Sexy Wolf joined the flat side!! TT, MR, lipo of flanks and inner thighs

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I am a mother of 4.(11,9,7,5) I am very fit and...

I am a mother of 4.(11,9,7,5) I am very fit and train just about everyday. I have physical job and eat healthy for the most part. I have never been able to get rid of this baby belly and it has really gotten me down a lot. I don't feel very sexy most of the time. I have an amazing partner and he thinks I am beautiful and sexy but I just can't get past with how I feel about myself.

I have been looking on this site for a few days now and I love what I'm seeing. All the before and after photos are amazing. Hearing about everyone's surgery has encourged me to call a doctor and get started with this process. My appointment is September 28th at 1:30. I'm pretty excited. I don't know how long until they book the surgery but I'm looking forward to starting this process.

I look forward to reading more stories from all of you and also sharing mine.

Hello there. I haven't posted in a while but I am...

Hello there. I haven't posted in a while but I am happy to report I am going to get my tummy tuck this month. I am very excited. Going to see the surgeon on March 7the to confirm the date. Super excited!!!

4 days post op!!!!

I haven't updated in a while. I had a fully tummy tuck and look to flanks and inner thighs on Wednesday around noon. When I woke up from surgery the doctor said "it was perfect surgery and couldn't have gone any better". He removed 3kg of fat and flesh from my body'. CRAZY.
I can't believe I have finally has this done.
I got out of the hospital Thursday morning at 7am and my drive home was 4 hrs, it was nice to get home!
I was taking some narcotics they prescribed but aft the first night I started vomiting so I stopped them. Just taking advil.

I am feeling great and loving my belly! I can't believe the bulge is no longer there! I'll post some photos.

1 day po

A few pictures

just saw my new belly 4 dpo and i am in SHOCK!!!!!

So I decided to take my bandages off and change them today and I think I have one SEXY belly now :-). Here are some pictures.

before pictures

4 dpo

3 dpo

my recovery chair!!!

My recovery chair was delivered today! Omg I love it. It lays back by the touch of a button :-)

day 6 post TT

I am feeling awesome!!! The only "issues" I'm having are: not being able to shower yet...drains come out today or tomorrow...haven't slept much in the last 2 nights I just can't sleep. My back...Omg it gets stiff and sore...oh and I am very itchy! I only took some Tylenol last night to knock me out to sleep it worked for about 4 hrs but I've been up since 3-4am....

Yesterday I was so paranoid that things were not healing right or I over did it or something but all is good it just all feels so weird that it just all feels not right.

I really am doing awesome. Only back pain but that's it. Yesterday my tummy was feeling quite tight but its better now. I think I was just up a lot yesterday.

I put a dress on yesterday and Omg it was cute! Also I tried on my jeans and they fit. I didn't button them because I didn't want to squeeze my belly at all but they fit over my CG and a pair of tight shorts :-)

My PS removed 6.6lbs of fat and flesh and yes I did weight myself and I am down 3 lbs from before surgery. So I have a bit of swelling but not much :-). so very happy!

Day 6 post op

So the last two nights I have not slept very much my back was really hurting so nothing allowed me to Get comfortable enough to sleep. After I sent my kids to school this morning I tried again and finally got a couple hours of sleep time.

Got up and had a sponge bath and a peek of my belly :-) taking drains out later today!!!! Can't wait! Here's an updated photo of today :-) all the black marks are just sticky spots from where I was taped idea how to get rid of it other than letting them wear off over time. Belly feels too funny to scrub them off. Oh I even got to shave part of my whoooo ;-) my incision line is so low it actually goes through my pubic hair :-)

drains are OUT!!!!!

Omg those drains...yes I think they are terrible things...I can now feel a bit more sexy. My husband helped me removed my drains and after he took them out he said "I pulled a garden hose out of you". I wanted to laugh but I had to wait to get the binder back on. Then we had a good chuckle! They are terrible things! I feel great now. Can stand up straight move freely its great.

1 week post op

Today is one week...right now I was nervous going into surgery and wondering what to expect....well I guess I know now!!!

I am doing amazing! My belly is so flat...well minus the swelling but I don't care :-) I feel great. I finally was able to sleep last night a bit and I had a proper shower today!!! It felt amazing.

Here's a few one week photos!

feeling great today!

a drive in the car today....

