Had Slim Lipo on Abs 6 Days Ago

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I am having a hard time finding reviews on slim...

I am having a hard time finding reviews on slim lipo so I thought that I needed to start. I had slim lipo on my upper/lower abs and a bit of the flank, on 4/8/09 and although there was some pain, it was not unbearable. I was loopy and out of it for the most part but could move when needed to and had an understanding of what was going on. I don't understand when people say that they drove themselves home. My dr would never have allowed that. I couldn't have done it! I'm swollen and sore but no more than expected. I stopped leaking/draining by the next morning. They milked a lot out so it wasn't to bad.

My stomach is fairly hard at this point. I did not expect to be so swollen in my pubic region but I think that's because I just didn't think about that area at all. The incisions are very small 2 in the belly button, one on each side at the waist, can't really see from the front and one at about the pubic bone. I am now in a love hate relationship with my compression garment! Over all, so far, there is nothing happening that I have not expected. My dr was very thorough and told me to do as much research as I could before the surgery. I'm excited to see the results but know that it will be a while. So far so good.

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He had a very straight forward approach.

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