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Excited to get a figure back. 2 pregnancies. Will...

Excited to get a figure back. 2 pregnancies. Will be getting full tummy tuck, breast implants and liposuction on outer thighs. Gained lots during pregnancy so skin laxity on abdomen and very small a cup boobies. Getting 305 cc gel implants under muscle. Surgery date is set for June 1st 2015. I am 5'5" and weigh about 120 lbs.

Less than 2 weeks and I'm getting nervous!!

So it's less than 2 weeks away and I'm feeling really scared! Anticipated this for years and have had it booked for months. All of a sudden I'm really having serious doubts. I am not afraid of being uncomfortable or of the surgery so not too sure what it's about. I just keep looking at everyone's experiences to help keep focused. Maybe I'm a little scared that the changes will feel weird. I haven't had boobs since I had my first baby at 19. I'm sure I will get used to it I'm just over thinking everything at the moment.

8 more days!

I have 8 more days and I see people saying that they buy extra compression garments. Where do I get some?? I am getting a tummy tuck and having lipo on my thighs... I will be coming home with one garment but I'm sure it will get pretty gross pretty fast. I'd like to be able to get something to wear while that one gets washed.

7 more sleeps!!!!

One week to go! My husband works out of the country for a month at a time and will be back on Monday and my surgery is Wednesday. So I've been trying to get things together on my own.
I am wondering how much of a set back the recovery time is on muscle tone and weight management. I like to do a workout most days of the week....
Other than finding things to do to pass the time until hubby gets home I'm ready!

Got my call from the office today!

So I'm all set with my surgery time and pre op info. Pretty straight forward. Just the waiting game. Try not to get sick or break anything! I will get some better pictures of my pre op belly and boobies when my husband gets home. I truly needed to see other people's results to ease my mind so I want to be able to do the same even tho it's embarrassing!

3 more sleeps!

So it's getting close now! My husband flies in from overseas tomorrow afternoon after being gone for a whole month. We need to get a hotel for 2 nights as it's an hour away to the clinic and my appt is early in the am. So Tuesday will be busy getting ready.
My 19 year old daughter is coming with us but my 17 year old son will stay home as he has school. He's not thrilled with me for doing this and is feeling nervous. Makes me feel bad.
Not feeling nervous tonight but I'm sure it will hit me tomorrow or Tuesday when we head to the city for the night.
I am so thankful for the supportive people on this site. Certainly feel like I have a solid knowledge of what to expect. I'm ready. May the next few days go by quickly and uneventfully...don't wanna break anything or get sick!

Day 2 post op

I'm feeling way better than the first few hours of procedure day. My first thoughts were...what did I get myself into? I was terrified. My upper body pain was almost unbearable. It hurt to breathe or even move my arms at all.
But within hours the pain did subside and I found I could take deeper breaths and reach with my arms. Goin to pee was not fun at all... But each time did get a bit better. Through the night I perked up, ate a little and my spirits came up a bit as well. By the next morning I was able to hobble to our truck ( which is very high so we brought a step stool) get in quite easily and the hour ride home was nice.
So the first few hours may be very scary but just know that it gets better with every hour! I'm halfway thru day 2 and I'm eating a bit more and noticing a big difference in pain level. I know I have a ways to go. But it's tolerable at this point.
I consider myself kinda tough but found the first few hours rough. It's ok to admit that it was a bit scary. I don't want to scare anyone from doing this. I want to prepare them for what they might feel at first but that it quickly passes!

Pain meds...

How long should I take the prescription pain meds? I was taking 2 every 4 hours for the first 2 days but cut back to 1 every 4 hours. I also take 2 extra strength Tylenol and 1 extra strength ibuprofen. I find the ibuprofen helps but I am wondering if the prescription at least could be stopped. I'm just scared to skip one lol. I'm just starting day 4 and the only discomfort I am really having is swollen belly and tight achy boobs. Ibuprofen really helps with the boobies.

Numbness and swelling post op day 4

I'm at the end of day 4. My upper abdomen is numb in the middle and feels "squishy". I can't see the rest as it's bandaged until Wednesday. I don't have much fluid in my drain but I'm paranoid about the way my tummy feels when I touch it. It just feels squishy and weird. I'm gonna fret about it until I go to have the drain removed on Wednesday.. I didn't think id be so annoying with worrying but yet here I am over thinking everything.

7 days post op.

Went to the office today to have my drain removed. Everything looks good. I will get some pictures up, hopefully tomorrow of my tummy tuck after my first shower in a week...