So I was feeling so great I thought I could pick up my daughter from school and drive her to the barn to ride her horse...Lol well driving is not for me yet Hahaha I got so swollen didn't know if I'd make it home. Now I'm resting and feeling so much better....staying away from the car for a bit ;-)

before and after picture

a few tips for you going for a tummy tuck...

OK so here's my list of dont's after a tummy tuck...

1. Do not drive a manual car the first day you feel great.
2. Do not use just one side of your body when rolling to get out of bed. Your other side will be tender.
3. Do not be hard on yourself.

OK that's about it!

So I was a bit sore waking up this morning but feeling better now. The location where the drains were was a bit sore this morning and has a small amount of redness to it. I cleaned it really well and hopefully it won't be infected.

Today I am just relaxing as on Sunday my daughter has her first horse show of the season and she really wants me to be there so I need my energy and I need to heal up lots before that!

day 8

So after a LOVELY shower I decided I wanted to see just how low my scar really is....well ladies these little panties cover my scar!!!! So excited! Even more exciting is I don't have a bulge over my panties anymore and my panties don't roll down and under that belly :-).
The marks you see are just glue residue (slowly is coming off and a bit of bruising)

my favorite bathing suit :-)

I got all the glue residue off today well most of it! Showered and washed my cg so while I was waiting for it to dry I decided to try on my favorite bikini that I always loved :-)

Week one review

post op day 12

I can't believe I'm almost two weeks in to this recovery! Amazed!!
Sorry I haven't updated the last couple days its because I've actually been busy!

Yesterday (day 11) I was up at 4:30am and spent the entire day with my daughter and her pony at a horse show! OK proud mommy moment right here...she won second place overall :-) her best friend won 1st so it was a perfect day and the ponies were amazing.

So I stood and walked literally all day! My first day out of the house and I was up all day! I felt great! I have a small amount of pulling tugging stinging in my incision right at my bikini line but I just think its healing. I was so swollen by the end of the day I felt like I had my old belly back :-(

The last two nights I have finally been able to sleep in my bed again! I can side sleep on both sides and actually roll in bed without much discomfort!

I had a day of depression where I was missing everything but its all good now. No depression.

I can't believe how well I'm getting along with this. I feel my Karma is good since I have received such amazing results and an easy recovery.

I said to my hubby last night "you really got it good, you only had to wait on me hand and foot for 10 days". He liked that :-)

My surgical tape is slowly coming off so I've been able to have a couple peeks of my incision and boy does it ever look great. So tiny. I still have lots of stretch marks but you know what? Those are my war wounds from having my 4 fabulous kids! So I don't mind!

I am down about 4 lbs since surgery which is crazy. I love it!!!!

No one commented on how good I looked yesterday which was too bad but with my swollen belly I didnt really look that great. I will in due time though.

Well I'll post a picture of me later but because I'm such a proud mom here's a photo of my girl and her pony with all her ribbons!!!!


I had an amazing asleep last night. Only woke once :-) slept in my bed and I can side sleep on both sides and roll in bed without discomfort :-)

After my long day yesterday I sick sick sick today. I have such a bad headache. I'm trying to get rid of it but no luck just yet :-(

I haven't taken a picture of my belly the last couple days because I have been busy. Tomorrow or the next day (2 weeks) I'll post. But as far as my tummy is going I am healing amazing. The incision is awesome and there's no infection or soreness at all today :-)

Happy healing everyone.

day 12 post op

Today I have been suffering a massive migraine :-( its been rough. Nothing has been able to take the pain away. I've laid low most of the day. I had to do a bit of running around but not much. Rest is my friend today!

2 Weeks

I have tried to update 2 times already and it wouldn't post so here I'll try again.

Thanks for reading everyone. I do enjoy sharing my success with you all. It is a very exciting procedure!

I was at the doctors today and got my stitches out from my belly button. It was such a weird feeling because I didn't feel it lol. My belly button area is so numb. I am 4 hrs away from my PS office so I just had my family doctor take my stitches out. She hasn't seen me in a number of months and was amazed at how great I look. She was very impressed with the surgery and couldn't believe what an amazing job my PS did. She said my incision is healing perfect. Its not even red. She also said "wait two years and you'll never even see the scar". So what great news I got today! Very happy about that.

