23 Years Old, 5'9, 135 Lbs and 1 Child. Got 385cc! Halifax, NS.

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My surgery date is getting closer and closer!...

My surgery date is getting closer and closer! Super excited yet very nervous. My boobs now are a small B, pointy and zero tissue on top. I knew since I was 16 that I was going to get implants. I needed them. Now the time has come and I can't wait!

Went in for my consultation and my docter was amazing! I knew right away that he was the one, he made me feel totally comfortable and excited. He was easy to talk to and his office is beautiful! I tried on sizes and he decided that 375cc was the biggest I could go without it looking funny. I could go higher if I wanted to, but I am going to trust his judgement and I think the sizers were great! We are going under the muscle. I am hoping for a full D or DD, fingers crossed! He said I would be a full D, but I am hesitiant as I heard under the muscle takes some of the size away.

I've included some of my wish boobies lol

Pictures of the boobs I'd like

Hoping my results end up like some of these!

Potential 400cc??

SOOOO good news! Super excited! I've been worried about my 375cc implants being too small, so I emailed my Dr and he said I could possibly go up to 400cc if they fit or 385cc that they have on hand. ANY of those sizes would be better than 375cc, I really want big boobs lol and I am afraid that 375cc will be way too small and that I will want bigger post op. So I am super happy he's gonna try the 400cc first, so fingers crossed!! Surgery date is NEXT TUESDAY! I am jumping for joy, just wanna get it done and over with! So back to researching again, to get a feel on how they would look if I could get them bigger. I will be making rice sizers again lol my last ones broke.. rice everywhere! It was horrible, "My booobies!" is all my hubby heard along with grains of rice falling to the floor..

Some before pictures!

Don't mind the stickers on the photos lol blocked out my tattoos.

Boob day today!!

So on my way to my surgery! Traveling 2 and a half hours, got the hotel booked, child is with grandma and boyfriend is driving so I can sleep lol appointment is at 11:30am and its 9:15 right now. I had such a shitty sleep! Tossing and turning, laying awake starving to death.. Finally fell asleep at some point but I am still super tired and nervous! I will be traveling across Canada on Friday, so fingers crossed I'll be up and around! I'm such a wuss for pain lol. Prayers ladies! Here goes... Updates will follow later tonight! :)

So. Much. Pain.

A lot of ladies posts had stated that they got lucky with no pain.. But I am not so lucky :( took my meds and I still feel like crap, hubby has been helping me.. He's getting on my nerves though lol but can't complain. No pictures, can barely use my arms or move around. Gotta say I am loving the size though, can't wait to take the bandage off!


Went into the office today set on 400cc mentor. But then I told him exactly what I wanted again and we decided on going with 385cc allergan! So happy and can't imagine being bigger lol I say that now.. Boob greed hasn't kicked in yet. The reason we switched was because I was misinformed due to the fact that I talked to a lady at his office while my PS was on vacation, so she has said that the mentor ones would give me a BAM in your face boob and that's what I wanted. So I picked that and she changed my file. Got into the office today and told him and he said that the Allergan ones(being more round and slightly more firm) would give me that look I was going to(see wish pics above). I totally agreed with his choice! The mentor ones would have given me a more tear drop shape and I woulda hated that with me having zero tissue on top.. So the rounder ones were the way to go!

Sorry if my post is a little wack or hard to read, It's 3:16, tired and drugged up and starving again haha don't know when I'll post pics, my arms kill.

Finally nestled at home.

Feeling a tons better! Hubby has been helping me a ton, so thankful to have a helping hand! My pills seem to make me more lovey dovey towards him and my puppies lol our daughter is at daycare still, I know she's gonna come home and ask why my boobs are bigger hahaha

I feel discomfort but have been walking around the house following hubby around while he's cleaning lol and walked outside for a bit, just trying to move around. My sleep was horrible.. But I'm glad to be at home so maybe I'll get a better sleep here in my own bed. Might have to sleep in the recliner though, we'll see..

I get pain under my right breast when I sit down and then also at the sides near my shoulder. Nothing too unbearable, just gets worse when my meds start to wear off. Been keeping up with them, I need them. Been taking two dialuded?? I don't know how to spell it and it's too far away to go grab it haha also been taking two Tylenol and a stool softener, rotating them all of course.

Uh oh...

Woke up feeling like utter crap, took my meds and went back to sleep. I believe I over did it yesterday, was so stiff and sore!

Now I was up and about today, had to travel to the next town over to get a new phone since mine broke :( now my hubby has been slacking and I ended up pulling a muscle trying to get up from the floor.. hurt so bad, now my under side hurts on my right boob. I am back in bed and upset that I was forced to help myself, I am very emotional now.. Any other ladies go through this?? The emotional roller coaster?