8 days post op

Well I got to shower for the first time since the surgery... And I found out that the numbness of my abdomen realllllllly grosses me out when I touch it. I have markings and tape marks that I thought I could wash off today but nope. Couldn't stand the creepy feeling of touching that area.
I sure hope it comes back soon!
On a brighter note, I feel so much better and haven't needed any pain meds in the last 24 hours. Hope everyone is doing well :)

14 Day Post Op!

Went to my appt today. Everything looks really good. Only have one more week of wearing my compression garment thank goodness!!
Forgot to ask when I can start exercising again so I will have to call and find out. I don't have to go back for 6 weeks!
I weigh less than I did pre op by a few pounds. Still have a little swelling by my incision. The feeling is coming back too.
I feel like I'm close to being back to normal. Other than sneezing. That still hurts.
I went from less than an A cup to a D cup. Wasn't expecting that. But I'm good with it. Getting used to them :)

Almost 5 weeks post op!

So it's been going pretty well. I haven't had abything exciting happen. I still get swollen by the end if the day if I have been on my feet too long. Simply lying down for 30 mins takes care of that.
My boobies seem to be settled nicely. I think they fit my body just right! Not too big, not too small.
My tummy tuck incision is also coming along. Pretty flat, not puckered looking. Just needs to fade out.
My weight since surgery has always been under my pre surgery weight. I thought that was weird. I was worried about gaining where I can't exercise. But really it's only been 5 weeks.
Looking at my body, I can say I still have post baby- weight gain issues but man, I can live with it. I took care of th biggies and feel so much better in my own skin. Even better than before babies because I didn't value it then like I do now.
I sure appreciate that my hubby understood my feelings and made it possible. Maybe he did it because he was tired of listening to me complain about it... No doubt it was both :)

A few more pics

Here's just a few more pictures that show a bit more honestly how I look. Yup, still got stretch marks. I would need a whole new outfit of skin to be rid of them..
My incision shows on the hips when I have a bikini or undies on.. I could manage to cover them but I don't like to hike the sides up. In all honesty, Im not too worried about the scar. When the swelling is gone it will be quite discreet. When I'm puffed up it seems to jump out at you but this is just temporary.

Almost 3 months post op

It's been awhile but things are going well! I hit a snag at 2 weeks with my belly button that lasted until about week 7. Never got infected but constantly drained fluid until a stitch worked it's way out. The deep hole inside finally closed and healed.
My belly still puffs up pretty good. People don't see it but man I can feel it without looking... It gets like a pins and needles kind of feeling. I'm still really numb down the middle. Dr said my lipo results are good but won't be final results until around 6 months. I'm happy with how it all looks.
My boobies are nice and natural looking. Soft and settled. They were actually the least important to me out of the three procedures but ended up making the most difference in how I look and feel. Clothes look way better with boobs. I literally was flat. They balance out my body. Love having them :) although it truly took me a couple months to "bond" with them. I felt uncomfortable with them at first. Sounds silly but I felt like they made me look trashy out in public. I wasn't expecting to have emotional issues with them but I've gotten past it and we're all good!
My tummy tuck was worth it...I also went thru some mixed emotions with it. I look waaaay better but I think I was disappointed for a bit. Not sure what I was expecting. Results still aren't final but I can say that my loose roll is gone and I do not miss it!
Honestly, this has been life changing. An unexpected emotional rollercoaster. It made me realize that all of these years I thought changing these few things would make me happy with my body and the obsession would go away. Changing these things made it clear that I wasted a lot of years thinking way to much about how I looked. Yes I look better. Yes I am happy. But I was not worth less before and I was the only one who made me feel bad about it. I truly wish that others could get what I feel right now. Save them years of self abuse.
I will post some pics shortly.
Hope everyone is healing physically and emotionally :)

A year and a half post op

It's hard to believe how fast time flies. It's been a year and a half since surgery. I am still very happy with my results. Although I do look better I realized that I had to also heal emotionally. I can still pick myself a apart and that's not a healthy way to live. I have made progress and continue to grow each day. I hope that when you consider surgery that you are aware that it can only change physical issues and the rest is emotional healing that takes effort. I was thinking that surgery alone would solve my self image issues. I was rudely awaken to the fact that I had more internal than external problems that needed to be addressed. All the best to you in your journey :)
Nova Scotia Plastic Surgeon

Very happy with my consult! Very informative and helpful in deciding what needs to be done. Now I'm post op and can say that he is a great surgeon. He and his staff made me feel very comfortable during the whole process! He takes his time with you as does his staff. I highly recommend him!

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