I am feeling very good for the most part. My belly gets pretty swollen when I'm out and about for a bit. Which I have had a bunch of stuff I've needed to do the last few days.

I still can't drive yet due to the uncomfortable feeling it causes me. So my hubby is my chauffeur for me. He's so good to me.

Today marks the two week mark. I can't believe its been two weeks already. I would like to feel like myself again though.

Today I decided to try on a sting bikini and well here's the results :-)

couple 2 week photos

a little sunbathing today...

So I decided to sit out on the deck today for a short while and get some sun on my white body lol it was really nice actually! Few photos!

Time for an update

Well I guess I just updated yesterday but it seems like days ago so I thought I'd write an update.

Last night I could not sleep....not because of my surgery but because I have been working on renovations on my house since 3 weeks before surgery to put it up for sale and its finally ready to be put on the market! The listing was posted yesterday and I was so excited I just couldn't sleep...I know silly... I had to do a few things around the house to be ready for the open house on Sunday and I had to drive to do some errands...last time I drove I was so swollen and uncomfortable so I was a bit nervous. I made it through the day and all my errands. :-). Yes a little swollen tonight but feeling good. I have a small pinching feeling in my belly that I've been massaging and its better now.

Friday nights are always a kid filled night but luckily I'm able to just sit back in my recliner while they play video games :-)

Tomorrow I have to go over to the house to finish up the last few things so the home is in perfect condition so it sells this weekend!!! Trying not to over do things but it sure is hard for me to just chill and do nothing ;-)

I have been very much enjoying reading everyone's posts and thank you all for your lovely comments! Happy healing to you all!!! Xoxoxo

day 17 post op

WOW I can't believe its day 17....unbelievable!!!
Today I worked at my house for 4 hrs cleaning up getting ready for the open house tomorrow. My property is a horse farm and here people are big into horses. A gentleman, who was interested, stopped into the house and so I showed him around briefly because all he cared to see was the barn. he didn't care about the house but only about the barn and fields...he left and on the way out he said "I love the property". Well maybe the house is sold already ;-)

After all that work, we came home and had a BBQ and some wine out on the deck! I am feeling great! I can't believe how good I'm feeling or how good the results are. I'm just in shock!
You can actually see definition in my upper stomach :-)

Happy healing and happy weekend to everyone.

end of day 18 post op

Wow each day count "up" shocks me that I'm this far into recovery! I just can't believe it.

So today I had just a few things to do at the house before the open house started. Just before I went over I got a call from my agent and he said he had a viewing before the open house. So I rushed over and cleaned up FAST....OMG that was just too busy lol.
Came home had a was great!

I then took my daughter out for ice cream and some shopping. 2 hours later I was so ready to go home!!! I did buy two bikinis for myself...I was too swollen to take pictures and post them but maybe tomorrow :-) it sure was fun to just pick out bikinis and have them look good :-)

Good night all! Happy healing!


my pre op jeans fit..

Over the binder and with swelling :-)


So I'm at an amusement park today with my kids....its small...I was worried about doing too much and everything I read says walk as much as you can.. so I'm just walking then resting then resting. So I don't think I'm over doing it...yes I'm swollen but no pain...the heat is what is killing me today...Omg its hot!!!

after a day at the park...

I spent the day with the kids today...did a bunch of walking and resting and driving....I am for sure swollen but my belly sure looks better than it did before surgery! Here's one of my new bikinis I bought yesterday.

20 days post op

Well today was a day from swell hell!!! I had lots of swelling as I guess I just over did it yesterday...and today ;-) sure challenging when you're feeling great to just sit and do nothing...

Good news we finally got out pool open now just a few days and it will be clear and ready for swimming. Hopefully I'll be clear to swim :-)

Here's some pictures of my day of swelling..

3 weeks post op

WOW so I've made it 3 weeks...its been pretty uneventful healing process which I am very happy about! I feel great for the most part. I get tired easy and swell if I do too much but I guess that's normal.

I have started using vit E cream. I have noticed a huge difference in my scar...its not as lumpy. Dont know if its from the cream or just time but I guess the cream is not hurting anything. Very happy with the results!

PS before pictures just arrived.

