol.

I uploaded pics all paddings are removed. My breast don't like them ever since I have implants hehe. I love my breast now, i don't need paddings or push-ups anymore to look full.

creepy men lurking on this site. I won't be updating anymore

I'm concerned about my safety and privacy, this site helped me a lot I wanted to keep helping other women, but I been hesitant to update.

I will no longer update.. I wish there's a way to delete the entire account including all the updates and comments.
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