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I am 22 years old and gave birth to an absolutely...

I am 22 years old and gave birth to an absolutely hilarious little boy 16 months ago. Pre pregnancy I was 120lbs and 5'7 with 32C breasts. I gained a massive amount of weight with my pregnancy, peaking at 192lbs before delivery.

I nursed my son up until about 13 months, although by then most of my milk had dried. My right breast still produced milk up to day of surgery (sept 18/2013)

Unfortunately I didn't take any pre-surgery photos so I'm hoping I can get my hands on a copy of the ones that were taken by the doctor before surgery!

With the weight gain my breasts expanded to a whopping 38E ... And once the weight and milk disappeared I was left with skin. Lots and lots of empty, wrinkly skin.

After obsessive research online and looking at before and after photos I still have yet to see any breasts that look close to the way mine did after their massive expansion and deflation!

I had a consultation on June 23, 2013 where I was told that I would have to have them fixed in two surgeries. The first would be the lift, and the second would be to add implants. The reason they couldn't be done in the same surgery is because there was so much distance that my nipples needed to be moved up that there was a high risk of losing them (especially my right which my son nursed on more frequently = more milk/more sagging).

The total for the mastopexy came to $7,818 and the quote for the augmentation which can't be booked until dec 18th at the earliest is $7,837. After the realization set in that it was going to cost me almost $16,000 to get the girls fixed I stopped even thinking about it for a few months. Never booked an appointment. Although on September 13th I finally called in to book, and the receptionist told me they were booking a month away - but had a cancellation in 5 days! YIKES! So I took the appointment and all of a sudden I was being prepped for surgery!

I went into surgery yesterday afternoon and woke up in a lot of pain. They gave me some strong pain medication (dilodid before surgery and phentynol afterward - no clue how to spell those, so i apologize if im way off) then prescribed me 30 T3s to take home. I was really nervous that the T3s wouldn't be strong enough for the pain but so far so good.

I get to take my tensor bandage off on Saturday night and can shower then. I'm so nervous about seeing what happened under there! I don't want to look... Especially after seeing a lot of the recovery photos on here, more frankenboobs than anything else. But the good news is that even after the frankenboob stage they usually look great!

I'll try and keep you guys posted and as soon as I get some before pictures ill post them, and also will take some once I take the bandages off. YIKES.

4 days PO

I haven't updated since surgery on the 18th, but the first two days home were remarkably pain free. I was pretty sick and groggy from the anesthesia and T3s but the pain was nonexistent. I stopped taking the T3s yesterday morning (day 3) and have been fine since.

I have full (possibly more?) feeling in both nipples already - which is beyond exciting! And everything seems to be looking great! I have perky little boobs again! Yay!

I go in for my first PO appointment October 5th and I'll try to get my paws on a copy of the before photos for you guys but for now here is a picture I took yesterday (day 3) with my nipples covered and again today (day 4) with everything off.

6 days since surgery...

Almost at the 1 week mark, I figured I'd post another update. There has been literally no pain, my incision sites are itchy, but I think that's just them healing.

My 16 month old son has been really great in avoiding my fragile new boobs... Yeah right. I've got a few toys tossed to the chest and one midnight tantrum boob-head butt which almost landed him a "free baby to good home" add on Kijiji. ;)

They seem to be coming along well, and I'll just be excited to not worry about them anymore (I'm missing our final beer ball tournament next weekend waaaah)

Anyway, here are a couple pictures I just took post shower

Yay no boobs at my belly button!

New pics - shirt on no bra

Here are a couple more pictures with a shirt on, the bumpiness around the nipples is just the tape over my incisions ... I haven't been able to do this in so long! It feels amazing :)
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