Ok so I just got my PS before pictures...all I can say is YUCK!!!!
My PS told me that it would really lift my huummmm...girl area...well I'm being brave and posting a picture of how it actually did that! omg did it every lift it!

couple more....

I still cant believe the surgeon is an artist and I am only 3 weeks post OP....he said not to even look at my legs before 2 months and holy sh*t there is a massive difference...this is the body I knew that was in there all along....omg I cant wait to start training again so I can actually see results! I am so happy. I never imagined I would get these results!

SEX...dont read it if you cant handle honesty...

OK so I have not seen many posts about sex and I have some questions about sex post TT...
First my sexual husband and I have amazing unbelievable...OK so that's my history ;-)
Now since my TT we have had sex at 1, 2 and now today 3 weeks post TT. First week I wore my cg during sex...I was not able to have an orgasm which was fine because it was just one week post op.

Week 2 I again wore my cg...yeah yeah I know its so not sexy but I just couldn't handle not wearing it and quite frankly I just wanted to be close to him. Again I struggled to have an orgasm...we used a little vibrator and a was able to have one but it just was not as good as before.

Today, week 3, I finally have been brave enough to go garmentless ;-) well I wore a garment but it was not my was a sexy red outfit that I wore before my TT and it sure looks better now ;-). I was so comfortable with him, I felt super hot and sexy. It was amazing....but I was unable, again, to achieve an orgasm :-(

I think with the TT my vagina has been pulled tight and I just don't know where my "spots" are any more. I really don't have a problem to continue to keep trying and finding those spots but I'm wondering has anyone else had this problem? How long has it taken you to find them again...

I didn't realize with a new tummy came a new vagina husband is a lucky man ;-) Hahaha

Okay so please fill me in with your experiences please! I hope to get back to my normal sexual self again soon!

garment or no garment...

So my PS said to wear the garment for 3 weeks full time and after that do whatever I want....OK so I don't know how to decide if I should or shouldn't wear it...when I do its really tight on my waist and feels like its bruising me but its not its just because its thick right where I bend then when I don't wear it I don't feel as secure....I just don't know how to decide....any tips on the transition period?

new garments!!!

So I went to Walmart and found some less constrictive garments that give me support!!! Yay. I didn't want spend too much on them as I don't expect to be wearing them too long.

Here's some photos of what I found. Tank top type and an underwear type.

day 23 post op

So today is the first day out of the house with my new garments on. Yay so I'm wearing regular panties and the "compression" tank top. It feels so much better!!! I slept with the underwear and tank top last night and it was so nice! Yay!!!

just at the barn :-)

Its so nice to be able to drive again and be able to sit and watch my daughter ride again!!!!

A few pictures I took today of my scar

I think my incision is really awesome...really happy with it. I still have a couple stitches that have not fully dissolved but my scar is so light and thin!!!

new garment...heaven

OK so as I said before this is my first day with a less constrictive garment and I love it. My belly is starting to feel like mine again :-) I have noticed some more bruising on my flanks and I can feel the bruising on my thighs from the lipo but its not bad it just feels like bruises. I'm enjoying not being so squeezed. I actually have noticed less swelling since I have switched garments too.

more pictures :-)

Hope its OK I post so many pictures :-) just a few scar comparisons to show you!

day 25 post op

So I updated this earlier but it didn't update...oops
Took the kids to the park today...that was fun and really exhausting. I find my energy gets zapped so quickly.

When we got to the park my husband said "i should have drove, I totally forgot you hard surgery" my 13 year old also said he forgot too...Hahaha too funny! I guess I'm doing good if they forgot :-)

day 26 post op

We'll I am going to talk about a bunch of stuff today...hope its not too boring ;-)

First of all I will say I have never regretted this surgery for a second! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my new body (throw in a few more LOVES) my PS rocked it!!! Only problem I see is I have a small dogear on my right side but I guess its not a big deal and they can fix them pretty easy and quite honestly I don't care if it never goes away :-)

A couple things that a have struggled with during the healing have been
1) Sex...everything just seems numb...its great but just seems numb and I still haven't been able to have an orgasm. My hubby loves the new vagina though ;-) so I guess there's no complaints about extra practice ;-).

2) Energy level- normally I am able to go go go go and then go some more. I can barely go to town pick up a couple things and then be exhausted. So I've struggled with having less energy...I just have to accept that.

