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I'm 34, mother of 2, had two hernia's (one failed...

I'm 34, mother of 2, had two hernia's (one failed hernia operation), a totally absent belly button and a lot of loose skin. Admitedly, my anxiety was high at even the thought of a surgery. But after dealing with girdles that either roll up my belly or under my belly and all the other uncomfortable contraptions, I gave in.

I had my surgery a week and a half ago with the most amazing Doctor ever. He was great, his recovery room staff were great, even his anesthesiologists was great--hilarious. They all made me feel comfortable, like I really had nothing to worry about. And I didn't.

Since my surgeon requires patients with Tummy Tucks to go to an after-care facility for one night where you're waited on hand and foot by nursing staff, you feel like royalty. The smoothies were excellent.

I can't even imagine having had to go home right after that major surgery to my 2 and 3 year old with drains and bleeding and medications and vitaling. My husband is great, but I think it would've been tough for him. So I stayed two days. ;-) When I got out, I was walking well, learned how to manage my pain, cleaned up and relaxed, ready to heal.

The best part, I think, my surgeon was more than a surgeon. He's actually invented some of the procedures that other doctors are using. And did the hybrid tummy tuck on his wife, Extra presenter, Dayna Devon. I work with doctors for a living and I know what makes a good docor great is 1) bedside manner and 2) someone who doesn't treat you like a list of plug and play symptoms but someone who goes above and beyond to better his work, the industry for that matter.

Pros-My biggest concern was that I'd look boxy in the middle, not really natural. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but with tummy tucks, I've noticed a sort of boxy look in the abdomen, not really sculpted or contoured like a natural look would have. I would have been happy to live with the box above what I had but I must say, only a week and a half later, I'm seeing the contour and I'm really pleased. I'm not sure if that was the extra lipo-sculpting that did it. I think so.

Cons-Drains for 7-10 days, maybe longer depending on how you heal. Mine was 7 days. Little nagging pains. Constipation from the vicodin. I had to stop taking Vicodin after 3 days and switch to Tylenol. But that first bowel movement was excrutiating.

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To live a comfortable life again without hiding my belly from my husband, my friends, or a high wind that wraps my clothes tight around my belly or lifts it up. It's nice to have my old self back again, girdle free. It feels right.

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