I am scared that I am going to ruin my implants. I can't see my stitches, and I am kinda freaking out. I pray everything will turn out alright. I had to take off my bandage today and sleep on my back/sitting up with no top on, just let them hang lol it felt better.. hubby did the bandage up too tight last night after my shower. WHICH btw felt amazing, to shower. I was scared and held on to my boobs the whole time lol scared they would fall out.. doesn't feel like my chest yet, but Im sure once they loosen up they will start to feel like mine.

Still no pictures as the one my hubby took before I got into the shower is too blurry.. he SUCKS at taking pictures. So hopefully tonight I can get a good one uploaded.. So far I am still happy with the size.


Took another shower and finally got some decent pictures.

On another note.. I haven't pooped yet :( I heard some people go up to 2 weeks before they poop! Omg I am so bloated, it looks like I am pregnant. I've been taking my stool softness and exlax and still nothing! My stomach is killing me.. Woke up feeling stiff again so I took some meds and went back to sleep for a hour then woke up feeling better.

Just puked.. Been so nauseous! Gagging hurt my right boob so bad.. Tried to hold on to them as much as I could but the muscle was pulling. Should I be worried?

I am leaving today on the plane across Canada, I'll be with hubby so I should be okay.. Worried about puking though.

Still nauseous.

Had my surgery on Tuesday may 12th, and now it's Sunday. I stopped taking my dilaudid Friday. Every time I eat or drink or get in a vehicle I start to get very nauseous. I've been having light meals and nibbling here and there. I've been sleeping a lot. No more pain, but a lot of discomfort. Shooting pain near my nipple on my right breast and my stitches sometimes feel very warm but then goes away. Isn't that a sign of infection? I was given my PS number for after hours but I'm kinda scared to call on the weekend lol I didn't even ask if It was for weekends.. Kinda stupid lol

Haven't taken more nude pictures yet, just covered while laying down.

Any ways to help ease the nausea??


Been feeling a tons better! Drove finally, felt nauseous but it's going away a little everyday. Haven't been taking any pain meds, so I've been good! Still feels weird to use my arms a certain way, I feel my muscle pull. Just been taking it easy, laying back and resting. Not much to update, but I am loving the size!

OH I HATE sneezing. I hold on to my boobs for dear life lol sometimes it does hurt when I sneeze too hard. Also can't WAIT till I can sleep on my side.. I tried but my implants feel too heavy and its uncomfortable! :(

More pictures!

Feeling fantastic today! No issues other than sneezing lol plus it's allergy season.. So that sucks but my morning boob is getting better haha still laying on my back!

Too small...

So today is officially two weeks post op. Full movement, sleeping on my side now and they no longer feel as if my boob will fall off lol.

But... I feel as if they aren't big. I look down and they look exactly how I was pre op, but looking at them in the mirror is totally different. From the front view they look big, and nice. But from my view looking down... Makes me upset. I told the Dr I wanted "big in your face huge noticeable different boobs" I dunno...

I KNOW they are to drop more and fluff but I feel as if they won't get any bigger.. I feel as if I'll still need to wear the big ol push up bras from victora secret, which is fine I guess, but I just wanted big boobs on my own. This is the highest he could go, so I fully understand!

What do you ladies think?

Not much to update..

I am 100% back to my normal self, sleeping on my side still. I do wake up sometimes and feel stiff, but a little stretching takes care of that.

You can see my steri strip falling off lol changed that to a new one! I go for my post op June 9th, so I can't wait to hear what the Dr says!

I LOVE the size from the front, they are still sitting high up near my collar bone, so they still need to drop lots. A lot of people have told me they don't notice a difference and that I shoulda gone bigger.. They just don't understand that this is as big as I could go with my body type. So it kinda ticks me off, but my hubby says they are massive ;)

I tried wearing a dress the other day but I took it off cause my boobs still look as if there are footballs glued to my chest. Pointy and high up. I also had to buy nipple covers lol my nipples seem to be forever hard and poked through my shirts! Awkward..

Still don't know my size and I'm so excited to find out!

Update! 6 weeks post op

Sorry I haven't been updating.. I wanted to see how much of a different my boobs changed when I waited till 6 weeks post op.

I went to my post op appointment, wasn't too happy because I didn't actually get to talk to my Dr, just his nurse and it was very rushed. I asked her if they will get bigger, she said no not really. I am massaging, kinda feels odd still, feeling the implant move inside lol

Overall, size.. I wish they were bigger. I wanted the huge fake popping out of shirts look. I used to be a 34B and now I am a 32DD but it doesn't feel like it. They are more wide than projecting. I am happy tho, better than what I had before lol but just wish they were bigger. I bought a VS bra, but I am going look for others that can help me get the huge cleavage look.

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