3) clothes- yes my jeans fit very nicely now and all my shirts either fit perfect or too big...the problem is that I can't wear jeans for too long or my belly starts to hurt. I love getting dressed up and feeling nice but jeans are just not working. Another thing I have to be patient about :-)

I guess that's really all that I struggle with. Really its not that bad just things I've noticed that are different now.

I do love that I did this for me! I would do it again in a second!!!

Happy healing everyone and happy Canada Day to my fellow TT Canadians!

these are two of the munchkins that destroyed my body!!!

Weight loss journey

I guess I have never told my story fully. I had 4 babies and gained a lot of weight...lost 60 lbs and then got a tummy tuck...that's my story ;-) here's some pictures of my weight loss journey.

one more photo

My heaviest ever...

took some selfies today ;-)

I was feeling pretty nice in my jeans I had to take a few photos!!!

sitting with jeans on

Here's a few of me sitting with my jeans on...there's swelling but I'd take this any day over what I use to have :-)

more jeans

These are my american eagle jeggings size 10...wore them before with a massive over hang...

just a couple more :-)

So I decided to do some bending over, sitting more hanging belly!!!


Some more? Sure why not....

4 weeks post op

Today is my daughters 11th birthday so I haven't been able to stop for a second. I did get a chance to go shopping for myself today!!! What an was hard to shop just because everything is designed for bigger bellies...never thought I'd only look for fitted shirts :-)
I will post more later but just about to go to a movie with 9 kids :-)

Birthday party...

We had a great birthday party are gone to bed now...sleepover party...what was I thinking ;-) I took 9 kids to the movies, swam in the pool, made BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots and corn on the cob supper, kids baked cakes and then had a lovely time by the campfire roasting marshmallows...more activity tomorrow!

my new shirts I bought

So I have no idea how to stand for a photo any more lol. My new shits and a few other photos. I've been cleared to resume normal activity and exercise as my body can handle it. Yay... I now need to get my hair done and maybe a Mani and pedi...these areas have been neglected ;-)

One month Today...

So I am tired but I just can't stop reading posts ;-)
I am one month today. I can't believe it. As slow as it has gone it has also gone super fast. So today I was busy busy belly and flanks and thighs are swollen..not to the point its uncomfortable but more "fat" seriously bothers me. I know its just swelling but it almost makes me think it still have my old belly. I guess because my belly is numb too my brain has to readjust everything again. When I am feeling "fat" I need to look at my before pictures and know that its just swelling. It helps. Its crazy I have been so obsessed with this belly and hated it so much that other areas didn't really bother me but now the belly is gone I'm looking at the rest of my body thinking oh that could use a tuck or a lift or a little suction...anyone else feel the same way? I'm sure once I start exercising again and I start toning up everything again I will feel better. Its hard to not be as active.

So my belly is feeling really good. Its almost feeling like mine ;-) I can move and do pretty much everything that I did before except lifting and exercise. I haven't really done anything yet. My PS did give me the go ahead to resume normal activities as much as I can, just listen to my body. I have an exercise band that I have used a little bit while sitting watching shows to help tone my arms, without weights. I try and do it a bit each time I sit for a bit of time. If nothing else it feels good to have that muscle burn again.

A few cute things my kids have said during my recovery:
"Are you feeling better now mom?" "Yes buddy, I'm not 100% yet but I think I'm pretty much mom again" "I think you were always mom"

After giving my 9 year old a hug before bed she said "it feels like a normal hug again mom, like before your surgery but without your belly

"Look mom I can wrap my arms all around your waist and grab so much higher on my arm now, you are so small mom" - during my weight loss journey my youngest (7 yrs) and I had a deal, each week he would measure my belly but hugging me. When we first started he was barely touching his fingers, now he can grab up past his wrist :-)

Things I am so thankful for:
My absolutely amazing husband how has encouraged me to go through with this even though at times he was very scared that something would happen to me.

The patience my family has been through my recovery. The kids have been just so fantastic and helpful around the house and just being sweet to me.

My recliner...that has been a lifesaver!!!

REALSELF.COM you ladies have been awesome. With all your amazing comments and stories it has really helped me on some days when I'm just feeling tired of being "slow" and "unable".

