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I went in for a breast consult about 10 to 11 months ago and it was the worst decision of my life. During my consult, I told Dr. Hakki that my original lift and implant had started drooping and had become displaced. Carla and I both agreed that they appeared matronly. My original wish was to get a reduction. Dr. Hakki told me that I only needed a lift and the breasts would be lovely and beautiful again. I trusted his 30 years of experience and decided to go with his suggestion. Unfortunately, my breasts are in a worse state than they have ever been and I am no longer comfortable wearing a bathing suit and usually wear a sports bra over my regular bra just to try to make the breasts look more compact. The weight causes a lot of back pain. For some reason, the bags are sticking far out to the sides and my skin has become incredibly saggy. Worst of all, my right nipple is now shriveled. I contacted Dr. Hakki with this news about a month ago and showed him my pictures. Via phone consult, he told me that I have a strange type of skin that just can't support weight!!!! In order to fix this problem, I would have to pay an additional 3000 and now he recommends I remove the bags, which is what I originally wanted! Carla mentioned during the consult that they might still look matronly but he assured us both that a lift would be best. Additionally, he can't even assure me that another surgery would be the final surgery, as I may have to go back later and add more natural fat! He says this very casually as if I have all the money and time in the world to keep going back for multiple surgeries. I am still paying off the surgery from 10 months ago! So now I just have to live with breasts that are way too large and saggy for my frame with shriveled nipples. The nipples did not look this way prior to surgery! I wish I would never have set foot in that office. My husband and I are currently looking into legal actions. I have attached current pictures from a surgery received only two months ago. Please notice how a small part of the nipple is missing on top half from his work. I pushed the right breast in with my finger so you can see what the I actually paid for the breast to like like. If you are like me and don't have a ton of money to spend on a doctor that might mess you up. Please don't go here!

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