My new body...Omg I cant even begin to say how thankful I am I have done this. I can't believe have a flat tummy. I know I will never be a tiny girl with super tiny legs and arms but I've got a flat tummy. I love if I could only feel it ;-) the numbness is so weird lol.

Well I guess I really should go to sleep. Goodnight/good morning or afternoon...where ever you may be, Happy Healing and positive thoughts for everyone!

1 Month today...

Today at this time, a month ago, I was asleep and trusting in Dr. Bendor-Samuel that he would give me the results that I have wanted for 13 years.

A couple things I have learned along this journey are:
1) stay healthy even if you hate your belly, your turn will come one day
2) keep you loved ones close and treat them like you will lose them tomorrow
3) hug and kiss your husband, partner, kids often.
4) on a swelling day, during recovery, don't be sad that you don't have the results you are looking for, sleep/rest and have patience it will go away.
5) do not be hard on yourself for having a messy house, not showering, not cud line the kids as much, not being all there like you use to be, not eating the best, not preparing meals, not being able to drive, not being able to get groceries. Recovery only lasts a short time in comparison to your life.
6) buy yourself new clothes so you feel comfortable and sexy, just they way you hot momma you ;-)

When I woke up from surgery I knew right away I was going to be super happy with my results. I have to say my PS is a true artist. Sure I have stretch marks still but I did have 4 kids. Those are just my badges of honor. I'll just look at them like a tattoo. My kids will forever be with me :-)

The last month has been a roller coaster ride. My recovery has been pretty uneventful but I have still struggled emotionally along the way but I have been able to remind myself of all the reasons why its OK.

I am so happy with these results and have to remember that I still have a number of months before I'm totally healed and see my final results.

Happy healing everyone! Thank you for all of you who have been following my updates. I hope I have been some support for you!

A Happy Wolf

Bikini Whore ;-)

OK so I guess I have been declared a bikini whore by 4mommy46. So this one is for you sexy momma!!!!

a very restful day :-)

I have needed to take the day and just great which is what I did :-) swelling has decreased for sure! I'm just at the barn now with my daughter watching her jump her pony! Happy weekend everyone!

a restful day...

I have needed to take the day and just great which is what I did :-) swelling has decreased for sure! I'm just at the barn now with my daughter watching her jump her pony! Happy weekend everyone!

some comparisons

I can't believe the difference over the last month. Amazing!!!

long over due......

It has been a while since I have updated. I have been busy and just haven't had a chance to update.

I am now 5 weeks and doing great.

I had to take my daughter to the local children's hospital for her diabetes check up which is a 4 hrs drive away. We we there Tuesday night and stayed at a hotel and then back the next day. It was a very long drive and I am super swollen now but I'm just going to try and try to rest.

My PS office is also close to the hospital so I stopped in to see them as I was having a lot of pink around my bb that I was worried about. I was told to stop wear my compression wear and give my incision and bb air. So last night was my first night sleeping with nothing holding my belly and it felt awesome! My bb is not near as red as it was yesterday so I am happy it is clearing up! I was so worried it was an infection.

I am back to doing pretty much everything that I normally do but I'm still not lifting much.

I am very happy with my results and looking forward to the end result after the swelling has gone down.

Happy healing to all the beautiful TT ladies!

5 weeks 2 days

The redness had gone down some much since my PS requested I do not wear my compression garments anymore. I guess these incisions need more air than I was giving them. Happy Friday everyone.

A full day....

Today was a crazy busy day. My daughter had a horse show today. I actually trailered her pony today and I felt great all day. I am tired now but I'm home and resting. As I said above I have been requested to stop wearing compression wear as it is not allowing my bb and incision to heal properly...I have not noticed any extra swelling. My bb is really healing nicely and my incision is looking great.

For the first time EVER I didn't feel like the fat chick. I felt hot and was the best feeling ever. The best part was no one noticed....I wanted to do this surgery for me not for anyone else.

Going to try some more sex tonight ;-)

I FOUND IT!!!! Stop reading now if you dont want to hear about sex....

OK ladies and the verdict is out.....drum roll g-spot has moved but I have found it! So my ummmmm pu$$y is so tight now my husband needs more practice ;-) so I waited in my bed with some sexy outfit on, hubby arrived and the act did not last long but I found it! Omg I found it!!!!

Happy searching to all you ladies!!!

a couple photos

Just a few photos. My bb is starting to look less red everyday. I actually think my vit E cream is nothing my skin. I'm not putting anything on my skin for a bit.

6 Week post op sexy update from yours truly....SEXYWOLF...

So I am 6 its crazy I cant believe it really...I have been keeping myself very busy with family and gardening this past week. Loving being active again!!!! I also rode my daughter pony again!!! Omg it was so nice to be on the back of the horse jumping jumps!!! Loved it. Here's some pictures for you all.

9 weeks post op

Sorry ladies for not updating as frequently. Now that I'm not just sitting around I have not had time to get this updated. Also we have a very awesome Facebook group called #team flat side. Its a closed group so no one can see it but the members. If you request to join send me a private message on here and tell me your fb name.

So I love the results that I have! Really supper happy. I've been doing a lot physically so my swelling as increased a lot but I'm still happy :-)

Here's some photos :-)

10 Weeks and feeling AMAZING!!!!

Time slips away now that I am this far into recovery! Im loving my body so much! I find it so hard to believe I have been this lucky to have been able to do this journey! It has been worth every penny, pain and stress. If I knew it was going to be this good I would have done this YEARS ago! I have been very busy with my kids and household stuff the last few weeks. We have been to a number of different horse shows and just having fun before school starts! What a blast it is to be in a sexy thin body!!! Happy healing and researching everyone! Dont forget if you would like to be part of the facebook group that we have created please PM me on here and let me know what your real name is and then search #teamflatside on facebook and you will find us. it's a closed group so no one can see anything that you post but the members of the group who are very strickly screened!

Looking forward to adding you fine ladies!

3 months post op!

I can't believe it has been this long already! I am just hheaded to my follow up with my PS! Pretty excited to hear what he has to say!

3 Month post op visit was a success!

I just got out of my appointment and I am sooooooooooo happy! My PS is amazing! We chatted very frankly about how this surgery has changed my life! We also reviewed my March 2013 I weighted 204 at his office and when I weighted myself today I was 158lbs!!!! That's 46lbs that I have lost! The day of surgery I was 175 so I'm almost down 20lbs since surgery and he took off 6lbs.

My MR was a 1 inch gap. He said it was not bad as he only had to do two layers of sutures.

I got him to have his picture taken with me! I love him and what he has done for me!!!

I would do this surgery all over again in a second if I had to but I won't have to!

Needless to say he was so happy for such positive feedback!

Feeling just amazing....Sex update too...

Some days I cant even remember what it was like to have that belly. So I then go and look at my "fat" pictures and remember. This week I am starting to get back to exercising. Kids are gone to school and my Diabetic daughter is all under control and my healing is perfect, so now it is time to get myself in order and get the full results of this surgery that I deserve!
So I have discussed in the past about sex, Well this surgery not only took my nasty belly away but it has also improved my sex life. For sometime it was very challenging to achieve an O. Well I am getting them like I have never had them before ;-)

I am so confident since having my surgery it is absolutely amazing! I love everything it has done for me! I would do it again in a second if I needed to but I will NEVER need to do it again!!!

Please Enjoy my Tummy Tucky Journey Video!!

My Tummy Tuck Journey Video Style

Oops Here it is now :-)

16 weeks post op

Well today marks 16 weeks post op! I remember when i was 2 weeks thinking when will I ever feel normal again! This is the new normal for me now and I love every moment of it!!!
If you are reading this and you are looking to have surgery don't hesitate just do it!
If you've recently had surgery and are struggling emotionally or physically, this too shall pass and your results you have been waiting are coming. There is light at the end of this tunnel!

Happy healing!!

16 weeks post op photos

Well today marks 16 weeks post op! I remember when i was 2 weeks thinking when will I ever feel normal again! This is the new normal for me now and I love every moment of it!!!
If you are reading this and you are looking to have surgery don't hesitate just do it!
If you've recently had surgery and are struggling emotionally or physically, this too shall pass and your results you have been waiting are coming. There is light at the end of this tunnel! Oh and I am officially down 46lbs since March 2013
Nova Scotia Plastic Surgeon

My Doctor was amazing!!! I couldn't be happier with my results!!! He is very professional and very honest. He is a true Artist. My scar is perfect! It is low and straight! I love my results! I wouldn't change a thing! Thank You so much for changing my life!!!

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